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J. M. Parkhurst

1858                Address Unknown, Amherst, New Hampshire.                    

J. M. Parkhurst was recorded in one advertisement that ran from May 19 to June 9, 1858 in The Farmers Cabinet (Amherst, New Hampshire).  Great Attraction.  Come One!  Come All!!  Wonderful improvements in colored Miniatures by Ambrotype or Melainotype.  J. M. Parkhurst Would respectfully inform those persons wishing to procure a Miniature of themselves or friends, that they can obtain a beautiful and correct Likeness, (with or without colors) and have it inserted in a neat morocco case, by either of the above processes, for the extreme low price of 50 cents, and upwards, by calling at his Saloon in Amherst, where he will remain but a short time only. 

He is also taking pictures on enameled cloth for 25 cents and upwards, which are convenient to transmit by mail.  Mr. P. would say his pictures are put up in the most durable manner and warranted not to fade.  Pictures taken in all weathers and set in every variety of Locket, Pin, Frames or common cases.

Pictures copied in the most satisfactory manner.  Perfect satisfaction given or no charge.

Instruction given in the art, and Apparatus furnished if desired.

The propriety of an early call is suggested, thereby avoiding the inconvenience of the crowd which always attends the last week of his stay in every place. 

J. M. Parkhurst is not recorded in other photographic directories.

M. B. Ogden

1858                Main & Sheboygan Streets, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin.[1]                       

M. B. Ogden was recorded in one advertisement (mostly unreadable) that appeared on June 5, 1858 in the Democratic Press (Fond du Lac, Wisconsin).  A New Ambrotype, Melainotype and Photographic Picture Gallery.  M. B. Ogden would inform the citizens of Fond du Lac and vicinity that he has secured C. T. Ripley’s old Daguerrean Rooms and [repaired and refitted them entirely new and spared no pains in securing every[ ? ] [ ? ] and possible advantage peculiar [ ? ] to the picture business.  With the very best of rooms, a new apparatus entire, and having…..]

M. B. Ogden is not recorded in other photographic directories.

[1] Address from Craig’s Daguerreian Registry for T. C. Ripley.

William Nims

1858                Rooms in Wing’s Exchange, Fort Edward, New York.

Williams Nims was recorded in one advertisement that ran from June 11 to August 6, 1858 in the

Essex County Republican (Keeseville, New York).  Nims’s Gallery.  Ambrotypes, Melainotypes, Patent Leather Pictures and Photographs are continually made at Nims’e Gallery, in Wing’s Exchange, Fort Edward, As Good as they can be made in any of the Cities, and Better than they are made in any gallery north of the cities.

Ambrotypes—25 cts., and upwards.

Melainotypes,      “                 “

P. L. Pictures, 50 cts.

Photographs, 1st copy, $1.00

Duplicates,  50. [cts.]

William Nims is probably the same William Nims recorded in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry as being active Fort Ann, New York in 1859.  Fort Edward is 12.3 miles (modern roads) from Fort Ann.

Mr. Morgan

1857                Next Door West of the City Hotel, Frederick, Maryland.

Mr. Morgan was recorded in two advertisements and mentioned in a third in the Examiner  (Frederick, Maryland).  The first advertisement ran from July 15 to 29, 1857.  Every One Read!  Read!  Read!  Great Attraction, Immense Rush!  Immense Reduction in prices!  At Morgan’s Sky-Light Gallery, Formerly Addis’ Gallery, the only properly constructed Sky-Light in Fred’k.  Ambrotypes, Melainotypes and Daguerreotypes, As well-finished and executed as any Gallery in Frederick, and at One-Third The Price of any other in the town.

This superb and only well arranged Sky-light Gallery was built and modled after the most celebrated in the principal cities, and acknowledged to be, and has the approval of such men as Whitehurst, Perkins, and Brady to have advantages over any other in Frederick, and not surpassed by any in the United States.  The citizens here care very little for the opinion of S. D. Humphrey or any other imported picture agent from New York, disposing of rights, in which having offered here first, finally succeeded, blarney in humbugging some other Daguerreotypist with N. G. Burgess one of the most celebrated and scientific practical photographers of the age, and to whom a certain friend of ours in the business is indebted to what little he knows of Ambrotyping, says in his last great work upon the art—”That a sky-light that is no more than ten or fifteen feet from the sitter in the highest point, and falling over in such a manner, that the lowest portion of it shall be five feet from the floor, has been found to work far better than any other, as it is absolutely requsite to have a good volume of light on the drapery, for [unless] this attained no good results can be produced.”  This is the only sky-light in town that is constructed upon this principle, and consequently must produce the best picture.  Every child knows that without a round, distinct light falling upon each eye, resembling a pin-head, and that no celebrated portrait painter from the days of Rubens, Vandaye, Rembrandt, Velasquez, and Murillo ever neglected to put there to give expression and life to the picture.  Let us here no more croaking about spectrums in the eye.  The public or at least some of the citizens here are aware that a daguerreotypist in this town admitted his light to be to high, and requested the former proprietor of this establishment previous to his leaving to regulate his light and chemicals.  What would “master artist” say to that.  We would wish the public to know that we have learnt this business practically from the best operators in the country and not from book learning like some other daguerreotypist here.  These matters are merely adverted to in order to repel the imputations in a recent advertisement by one in the same business.  Morgan only wants the public to test his worth and let that speak for him.

Students will bear in mind that this is the only Gallery where they can be taught practically, in less time and on the lowest terms of any in Frederick.

The second advertisement ran from August 5 to September 16, 1857.  The greatest Discovery Out.  The Marble Relievotype! Is taken only at Morgan’s Gallery, Next door to the City Hotel, Fred’k., Md.  The surprising effects of this singular and beautiful discovery in Photography, which I accidently made a few days ago, must be seen to be appreciated.  The Picture, in colors, stands out in bold relief from a marble background, on which it casts a shadow, like statuary.  Those, who have seen this admiration of its beauty and perfection.  Ladies and gentlemen are respectfully invited to call and examine this curious invention.

The third advertisement appeared on September 30, 1857 in an advertisement for George Tetherly.  New York Gallery.  Photographs! Ambrotypes!! Daguerreotypes, &c.  The subscriber having taken the gallery next door to the City Hotel, formerly occupied by Mr. Addis, and latterly by Mr. <organ, is prepared to furnish the best Pictures to be had in them city, at the lowest prices.  Having secured the services of a celebrated Artist from the Galleries of Brady and of Gurney in New York City, he is enabled to warrant satisfaction in every branch of his business, to those who may favor him with their custom.

His gallery is easier of access than any other in the city, being in the second story, and the Sky-light is unrivalled.  With such advantages, he is determined to deserve a share of public patronage.  Geo. Tetherly.  W. Patrick St., Frederick. 

Mr. Morgan is not recorded in other photographic directories as being active in Frederick, Maryland.


1859                Near the Ferry Landing, Cincinnati, Ohio.

Moore was recorded in one advertisement that appeared on November 14, 1859 in The Penny Press (Cincinnati, Ohio).  Art Palace.—We hope our citizens desirous of procuring likenesses of themselves and family will call at the “Art Palace,” near the ferry landing, and let Mr. Moore demonstrate to them that his pictures are of a superior order.  Ambrotypes, Melainotypes and Stereoscopes are executed in the best style.  In this latter branch, in particular, he has been experimenting for the last ten years, and has now one of the best instruments in the country.  Let everybody call and examine the likenesses taken with it.

Moore is not recorded in other photographic directories as being active in Cincinnati.  William H. Moore was active in Cincinnati in 1857 to 1897 his address in 1859 was 10 W. Fifth Street,[1]  which is several blocks from the waterfront.  One might speculate that “near the ferry landing” might suggest that his Art Palace was a boat?

[1] Craig’s Daguerreian Registry.

Mrs. A. W. Moore

1858-1859       3 Ritchey Block, Topeka, Kansas.

Mrs. A. W. Moore was recorded in one announcement and three advertisements in the  Kansas Tribune (Topeka, Kansas).  The announcement appeared on May 1, 1858.  Pictures.—Mrs. A. W. Moore will open an Ambrotype Gallery in the Ritchey Block, on Tuesday the 4th inst.  Advertisement next week.

The first advertisement appeared on May 29, 1858.  Ambrotype Gallery Mrs. A. W. Moore respectfully informs the citizens of Topeka and vicinity that she has opened an Ambrotype Gallery in Room No. 3, Ritchey Block, where she can be found daily, from 8 o’clock, a. m., to 6 o’clock, p. m., ready to take likenesses in the most approved style.  For correctness of out-line, life-like appearance, the Ambrotype stands unrivaled.

Caramotype.—This style of Picture is taken on Patent Leather.  The most useful part of the Pictures is their facility of being transmitted by Letter to any distance without hardly increasing the weight of the letter.

The Melainotype, also a new and valuable discovery, makes beautifully toned Pictures.

All Pictures cased by Mrs. M. are warranted to retain their brilliancy for ages.

Mrs. Moore having permanently located in Topeka, would respectfully solicit the patronage of the public.

Pictures taken from $1.00 upwards.

Pictures taken in all kinds of weather.  Topeka, May 8, 1858.

The second advertisement appeared on May 29, 1858.  Remember!  “Tis Dangerous To Delay.”  Remember this, and go immediately to Mrs. Moore’s Gallery, and have your Likeness taken ere it is too late.  May 15, ’58.

The third advertisement appeared on August 11, 1859.  Leather Pictures If You want a Miniature convenient for transmitting by mail to your friends, call at the Fine Art Gallery and have one taken on Patent Leather.  Mrs. Moore, Artist.

Mrs. M. having a fine Diamond for cutting glass, is prepared to do work in that line when called upon.

A W. Moore (possibly the same person) is recorded in Pioneer Photographers From The Mississippi To The Continental Divide A Biographical Dictionary, 1839-1865 as a Photographer or miniaturist in Topeka, Kansas in 1860.

O. Monroe

1857                Address Unknown, Dunkirk, New York.

O. Monroe was recorded in one announcement that appeared on October 7, 1857 in the Westfield Republican (Westfield, New York).  Agricultural Society Report…Painting &c….

In the Daguerreotype Department, there were several exhibitions deserving of more than a Passing notice from your Committee, but as the scale of premiums have been limited, we are reluctantly compelled to contain ourselves to the following;

Best specimens of Daguerreotypes, called Melainotypes, to No. 162, O. Monroe, Dunkirk;

2d do. No. 158.

The committee would respectfully recommend a premium of the 2d class to. No. 316 G. R. Martin, being four Photographs in oil.

There were on exhibition three Ambrotypes without numbers from Messrs. Palmer, Bartholomew & Co. Westfield, deserving much credit for their perfection and life-like expression of the specimens presented for inspection.

O. Monroe is recorded in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry as being active in Dunkirk and Pomfret, New York in 1859.

J. M. McGrew

1857                Address Unknown, Fort Smith, Arkansas.

J. M. McGrew was recorded in one advertisement that was recorded on April 11, 1857 in the Fort Smith Weekly Herald (Fort Smith, Arkansas).  J. M. McGrew, Melainotype, Ambrotype and Sperotype Artist, would respectfully announce to the citizens of Fort Smith and vicinity, that he will visit their city in a short time, for the purpose of taking likenesses in any of the above arts; and, as he has been engaged in the business for the last 10 years, he flatters himself that he can give entire satisfaction, and asks of all to give him an impartial trial, and then compare the likenesses taken by him,, with those taken by other artists, and judge for themselves.  Mar. 28. 

J. M. McGrew is not recorded in other photographic directories.  Note the date at the end of the advertisement Mar. 28, another advertisement for S. H. McGrew[1] ran from March 13 to 27, 1857 in the Arkansas Intelligencer Van Buren, Arkansas.  The distance between Van Buren and Fort Smith, Arkansas is 7.3 miles on modern roads.  It is unknown if they are the same person or possibly related.

[1] Also recorded in Pioneer Photographers From The Mississippi To The Continental Divide A Biographical Dictionary, 1839-1865, and in Arkansas Made a Survey of the Decorative, Mechanical, and Fine Arts produced in Arkansas, 1819-1870, Vol. 2.

J. W. Lowry

1859                Over Hezekiah’s Fashionable Emporium, Little Rock, Arkansas.

J. W. Lowry was recorded in one advertisement that ran from May 25 to June 29, 1859 in the Arkansas True Democrat (Little Rock, Arkansas).  New Photograph Gallery.  Now open over Hezekiah’s fashionable emporium, and few doors above Anthony house, where the subscriber begs leave to call attention of the citizens of Little Rock and surrounding vicinity, to his new style of life like Ambrotypes and Melainotypes.

Also plain Photographs of any size, not surpassed by any in sharpness, tone and durability.

You who have beauty, should to Lowry take it;

You who have it not, go and let him make it.

Special attention will be given to the ladies.  Prices vary from $1 to $15, according to size and style.  Call and examine at your earliest convenience.  J. W. Lowry, Artist.

N. B.—The likenesses of all ministers of the gospel taken at half price—that is, from 50 cents up.  J. W. L.

J. W. Lowry was not recorded in other photographic directories.

William R. Knapp

1843                263 Grand Street, Columbia Hall, New York, New York.

1845-1854       103 Bowery, New York, New York.

1851-1855       559 Broadway, near Prince Street, New York, New York.

1855-1856       477 Broadway, New York. New York.

1857                43 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, New York.

1857                103 Bowery, New York, New York.

1858                469 Broadway, New York, New York.

1860                398 Bowery, New York, New York.

New York City Directories

1838/1839—engineer—88 Lewis.

1839/1840—engineer—88 Lewis..

1840/1841—engineer—88 Lewis—h-70 Lewis.

1841/1842—gunsmith—50½ Houston—h-18  ave. D.

1842/1843—gunsmith—50½ [Houston]—h-55 Houston.

1843/1844—gunsmith—302 Rivington.

1844/1845—gunsmith–302 Rivington.

1845/1846—daguerreotype—103 Bowery—h-302 Rivington.

1846/1847—daguerrian—103 Bowery.

1847/1848—daguerreotype—103 Bowery & 226 Bleeker—h558 Fourth.

1848/1849—daguerreotype—103 Bowery—h-558 Fourth.

1849/1850—daguerreotype—103 Bowery—h-644 Fourth.

1850/1851—daguerreotype—103 Bowery—h-644 Fourth.

1851/1852—daguerreotype—103 Bowery—h-188 E. 19th.

1852/1853—daguerrean—103 Bowery & 559 Broadway—h-188 E. 19th.

1853/1854—daguerreian—103 Bowery & 559 Broadway—h-188 E. 19th.

1854/1855—daguerrean—559 Broadway—h-180 E. 19th.

1855/1856—daguerreian—477 Broadway—h-75 E. 40th.

1856/1857—daguerreotypist—477 Broadway—h-75 E. 40th.

1857/1858—not listed.

1858/1859—daguerreotypes-469 Broadway—h 145 E. 32d.

1859/1860—no occupation listed—h-145 E. 32d.

1860/1861—photographs—398 Bowery—h-142 E. 33d.

1861/1862—not listed.

1862/1863—not listed.

William R. Knapp is recorded in one advertisement that ran from October 21 to November 2, 1843 in the  New York Daily Tribune (New York, New York).  Daguerreotype Miniatures are taken in a superior style by Wm. R. Knapp, at Columbian Hall, No. 263 Grand street, with all the latest improvements, including color.  Persons wanting a correct likeness of themselves or friends are respectfully solicited to call and examine specimens.  Pictures are taken in cloudy, stormy and fair weather.  Prices including case, from $1.50 to $4.  Hours from 8 A. M. until 4 P. M.                                                                                          

William R. Knapp is recorded in other photographic directories.  But is included here in part with new information.  The activity dates are derived from the city directories and newspaper accounts of over 30 typed pages that have not been included in the blog.