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Mr. McCarty

1857                  Room in Beaver’s Building, next to the Telegraph office, Lewisburg,                                                  Pennsylvania.                                                                                                                        1857-1858       Rooms above Christ & Caldwell’s Drug Store, Lewisburg, Pennsylvania.

Mr. McCarty was recorded in two advertisements and one announcement in the Lewisburg Chronicle (Lewisburg, Pennsylvania).  The first advertisement ran from February 6 to May 26, 1857.  This Way, Ladies and Gentlemen!  For good, durable, cheap and beautiful Pictures.

Ambrotype Likenesses of a very superior quality on a new and improved  plan, far surpassing the Daguerreotype.  They are not reversed, but show everything in its true position—are without the glare of the Daguerreotype, and hence may be seen in any view; they are taken in one fifth of the time of a Daguerreotype, and therefore better for taking small Children, which require but a second in a bright light, and on dark or rainy days are taken as quick as Daguerreotypes in the clearest days; they are far more durable than any picture ever made by light, being taken on plate glass to which another plate of the same is hermetically sealed with an indestructible cement, by which the picture retains its brilliancy for ages; and it will not corrode by acids, nor injured by weather or climate.

Copies of Daguerreotypes, Oil Paintings, engravings, or any other object whatever, are made by this process finer than by any other known.  Portraits set in elegant frames of morocco, or fancy cases, gold lockets, breast pins, finger rings, &c. &c. at short notice.

Also, Daguerreotypes which for true and faithful life likenesses are not surpassed.  Of either of the above mentioned species of Portraits, the value is undeniable.  They lighten the sorrows of absence or death, by granting us to behold a beloved relative or prized friend almost as distinctly as if present.  Mother!  father!  sisters!  brothers!  Friends!  what would you not give if the faces of the lost might still and ever smile upon you as in life?  Then procure Portraits ere too late!

Charges moderate, and Likenesses warranted to please.  Daguerreotypes, Paintings, Drawings, &c. copied.  Out-door Views and Miniatures of Deceased Persons taken at the shortest notice.  Remember the place—Room in Beaver’s building, next the Telegraph office, Lewisburg. M’Carty, Artist.  We Study To Please.

The announcement appeared on May 22, 1857.  M’Carty, Daguerrean Artist, has stopped in Lewisburg several months, and done a very large and satisfactory business.  His pictures are clear and life-like, and prices moderate.  Next Wednesday he will finish his visit here, and all who desire one of his pictures, should call on or before that time, as he will positively leave next morning.  Rooms next to the chronicle and Telegraph office.

The second advertisement ran from October 2, 1857 to October 1, 1858.  M’Carty, the Cheap Picture Man, Back Again!  We take this method of informing the citizens of Lewisburg and surrounding country, that we are again with them for a short time, and now offer them a better article at lower prices than ever heretofore.  We have taken the old stand above Christ & Caldwell’s Drug Store, and having much better light than we had in our old rooms, and more convenient rooms in every respect, we shall be better able to accommodate.  Persons having pictures of deceased friends or relatives which they would like to have copied or transferred to paper on a much larger scale, can have it done on short notice, and the copies will be warranted to be equally as good , and sometimes better than those which they are taken from.  Persons wanting Photographs can have them for prices ranging from $5 to $20.  Pictures of persons confined to their rooms through sickness, and of deceased persons taken at the shortest notice, at their residences:  pictures of young children taken in one second in a bright light.  Outdoor Views of buildings, &c., taken to order.  Ambrotype pictures taken on dark and rainy days quicker than Daguerreotypes on the clearest and brightest.  Pictures from 50 cts. to $20, to suit the purchaser.  We extend a cordial invitation to all to call and see us and examine our specimens, whether they want pictures or not.  Remember the place, rooms over Christ & Caldwell’s Mammoth Drug Store.  We study to please.  M’Carty, Artist.

N. B.—Instructions given in the art, and apparatus furnished at the lowest prices. Persons wishing to learn the business can now have an opportunity not often met with.

Mr. McCarty is not recorded in other photograph directories as being in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania.

Mrs. W. D. McAllaster

1852-1854       Rooms over Mr. Elmendorf’s Dentistry Office, Penn-Yan, New York.              1854-1856        Rooms over the Yates Co. Whig Office, opposite the American Hotel, Penn-                                   Yan, New York.

Mrs. W. D. McAllaster was recorded in ten advertisement and two announcements in the Penn Yan Democrat. (Penn-Yan, New York).  The first advertisement was recorded on June 1, 1852, but the publication date at the end of the advertisement was May 11, 1852.  M’Allaster’s

Gallery In Full Operation.  Mrs. M’Allaster would respectfully announce to the citizens of Penn Yan and vicinity, that notwithstanding Mr. M’Allaster health is such that he cannot wait upon those desiring pictures, that she is confident that she can take pictures in the Very Best Style, as she has had a long experience in the business, and as she has also had the very best facilities for acquiring the Art in all its branches, together with the latest improvements.

As proof of this the public have only to call and examine the specimens she is daily taking to be satisfied, and she earnestly solicits  the patronage of the friends of this long established and well known Gallery, and as many new patrons as may favor her with a call.

Remember that unless a Picture gives entire satisfaction you are not required to purchase the same.  I have one of the best Sky-Lights in the country.  Recollect the place, nearly opposite the Yates Co. Bank, in the third Story of Elmendorf’s Building.  Penn Yan, May 11, 1852.

The first announcement appeared on August 24, 1852.   Fine Pictures.—See Mrs. McAllaster’s advertisement, and after reading it go and get your likeness taken by her.  She is one of the most finished artists in the country, and cannot be beaten in taking daguerrean likenesses.

The second advertisement ran from August 24 to October 12, 1852.  Beautiful Pictures.  Mrs. McAllaster wishes to notify the public that she continues the business of daguerreotyping, so long carried on in this place by her husband, until his health became so poor as to compel him to keep his room.  Mrs. McA. Pledges herself to make as good pictures as can be produced in the State.  She has had the Experience and now she has the facilities to enable her to fulfill this pledge.—Pictures of the various sizes, and put up in all styles, furnished at a few minutes notice.

Persons are invited to call and examine specimens.  A share of the public patronage is solicited.  Operating Rooms over Mr. Elmendorf’s Dentistry Office, in the third story.

The third advertisement ran from October 12, 1852 to September 20, 1853.  Daguerrian Gallery.  Mrs. MacAllaster would respectfully inform the citizens of Penn-Yan & vicinity that she is now prepared (at her old stand) to waite upon all who may favor her with a call and fells confident that she can give them as good a picture as they can obtain at any other establishment.  New York or Rochester not excepted.

She has just received a Large and Handsome variety of Cases and Lockets, and will be ready at all times to supply them with Pictures, Either Single or in Groups.  All who desire Good Pictures will do well to call at her rooms where they can be accommodated at all times, in cloudy as well as clear weather.  I have an excellent light, together with every other facility, for taking the very best pictures, which I will warrant to give perfect satisfaction.  Terms Reasonable.  Rooms over J. Elmendorf’s Dentistry Shop, 3rd story, opposite the Yates Co. Bank.

The fourth advertisement ran from September 24 to December 27, 1853.  Pictures Painted by the Sun.  Mrs. McAllaster continues to take the best Daguerrean Portraits, finished in the most complete and beautiful style, at her rooms, in the third story over Elmendorf’s Dentistry Office.  By long experience at the business, she has acquired a superior knowledge of the Art, and does her work by the most perfect process.  Her facilities are unequalled for giving the best satisfaction in every branch of her business.  In all kinds of weather she will compel the sun to paint the most superb and perfect Likenesses.  They will be put up in cases at a cost according to the taste of the customers.  Her business is largely increased, but she will endeavor to satisfy all who will call, on short notice.

The second announcement appeared on October 11, 1852.  List of Premiums, Awarded at the Yates Co. Fair and Cattle Show, for 1853….Class 25—Discretionary Premiums…          Mrs. McAllister, for her magnificent collection of Daguerreotypes and Daguerreotype cases exhibited, was awarded $1 and diploma.

The fifth advertisement ran on May 16 & 23, 1854. Removal Pictures Painted by the Sun.  Mrs. McAllaster continues to take the best Daguerrean Portraits, finished in the most complete and beautiful style, at her Rooms, third story, over the Yates Co. Whig Office, opposite the American Hotel—entrance between Stanford & Kinners’ Boot and Shoe, and T. F. Sharpe & Co.’s Dry Good Stores.  By long experience at the business, she has acquired a superior knowledge of the Art, and does her work by the most perfect process.  Her facilities are unequalled for giving the best satisfaction in every branch of her business.  In all kinds of weather she will compel the sun to paint the most superb and perfect Likenesses.  They will be put up in cases at a cost according to the taste of the customers.  Her business is largely increased, but she will endeavor to satisfy all who will call, on short notice.

The sixth advertisement ran from January 17 to March 14, 1855.  Daguerreotypes For 75 Cts.  Mrs. W. D. McAllaster would respectfully announce to the citizens of Penn Yan and vicinity, that she has again taken possession of her Daguerrean Rooms Opposite The American Hotel and immediately over the Whig office, where she will take Daguerreotypes of the common medium size, put up in common cases.  For Seventy-Five Cents, For One Month Only!

Having acquired a superior knowledge of my profession, and just returned from New York with an extensive variety of the best material used in the Daguerrean business, I take this method of inducing my old friends and patrons to give me a call, and to inform them that I am again permanently located in Penn Yan.

Having spared no pains or expense in refitting my rooms to make them convenient and pleasant, I trust that all who wish to examine my work will give me a call.

Parents now is your time to get the Daguerreotypes of your children, and remember it is but for a short time that such low prices will continue, and you should avail yourselves of this opportunity before it is too late, for such inducements may never again be offered in Penn Yan.

The attention of artists is also invited to her stock in trade.  She has just received a new and beautiful lot of Cases, which she offers very low for cash.  Also every variety of articles used in the business for sale at New York prices.  Artists will do well to call before purchasing elsewhere.  Remember the place, opposite the American Hotel.

Seventh advertisement ran from June 20, 1855 to January 2, 1856.  Daguerrean Hall!  Opposite the American Hotel.  The subscriber having just returned from the city, is now prepared to furnish her numerous patrons and friends with all the most recent improvements in her beautiful art, among which she calls particular attention to Cynocular Stroscope & Crayon Daguerreotypes.  Which have lately been so prized in the City, and to her Styroscoped Pictures and Cases, which enlarge the picture to life size, and gives such relief, fullness and life-like appearance as to impress us with the actual presence of the person, rather than that we are looking at their picture.  Also, several new styles of Fancy and Magic back grounds, which give a fine relief and effect to the picture, and does away with the monotony presented by the time-honored drab.

Advancement is peculiarly the motto of the age, as well as of the beautiful art she has chosen as her profession; therefore, an admiring public are continually calling for something new and novel in the Art, and she intends, if diligent researches, perseverance, industry, time and money, added to several years practice and experience, will accomplish it, to be all ready to present to her many patrons and friends.

Every Improvement Known In The Art.  The Improvements and Fixtures of her Room are now fully complete; the Sky-Light one of the best, and so adjusted as to admit all the side light required to remove the heavy shading and give that softness to the tone so remarkable to her pictures.  The Cameras, are second to none in the State, the Chemicals used by her are of her own manufacture and warranted perfectly pure, and her facilities are such that Pictures can be taken in a remarkably short space of time in any weather, and warranted to give satisfaction and to remain indelibly stamped upon the plate for any term of years.

Particular attention paid to taking Children, Groups, and to filling very small Rings and Lockets, and also copying from other Daguerreotypes, Pictures on Oil Paintings, enlarging or diminishing the size.  She will also remove her Apparatus for the purpose of taking pictures of the sick or dead, on reasonable terms.

The Stock Department will also contain a complete assortment, carefully selected.  Fancy and Plain Cases of all styles and sizes, ranging from the lowest to the highest prices, so that all may be suited.

Also, single and family Frames of all styles and sizes.—Plates, Cases, Chemicals, Instruments, and everything pertaining to the art, constantly on hand and for sale at the lowest cash prices.  Careful instruction given in the art.  Apparatus furnished on reasonable terms.

Thankful for former vary liberal patronage, a continuance of the same is respectfully solicited.  Citizens and Strangers are requested to call, and for proof of the above examine specimens, and also refer to the patrons of Mrs. W. D. M’Allaster.

The eighth advertisement ran from December 26, 1855 to January 23, 1856.  Daguerreotypes, Ambrotypes, Photographs And Crystalotypes.  Mrs. McAllaster, having returned from the City would take this method of informing her friends, customers, and the public generally, that she can be found at her Old Stand, opposite the American Hotel where she will be happy to wait on all who may favor her with their patronage.

She has, at Great Expense and trouble, thoroughly versed herself not only in taking Ambrotypes and Daguerreotypes, but also of the variety of Glass and Paper Pictures, such as Crystalotypes, Muygraphs and Photographs and in fact all kinds of Pictures, and her patrons may rest assured that she will keep posted in every improvement in the art.

Particular attention paid to taking Children In Groups, and to filling very small Rings and Lockets; also copying from other Daguerreotypes and oil paintings enlarging or diminishing the size.  She will also remove her Apparatus for the purpose of taking pictures of the Sick or Dead, on reasonable terms.

The Stock Department will also contain a complete assortment, carefully selected.  I would say to artists, call and examine my Stock and Prices before purchasing elsewhere.

The Ninth advertisement ran from January 30 to July 30, 1856.  Ambrotype Patented.  A New Era In Photography.  This beautiful Art, after a long experiment, is at last perfected, and the subscriber, who has the exclusive right to make them in this country, is now enabled to offer to the public A New Style of Picture, far exceeding in beauty and durability anything ever before made.  The exceeding [      ], depth of light and shade, and richness of tone, is wonderful.  They Do Not Reverse The Subject, but present everything in it true position; consequently, Regales, with designs, [letters], figures, &c. Appear Perfectly Natural.

They are without the glare of the Daguerreotype, and hence may be seen in any view.  They will last for ages, unchanged, and possess the rare quality of Imperishability, being hermetically sealed between glass plates, with an indestructible cement which soon hardens, and the two plates become in effect one, with the picture in the centre as durable as glass itself.  This art is particularly adapted to every style of face and complexion and will be found especially favorable to light hair, freckled faces, and light and weak eyes.

The pictures are pronounced by competent judges, to be the greatest achievement in the Photographic Art, having a Relief and Clearness that is truly astonishing.  By this process I am enabled to produce Ambrotypes from the Smallest to Full Size, with all the truth of nature and Permanence of the Finest Plate Glass—the long sought for end in Photographic Portraiture.  The Ambrotype Stereoscope must be seen to be appreciated, the relief being fully as perfect as life.  These pictures offer inducements to those wishing to send them abroad, as they are proof against the action of water, acids, Climate or Atmosphere, and May Be Laid In Water For Months, With Perfect Safety.

Caution!  Pictures not hermetically sealed and stamped patent, and made on single glass, covered with black paint or varnish, are worthless imitations, and it is an imposition on the public to sell them as Ambrotypes.

Citizens and Strangers are invited to call and examine specimens in this art; they are assured of polite attention, and if they wish, A Superior Picture.

Children’s Likenesses by this process are made instantaneously.  Daguerreotypes copied into Ambrotypes and rendered permanent.  Mrs. W. D. McAllaster,  Rooms Directly Opposite the American Hotel.

The tenth advertisement appeared on June 3, 1857.  Attention is invited to the advertisement of House & Benedict, which may be found in this paper.  They are recently from Elmira, where they had established a reputation as first rate artists.  They take all kinds of pictures—Daguerreotypes Ambrotypes, Melanotypes and Cameotypes in superior style.  They have taken the rooms recently occupied by Mrs. McAllaster.

Mrs. W. D. McAllaster is not recorded in other photographic directories.

W. M. Lowry

1857                33 West Washington Street, over pope’s Drug Store, Brookville, Indiana.

W. M. Lowry was recorded in one announcement that appeared on December 25, 1857 in the Indiana American (Brookville, Indiana). Who Would Have Thought That the Excelsior Sky-Light Picture Gallery would have met with such encouraging and unparalleled success? It is even so, from the fact that Lowry always gives the most perfect satisfaction to his customers, by executing Likenesses Superior to any in the city, and just as cheap as the cheapest.

A large, fine, and varied assortment of Frames, Cases. Lockets, Breastpins, &c., &c., on hand at all times.  Instructions given on reasonable terms, and Apparatus and Stock generally furnished at lowest figures.  Bear in mind, if you want a superb Likeness, call on Lowery, No. 33 West Washington Street, over Pop’s Drug Store, second floor.  Examine specimens.  Rooms free.  W. M. Lowry.

W. M. Lowry is not recorded in other photographic directories.

Dr. Lover

1856                Address Unknown, Washington, D. C.

Dr. Lover was recorded in an announcement on September 12, 1856 in The Daily Union (Washington, D. C).  Photographs By Gas Light.—Dr. Lover, the well-known artisan, has devised an apparatus for taking photographs by gas light. The main feature being the introduction of a stream of oxygen into the flame of common coal gas which had been previously made to pass through cotton and naptha, with the view of surcharging it with carbon, so as to increase the brilliancy on the admission of the oxygen.

Dr. Lover is not recorded in other photographic directories.

Long & Heywood

1857                173 Washington Street, Boston, Massachusetts.

Long & Heywood (John B. Heywood) were recorded in an announcement on June 15, 1857 in the Boston Daily Evening Transcript (Boston, Massachusetts).  Photographic Portraits.  Messrs. Long & Heywood, No. 173 Washington street, have a large collection of photographic portraits well worthy the examination of the public.

The partnership of Long & Heywood is not recorded in other photographic directories.  The identity of Long is unknown at this time.  John B. Heywood is recorded in other photographic directories.

Jules E. Loiseau

1856                423 Broadway, New York, New York.[1]

Jules E. Loiseau was recorded on January 1, 1856 in the Photographic and fine Arts Journal  (New York, New York).  In an article entitled the Photographic Galleries of America.  Number One, New York. The author visited 69 Galleries in New York City.

J. E. Loiseau—A French artist. The gallery contains some very fair photographs.

J. E. Loiseau is recorded in other photographic directories, but is included because of the first- hand account of his work.

[1] Not all first names or complete addresses were recorded in article.   Craig’s Daguerreian Registry was used to assist in identification when possible first name and address were added.


Loiseau and Bulot

1858                Address Unknown, Nashville, Tennessee.

Loiseau and Bulot were recorded in an announcement on April 9, 1858 in the Nashville Union and American (Nashville, Tennessee).  Tennessee Historical Society…Messrs. Loiseau and Bulot presented a photograph of Shakespeare and his contemporaries, from a painting of John Ford.

Loiseau and Bulot are not recorded in other photographic directories.  Loiseau is possible Joseph Loiseau who is recorded in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry as being active in Nashville in 1859-1861.

Professor Leine

1855                165 Eighth Avenue, New York, New York.

Professor Leine was recorded in an advertisement for Edward P. Huylar on September 2, 1855 in The New York Herald (New York, New York).  Photograph’s—Plain or Colored, by Huylar, 165 Eighth avenue, having fitted up this gallery in connection with our daguerreotype business, we would be happy to have our friends give us a call.  E. Huylar, first operator; Professors Leine and Hunt assistants.

Professor Leine is not recorded in other photographic directories.  Edward P. Huylar is recorded in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry as Edward P. Huylers.

(A. G.) Da Lee

1859             Address Unknown, Lawrence, Kansas.

(A. G.) Da Lee was recorded in three announcements and one advertisement in The Kansas Herald of Freedom (Wakarusa, Kansas, Territory).  The first announcement appeared on January 1, 1859.  Photographic Artist.  We invite the attention of our readers to the advertisement of Mr. Da Lee, which it will be an object for all persons to consult at this season of the year. A good picture of one’s self is about as pretty a New Year’s present as can be made to a friend, and quite as likely to be treasured as of inestimable value.  Persons bound for the gold region in the Spring, should procure duplicate copies, and forward to all persons having an interest in them.  Mr. Da Lee is acquainted with all the different modes of taking pictures by the sun’s rays, and readily transfers one’s shadow to a silver plate, glass, marble, iron or leather, and fastens it there in a durable manner.  We had the pleasure of visiting his rooms a few days ago, and found them fitted up in the very best style, with a splendid skylight.  After once getting a good likeness, he has the art of multiplying them to any extent without the necessity of an extra sitting.  Go in and get a picture and present it to your friend or lover.

The advertisement ran from January 1 to March 12, 1859.  Pictures!  Mr. Da Lee Is always prepared to take Pictures of any style, in all kinds of weather, at his Gallery in Lawrence.  Those wishing to send a Likeness by letter to their friends, can obtain one, which will make no extra postage, and warranted to please.  Please call and examine specimens.

The second announcement  appeared on October 15, 1859.  Douglas County Agricultural Society.—The Fair….Class twenty was filled by artist of this city, and attracted universal attention.  A. G. Da Lee exhibited several of his beautiful photographs and ambrotypes, which were never excelled in beauty and quality in any Eastern city….

The third announcement appeared on October 15, 1859.  Photographs of Lawrence.  Mr. Da Lee is photographing views of Lawrence from a designs by A. Conant.  The design is admirably drawn, and the photographs are in the best style of the art.  They can be obtained at the low price of $2.50 each.

(A. G.) Da Lee is not recorded in other photographic directories.

Ledoyt & Hodges

1855-1856       222 Main Street, Fosters Building, Worcester, Massachusetts.

Ledoyt (Ludoyt) & Hodges appeared in one advertisement that ran from October 6, 1855 to January 12, 1856 in the Worcester Daily Spy (Worcester, Massachusetts).  New Advertisements.  A Card To The Public.—The subscribers having disposed of their interest in the Ambrotype establishment in Foster’s Building, 222 Main st., to Messrs. Ledoyt & Hodges, would cheerfully recommend them to our customers and the public generally, as gentlemen of merit and artistical skill, and are worthy of an extensive patronage.     Hathaway Brothers.

L. & H. are now prepared to furnish the Ambrotype, Mezograph or Crystalotype Pictures in the best style of the art. Pictures copied from paintings, engravings, Daguerreotypes. The public are invited to call and examine for themselves.  B. Ledoyt,  J. R. Hodges.

Ledoyt & Hodges are recorded in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry as Ludoyt with no first name or initial. Information from the 1856 Worcester City Directory, resident section. (Ludoyt & Hodges.)