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1847                Elliot’s Buildings, Keene, New Hampshire.

Parker (first name unknown) was recorded in one announcement that appeared on April 29, 1847 in the New Hampshire Sentinel (Keene, New Hampshire).  Daguerreotypes.—Those who desire to have their likenesses transferred with “frightful accuracy” to a polished metallic plate, have ample room to choose.  There are at least three good Daguerreotypist now in town who have contracted with their principal agent, the Sun, for the right kind of light and just enough of it.  Messrs. Stone in Gerould’s block—Parker in Elliot’s buildings and Wilsons, a few doors north of the Cheshire House, are all ready to wait upon their customers, and will give them as good pictures as they will be able to get in the cities.

Those who wish a portrait by a very superior artist, should call upon Mr. Mason, portrait painter, at his rooms at the Cheshire House, where he will be happy to show some fine specimens of the art.

Parker is not recorded in other photographic directories. Craig’s Daguerreian Registry does record John O. Parker in Manchester New Hampshire in 1856, at this point in time its unknown if they are the same person.  

Dustin & French

1859                Richards’ Building, Keene, New Hampshire.

Dustin & French (Samuel C. Dustin & J. A. French) were recorded in one advertisement that ran from October 26 to December 28, 1859 in the Farmer’s Museum (Keene, New Hampshire).  The “Great Eastern” Has Not Arrived, But Dustin & French Would respectfully inform the citizens of Keene and vicinity that they are daily making Ambrotypes and Photographs. of every size, style and price.

The Photograph, or Paper Pictures, so much resembling the steel engraving, can be finished in India Ink, or beautifully colored in Oil or Water colors, giving the true colors of nature.  This is a very desirable picture for framing, and the readiness with which an indefinite number of prints can be made from the negative without extra sittings, gives the preference over all other styles of portraiture.

The Patent Leather Picture, a style just introduced, is well adapted for mailing to an absent friend, and durable as the leather itself.

Miniatures Inserted in Lockets, Pins, Rings, &c.

Fading Daguerreotypes and Portraits accurately copied.

Likenesses of small children made best between 10 and 12 A. M., in clear weather.

Ladies and gentlemen are cordially invited to call at our Gallery In Richards’ Building, 4 Doors North Of The Cheshire House, And examine specimens.  S. C. Dustin, J. A. French.

Dustin & French are not recorded in other photographic directories.  Samuel C. Dustin is recorded in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry as being active in Keene, New Hampshire in 1860.