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George W. Felton, Jr.

1848-1851       208 Essex Street, Salem, Massachusetts.                                                                      1852-1853       197 Essex Street, Salem, Massachusetts.                                                                              1853                   1 Central Street, Salem, Massachusetts.

George W. Felton, Jr. was recorded in one advertisement and three announcements.  The first  advertisement that ran from September 9, 1852 to November 21, 1853 in the Salem Register (Salem, Massachusetts).  Felton’s Daguerrean Establishment.  Over J. C. & H. Cogswell’s Store, 179 Essex Street.  Entrance on Central Street.

The subscriber, for the last four years an assistant to Mr. D. W. Bowdoin, respectfully notifies his friends and the public that he has taken the above named spacious and convenient rooms for Daguerreotype purposes, and he invites the attention of all who wish for beautiful and life-like pictures of themselves or their friends.

Having availed himself of all the latest improvements in the art, and being favored with a light which enables him to take likenesses in any weather, the subscriber hopes to receive that share of encouragement which it will be his earnest aim to merit by an assiduous attention to his business, and by his constant endeavors to give satisfaction.

Likenesses taken at the residences of those who cannot conveniently visit the room.  Daguerreotypes and pictures copied at short notice.  The public are invited to call an examine specimens.  G. W. Felton, Jr.

The first announce appeared on May 5, 1853 in the Salem Register (Salem, Massachusetts).  Notice.  Felton’s Salem Brass Band, G. W. Felton, Jr., Leader, A. Jenkins, Director, …

The second announcement appeared on November 10, 1853 in the Salem Register (Salem, Massachusetts).  Felton’s Quadrille Band… George W. Felton, Jr., Bugle and Cornet…

The third announcement appeared on July 3, 1854 in the Salem Register (Salem, Massachusetts).  Felton’s Brass Band will parade with the City Guards to-morrow morning, on which occasion they will play a new Quick Step, composed by G. W. Felton, Jr., the leader, and dedicated to the Guards.

George W. Felton, Jr. is listed in A Directory of Massachusetts Photographers 1839-1900 and in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry For 1851 and 1853.

E. S. L. Dolliver

1844                Essex Place, Salem, Massachusetts.

E. S. L. Dolliver was recorded in an advertisement that ran from March 14 to April 11, 1844 in the Salem Register (Salem, Massachusetts). Dolliver’s Daguerreotype Room, Corner of Essex Place, up stairs.  Having imported direct from France, an apparatus of the greatest perfection, and using none but the best of materials, the subscriber is enabled to take miniatures with a degree of clearness and beauty heretofore unknown.

Ladies and Gentlemen desiring a correct likeness are respectfully invited to call and sit, without their being under any obligation to purchase, unless perfectly satisfied.  E. S. L. Dolliver.

E. S. L. Dolliver is not recorded in other photographic directories.