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F. F. Lamb

1857-1858       Car on Main Street, Wilmington, Vermont.

F. F. Lamb was recorded in an advertisement that ran from March 13, 1857 to June 19, 1858 in the Vermont Phoenix (Brattleboro, Vermont). Pictures!!  Pictures!!!   The latest improvements in Pictures is the Sphereotype, to be had at F. F. Lamb’s Traveling Saloon, now at Wilmington Village, on Main Street, and will remain there but a short time longer.  Winter, if trade continues good.  Pictures taken in cloudy weather as well as fair.

All persons in or out of town wishing for a perfect likeness of themselves or their friends, either Sphereotypes, Ambrotypes, Maleneotype, or Photograph, on paper, will do well to give him an early call.

Also, those having Pictures of Living or departed friends, wishing to preserve them, can have them copied on reasonable terms; together with Landscapes, Oil paintings, Machinery, choice Music, and Pictures of all kinds.

With many thanks for the very liberal patronage received, he hopes by a strict attention to his business to merit a continuance of the same.  Perfect satisfaction given or no charge made.  F. F. Lamb.  Wilmington, March 1857.

F. F. Lamb is not recorded in other photographic directories as being active in Wilmington, Vermont. He is recorded in Directory of Maryland Photographers 1839-1900 and Craig’s Daguerreian Registry as being active in Baltimore in 1859. It is unknown if they are the same person at this time.


Knapp & Field

1856                477 Broadway, New York, New York.

Knapp & Field (William R. Knapp & James B. Field) were recorded in two advertisements in The New York Herald (New York, New York).  The first advertisement appeared on October 31, 1856.  Knapp’s Colored Improved Durable Ambrotypes and daguerreotypes, 50 cents, including case, twice the size others give for the money, at the only Knapp’s gallery in the city, 477 Broadway, near Wallack’s theatre.  Everybody gets them.  Knapp & Fields.

The second advertisement appeared on December 13.  Knapp’s only Gallery of Ambrotypes, Daguerreotypes and Melainotypes, 477 Broadway.  J. B. Fields, Proprietor.

Both William R. Knapp and James B. Fields are recorded in other photographic directories but not as part of a partnership.

Benaiah G. Jayne

1857-1859       94 Owego Street, Ithaca, New York.

Benaiah G. Jayne was recorded in seven announcements and four advertisements in the Ithaca Journal and Advertiser (Ithaca, New York).  The first advertisement ran from February 4 to August 5, 1857.  Found At Last!  The place in Ithaca where True And Perfect Daguerreotype and Ambrotype Likenesses, can be obtained.  The subscriber would respectfully announce to the citizens of Ithaca and surrounding country, that they have taken the Daguerrean Rooms, 94 Owego-st, Ithaca, formerly occupied by F. C. Clark, and recently by N. J. Kellogg, 2 doors west of Avery, Woodworth & co.’s store, and opposite Greenly’s, where they are prepared to Take Pictures, in the Latest and Most Improved Style of the Art.  Having had a long experience in the business, they are confident of giving entire satisfaction to all who may favor them with a call.  In order to bring their pictures into immediate notice they will for the coming Month take Pictures for Fifty Cents!

Remember! We guarantee you a Better Picture than can be obtained elsewhere in the county, or no charge.  B. G. Jayne & Co.

The first announcement ran on February 12, 1857.—The advertisement of Messrs. Jayne & Co. Daguerreotype and Ambrotype operators may be found in our columns, to-day.  These gentlemen reach us with high recommendations and the likenesses taken by them since here have proved them to be superior in their art.

The second advertisement ran from March 4 to August 5, 1857.  Pictures for 50 Cents, Warranted to give satisfaction or no charge.  The subscriber would respectfully announce that in consideration of the very liberal patronage they have received since in Ithaca they will continue to take Pictures at their former low prices.  B. G. Jayne & Co.

Don’t forget the place 94 Owego-st.

The second announcement appeared on March 11, 1857.—Pictures of friends and of families have become as common as sunlight, and have also become quite as necessary.  No one seems to exist or become a member of society unless he can show his picture to himself and fellow men, and therefore a good one is desirable.  The skill of B. G. Jayne, & Co. in the Daguerreotype line is proverbial, and they have so near attained perfection that a picture of oneself, we are inclined to think, is handsome!  However people will so differ in opinion!

The third announcement appeared on April 1, 1857.  Editor Journal—Permit me through the columns of your paper to call the attention of your numerous readers to the firm of B. G. Jayne & Co., Daguerrean Artists, 94 Owego street.  It is always desirable to have young men of ability and moral worth settle among us; and more particularly is it so in in this instance when they are complete masters of a beautiful and useful art.  Daguerreotyping has become a necessity in every community.  Almost every household feels a strong desire to have true and perfect likenesses of its members, that when they are called, as all must be sooner or later, to that home from which, none return, there may be left a life-like representation behind.  I desire to make no invidious comparison between Messrs. B. G. Jayne & Co., and other artists in this village, but simply to say that from what I have seen of their work, I believe they can and do produce Daguerreotype and Ambrotype pictures true to life.  That I consider the perfection of the art.       W.

The fourth announcement appeared on June 3, 1857.  A 5 dollar bank note.  In center of the note is a round building, a train pulling three cars.   B. G. Jayne & Co., Daguerrean Artists, Rooms North Side of Owego Street, opposite the Old Bank Of Ithaca.  Secured By Daguerrean Stock.  B. G. Jayne & Co. will produce a Superior Likeness on the most reasonable terms, and warranted to give Satisfaction.

The fifth announcement appeared on July 1, 1857.  A series of six fine daguerreotype and ambrotype views taken after the late flood by B. G. Jayne & Co., and have been forwarded to Frank Leslie of New York, who telegraphed for the same.  Mr. D. E. Sedgwick has a superb picture of one of the best views after the Freshet.

The third advertisement ran from August 26, 1857 to February 9, 1859.  Ambrotypes.  Something Entirely New At B. G. Jayne & Co.’s.  Pictures On Patent Leather!  Which for depth of tone, fineness of finish, naturalness of expression, and brilliancy of effect, are unsurpassed by any productions in the Photographic Art.  The Ambrographs can be inclosed in a letter and sent to any part of the country without injury, and without any additional charge of postage.

Daguerreotypes, Ambrotypes, And Melainotypes, Taken at Jayne & Co.’s Rooms, and warranted to give satisfaction or no charge.  Don’t forget the place, No. 94 Owego street, opposite the old Bank of Ithaca, and two doors west of Avery, Woodworth & Co.’s.  B. G. Jayne & Co.

Instructions given in the Art, and a well selected assortment of Daguerrean Stock and Chemicals on hand and for sale upon the most reasonable terms.

The sixth announcement appeared on February 23, 1859.  Progress in all the arts at the present moment is a matter of every day occurrence, and indeed so common has it become that our people seem to expect it, as a matter of course.  From the dull, dead-looking daguerreotypes, operators improved to a life-like expression; from that to Ambrotypes, then Melaniotypes, and now the perfection of the art seems to have been attained in beautiful Photographs.  Some splendid specimens may be seen at Jayne’s.

The fourth advertisement ran from February 23 to August 3, 1859.  Photographs At Jayne’s.  The subscriber would announce to the public that he is now prepared to furnish Photographs on paper which cannot fail to satisfy the most inveterate critic.

A general invitation is extended to all to call and examine specimens.  I am also taking first class Ambrotypes, Melainotypes, And Daguerreotypes.  All of which are warranted to give perfect satisfaction, or no charge.  Room 94 Owego street, next door to Grant’s Block and opposite the Old Bank.  B. G. Jayne.

The seventh announcement appeared on June 15, 1859.  The New Light.  I would respectfully inform the citizens of Tompkins County that I have purchased the right for this county Mace’s Nonpareil Gas Generator, And shall hereafter keep on hand a full supply of Chandeliers, Brackets, Pendants, and Lamps.  This Light is fully equal to Coal Gas in brilliancy, and far superior in point of economy, furnishing a light equal to a Five Foot Coal Gas Burner, for less than One Cent Per Hour….B. G. Jayne.

Benaiah G. Jayne is listed in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry as being active in Ithaca, New York in 1859.

Hunter & Lea

1857                Rooms on First Street, opposite the Post Office, Glasgow, Missouri.

Hunter & Lea were recorded in an announcement dated  September 17, 1857 in the Glasgow Weekly Times (Glasgow, Missouri).  Ambrotypes, Melainotypes and Photographs.  Messrs. Hunter & Lea have taken rooms on first street, opposite the Post Office, where they are prepared to accommodate all who may need their services.—They will take pictures of any size, either on Glass, Isingglass, Paper or Sheet Iron, put them up in handsome cases, rings, lockets or breast-pins, and at a price from $1.50 up, according to size and case.  Families taken at a reduction on regular prices.  They have a large number of specimens, of their own work, which show them to be masters of their art, which is more than can be said of every one who travels around, rendering hideous the “human face divine.”  Give them a call—examine their work—and if you want a picture you will be at the right place to get it.


Hunter & Lea are not recorded in other photographic directories.

Joseph Huckell

1858                Exchange Building, Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania.                                                                1859                Above the Republican Office, Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania.

Joseph Huckell was recorded in one announcement and one advertisement.  The announcement ran on February 27, 1858 in the Columbia Democrat and Bloomsburg General Advertiser  (Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania).  Come All and Come Quick.  Mr. J. Huckell, at his Daguerreian Rooms, in the exchange Building, is now taking off the best Ambrotypes, Melaiontypes, Ambrographs, Patent Leather and Oil Cloth Likenesses, ever seen in this section of country.  They are surpassing in beauty and clearness of expression.  Mr. Huckell’s time of stay is limited, and those who may wish to avail themselves of his professional services, should call at once before his departure.

The advertisement ran from November 2 to December 28, 1859 in The Star of North (Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania).  Joseph Huckell’s Ambrotype Gallery, Above the Republican Office, Bloomsburg, Columbia Co., PA. Where he indulges in all the improvements for taking the latest style of Improved Ambrotypes, Melainotypes, and every other kind, together with Neillographs, which is a great saving of postage in sending pictures by mail.  The improved Ambrotypes have been decided by the best judges of the art, to be the most durable pictures now taken.  They never fade or change, and have all the boldness and beauty that the combined effort of nature and art can produce.

All Kind Of Picture Copied.  Large or small—Ambrotypes inserted in Pins, Rings and Lockets.  Best materials used, and all work warranted.  Pictures taken equally well in cloudy or clear weather, excepting small children, when a light day is preferred.  Avoid white, pink or blue.  They are the most unsuitable of all colors for an Ambrotype.  Likenesses taken for fifty cents, including cases.

Joseph Huckell is not recorded in other photographic directories.

O. Hubbard

1857                Rooms over James Campbell’s Store, Winchester, Tennessee.                        1858                Rooms South side of the Square, second building from the Custer House                                        Winchester, Tenn.

O. Hubbard is recorded in five advertisements in The Home Journal (Winchester, Tennessee).  The first Advertisement ran from March 20 to May 8, 1857 and is for the partnership of Hubbard & Edwards.  Ambrotypes~!  Hubbard & Edwards Have taken rooms, for a few weeks, over J. Campbell’s Store, where they are prepared to put up the new and Beautiful Style Of Pictures, Called Ambrotypes, in a manner superior to any taken in Winchester.  A new chemical process which they use in finishing off Pictures, renders them impervious to air, water, or acid, and they will retain their brilliancy for ages,—in short they never fade.  Pictures taken in all kinds of weather.  Children taken best from 8 to 12, A. M.

The second advertisement ran from April 11 to May 1, 1857.  The undersigned begs leave to inform the citizens of Winchester and vicinity that he is yet in town, and is prepared to put up Ambrotypes and Melainotypes in the highest perfection of the art.  Melainotypes encased in lockets, breastpins, &c. &c., in the most approved style.  Call and examine specimens.  O. Hubbard.

The third advertisement ran from June 6 to August 22, 1857.  Ambrotype and Melainotype Gallery.  Having concluded to remain in Winchester until the 4th of July, I take this method of informing the citizens of Franklin County generally that I am prepared and can be found at my room (over James Campbell’s store) at hours of the day, ready to put up Ambrotypes or Melainotypes, In The Best Style.

My long experience as an artist, and a desire to please, assure me that I can give entire satisfaction, even to the most fastidious.  Call and see it verified.  Entire satisfaction given, or no sale.  Charges moderate, and liberal deductions made where families are taken.  may 29.

The fourth  advertisement ran from May 20 to August 19, 1858.  Picture Gallery.  O. Hubbard Takes pleasure in informing the ladies and gentlemen of Winchester and Franklin County that he has again in their midst for the purpose of supplying, on reasonable terms, any style of Ambrotype, Melainotype, &c.  He has fitted up Entirely New Rooms superior to any ever before arranged by any former artist in Winchester, and would Cordially invite visitors, (ladies especially) whether they may want pictures or not.  He has had no evidence that his former efforts in this place failed to give general satisfaction, and the liberal patronage he then received has prompted him to fit himself up with rooms and facilities for doing superior work that must certainly induce more patronage than over from an appreciative community.

The Melainotype, being taken on a metal plate, is not so liable to injury by falling, or accident as the glass pictures, while in richness of tone and finish it is unsurpassed.  Howerver, any kind supplied to suit one’s desire.

Paintings, Daguerreotypes, and every other style of pictures accurately copied.  Miniatures taken for insertion in Lockets, Breastpins, &c.  Bring along the juveniles, for he has arranged his light so that they can be taken before they can scarcely move.

He has on hand, and intends to keep constantly, a large stock of fine cases of many sizes; both single and double, such as square, Oval and Octagon, Union, Shell, Band, Jenny Lind, Portmonie, &c., &c.  Work to please or no pay.  When pictures are taken from the room they are considered sold.  Rooms South side of the Square, second building from the Custer House, Winchester, Tenn.  O. Hubbard.

The fifth advertisement ran from August 26 to September 2, 1858.  O. Hubbard.  Ambrotype And Melainotype Artist [South Side Public Square.]  Winchester, Tenn.

O. Hubbard is not recorded in other photographic directories.

J. C. Howe

Ca 1854-1860 Ashley’s Building, Up one flight, Westfield, Massachusetts.

J. C. Howe of the firm Clark & Howe was recorded in an undated Broadside in Greg Drake’s Collection. Ambrotypes, and Cloth Pictures! E. P. Clark (Artist permanently located in Holyoke) and J. C. Howe, would respectfully inform the citizens of Westfield and vicinity that they are located at Ashley’s Building, Up one flight of stairs—room opposite H. Fuller’s Law office in the same building— for a few days to exhibit a new style of Picture, and to wait upon those who may require their services.

Ambrotypes, Meleneotypes, Ambrographs &c., Also Pictures on Enameled Cloth, Taken for the low price of Twenty-Five Cents, having the beauty of the ambrotype and Daguerreotype combined, and may be inclosed in a letter and sent to any part of the world free of postage.  Do not lose this opportunity secure a Likeness at the very lowest price.  Some beautiful styles of Ambrotype Cases.  E. P. Clark, J. C. Howe.

J. C. Howe is not listed in A Directory of Massachusetts Photographers 1839-1900, or in other photographic directories.

House & Benedict

N. D.                Address Unknown, Elmira, New York.                                                                                      1857                Main Street, over Suydam’s Grocery Store, Penn-Yan, New York.

House & Benedict (Thomas J. B. House & Samuel N. Benedict were recorded in an announcement and advertisement in the Penn Yan Democrat (Penn-Yan, New York).  The announcement appeared on June 3, 1857.  Attention is invited to the advertisement of House & Benedict, which may be found in this paper.  They are recently from Elmira, where they had established a reputation as first rate artists.  They take all kinds of pictures—Daguerreotypes Ambrotypes, Melanotypes and Cameotypes in superior style.  They have taken the rooms recently occupied by Mrs. McAllaster.

The advertisement ran from June 3 to September 23, 1857.  House & Benedict’s Daguerreotype, Ambrotype, Melainotype and Cameotype Rooms.  House & Benedict (formerly of, Elmira) having purchased the Rooms previously occupied by Mrs. McAllaster, over Suydam’s Grocery Store on Main st., Penn Yan, beg leave to call the attention of the citizens of Penn Yan and vicinity, to the new and Superior Style of Pictures taken by them.  They are now prepared to take Pictures of nearly every kind, such as Daguerreotype, Melainotype, Ambrotype, Sphereotype, Cameotype, Transfer Pictures, etc., which are warranted not to fade.

The Melainotype, or Iron Picture, receives universal commendation by all who have examined their superior qualities. Lockets, Pins, Rings, &c., Filled with neatness and dispatch, either with Daguerreotype or Melainotype.  A large variety of Fancy Cases, Frames, &c., constantly on hand, and at Moderate Prices.  Pictures taken in all kinds of weather.—Sphereotype, Cameotype, Transfer Pictures taken only at this Gallery.  Instructions given in the Art, and Apparatus furnished if desired.  The public are invited to call and examine specimens, whether wishing a Picture or not.  Pictures copied with neatness.  Tho’s J. B. House.   Sam’l N. Benedict.  Penn Yan, May, 1857.

The Partnership of House and Benedict is not recorded in other photographic directories.  Thomas J. B. House is recorded in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry as being active in Penn Yan, New York in 1859, Samuel N. Benedict is not recorded.

J. B. Hill

1852-1853       Thompson’s Brick Building, North East Corner of the Square, Fayetteville,                                     Tennessee.                                                                                                                                1853                   Rooms in the west end new brick, on the south side of the Square, second                                     story, Fayetteville, Tennessee.                                                                                          1854                   Rooms in the west end new brick, on the south side of the Square, second                                     story, over Buchanan & Russell’s Store, Fayetteville, Tennessee.                    1855-1856        Odd Fellows’ Hall, Fayetteville, Tennessee.                                                                1856-1857        Rooms South Side of Square, next door to Dr. McNelley’s Office, Up-Stairs,                                    Fayetteville, Tennessee.                                                                                                     1857                   Gallery Two Doors East of M’Elroy & M’Kinney’s Drug Store, Up-Stairs,                                              Fayetteville, Tennessee.

J. B. Hill was recorded in one announcement and six advertisements in the Fayetteville Observer (Fayetteville, Tennessee). The first advertisement ran from November 18, 1852 to September 15, 1853 Daguerrean. The subscriber respectfully informs the public that he has taken a room in Thompson’s Brick Building, North East Corner of the Square, Fayetteville, where he will wait on Ladies and Gentlemen who may wish Likenesses taken by this Beautiful and Inimitable method.  To parents, children, husbands, wives and friends, it affords an opportunity of procuring at small expense, and almost without loss of time, a most Perfect Lifelike Portrait which can be obtained in no other way.—When we call to mind uncertainty of life, the ordinary though sometimes painful separation of families and friends, together with the ravages of time, it becomes a matter of much interest and importance to secure the features of “the loved ones at home,” before death, distance, or the lapse of time renders it impossible.

Having taken lessons of Mr. F. N. Hughes—the best Daguerrean Artist in the Western States—and furnished himself with a superior camera and implements, the subscriber flatters himself he will be able to give the most entire satisfaction.  The Ladies, who are always judges in matters of taste, are especially invited to call and examine his work and specimens.  A great variety of Cases, of different sizes and quality, will be kept constantly on hand.  Prices very moderate.  J. B. Hill.

The second advertisement ran from September 22 to October 13, 1853.  Miniatures.  From the solicitations of some who are wishing to have Miniatures taken, I have concluded to remain in Fayetteville for a few days.  My stay will be short—and all those wishing likenesses of themselves or friends, will do well to call immediately.  When we reflect on the havoc that disease is making among our friends, it becomes an object with us to secure at least the form of the loved one ere death has taken them from our gaze forever.

It would be unnecessary for me to say anything with regard to the style of my work, of this all are acquainted; suffice it to say, that no picture will be allowed to leave my room unless it be a perfect likeness.  Rooms in the west end new brick, on the south side of the Square, second story.  J. B. Hill.

The announcement ran on August 17, 1854.  Daguerreotypes The subscriber has returned to Fayetteville, and has taken the rooms he has heretofore occupied, over Buchanan & Russell’s Store, and is prepared to put up Daguerreotypes of all sizes, styles, and prices.  As he is determined to remain but a short time those who wish Pictures will do well to call soon.  Rooms open from 8 A. M. to 4 P. M.   J. B. Hill.

The third advertisement ran from September 13, 1855 to May 15, 1856.  Daguerreotypes!!  J. B. Hill, Grateful for the patronage he has heretofore received from this community, again offers his services as an Artist to the ladies and Gentlemen of Fayetteville and vicinity.  Rooms at Odd Fellows’ Hall.

The Fourth advertisement ran from May 22, 1856 to February 12, 1857.  J. B. Hill, Daguerrean and Ambrotype Artist, Rooms south side of the Square, next door to Dr. McNelley’s office, up stairs, Fayetteville, Tenn.

The fifth advertisement ran from February 19 to September 17, 1857.  Ambrotypes.  I take this method of informing my old friends and the public generally, that I am now fitting up and will in a few days open in Fayetteville a large Sky-Light Gallery, which will enable me to furnish better Pictures than have ever before been taken in the place.  Those wanting Daguerreotypes, Ambrotypes, or Photographs, are respectfully invited to visit my Gallery and examine specimens and prices before buying elsewhere, as I am determined to work on terms as favorable as any Artist in Tennessee.  Children taken in one second.  Great care and attention given to copying Daguerreotypes or other pictures.  All work warranted to give satisfaction.

The Ladies are politely invited to call.  Gallery two doors east of M’Elroy & M’Kinney’s Drug Store—up stairs.  J. B. Hill.

The sixth advertisement ran from September 17 to October 22, 1857.  Sky-Light Gallery.  The subscriber begs leave to say to his many friends and the public generally, that he has so far recovered his health as to enable him to re-open his Gallery, North side of the Square, for the reception of those wishing pictures.

Daguerreotypes, Melainotypes, or Ambrotypes, plain or raised, and every style of Picture taken in the highest style of the art, and warranted to give satisfaction.  Prices very moderate.  A call is solicited.  J. B. Hill.

J. B. Hill is not recorded in other photographic directories.

P. W. Hays

1859                Location Unknown, Kersey, Elk County, Pennsylvania.

P. W. Hays was recorded in an advertisement that ran on June 15, 1859 in the Clearfield Republican (Clearfield, Pennsylvania). P. W. Hays, Daguerrean, Melainotypist, Ambrotypist, and Justice Of The Peace,—Kersey, Elk County, Pa.

P. W. Hays is not recorded in other photographic directories.