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H. J. Finch

1855-1858       Room in Hathaway’s Building, Lansingburgh, New York.

H. J. Finch was recorded in fourteen announcements and one advertisement in the Lansingburgh Democrat (Lansingburgh, New York). The first announcement appeared on November 28, 1855.  Daguerreotypes And Ambrotypes.—We have just examined splendid specimens at the Daguerrian Gallery of Mr. Finch.  A group of pictures set is one Frame pleased us very much.  Mr. Finch guarantees his Photographs to be equal in every respect, either for fineness of tone, depth of light and shade or durability, to those made at any other establishment in the country.

The second announcement appeared on December 20, 1855 in the same newspaper.  Mr. Finch, the Artist, still keeps open doors and a smiling face, to welcome his friends to his Picture Gallery, where people should go, to be taken.

The third announcement appeared on March 20, 1856.  Finch’s Photographs And Daguerreotypes.—There is no better place in which to secure a perfect copy of the human face divine, than at Finch’s Daguerrean Saloon.  He is a thorough operator, and those who are not good judges of a picture can place confidence in him, for he will not allow a poor picture to leave his rooms.  His ambrotypes are beautiful; and he makes even an ugly face look well, after transferring it to glass.  We are pleased to learn that he is receiving a good share of patronage.  Give him a call, and examine specimens for yourself.

The fourth announcement appeared on March 27, 1856.  Finch swings his banner to the breeze to-day, and invites all who are in want of either Ambrotypes or Daguerreotypes to call and examine some of his specimens.  He has discovered a way of making even ugly faces look pleasing and interesting.

The fifth announcement appeared on May 15, 1856.  All those persons who desire to procure the likeness of themselves or friends, would do well to call upon Mr. Finch, who is one of the best Daguerrean Artists in the State.  Mr. Finch’s shop is in Hathaway’s building.

The sixth announcement appeared on September 18, 1856.  The Fair…  Finch’s Daguerreotypes are the best on exhibition.

The seventh announcement appeared on November 27, 1856.  Finch’s Daguerrean Room is one of the attractive spots of “the garden,” and it does not fail to secure the attention of many passers by.—His Ambrotypes, Photographs, and Daguerreotypes, are splendid specimens of the art, and in his line of business he has no superior.

The eighth announcement appeared on February 5, 1857.  If you have not visited Finch’s Ambrotype Gallery, in Hathaway’s Row, you are behind the age.  His pictures are worthy of examination, as combining all the excellences of the art.  We doubt if he could not compete with the most renowned in his profession.

The ninth announcement appeared on February 12, 1857.  The Fine Arts.  All those who have any fancy for the Fine Arts, should not miss of calling at Fitch’s Photographic Gallery, and examine a specimen of his ambrotypes, colored in Oil.  These pictures are taken by the collodian process, on a metallic plate instead of glass, and then painted in Oil Colors.  They are the most life-like, high toned pictures we have seen, yet possessing all the accurateness of a Daguerreotype, giving natural color, even to the color of the eyes, and we see no reason why they should not be as lasting as any other oil painting.  Mr. Finch informs us that he can copy old Daguerreotypes, and enlarge them several times, and have the copy painted, making a perfect picture, equal to that taken from life.  We think that friend Finch will have enough of that sort of work to do, as there are scores of Daguerreotypes of deceased persons, whose friends would like to see pictured out in Nature’s colors.  Those who have Daguerreotypes to copy, should give Mr. Finch a Call, and have the shadow secured by this new process.

The first advertisement ran from June 18 to July 9, 1857.  A Card.  H. J. Finch would tender his thanks to his friends in Lansingburgh and vicinity for their liberal patronage and would also inform them that his Ambrotype Rooms will be closed after the 20th of this month until the 20th of September, when he will again be happy to wait upon his old customers and all may favor him with a call.

The tenth announcement appeared on June 18, 1857.   H. J. Finch, Esq., of this village, has been chosen Secretary of the Grand National Horse Exhibition and fair, to be held in September next, in Albany.  $6000 in premiums will be awarded, and it is to be conducted in the most liberal manner.

The eleventh announcement appeared on June 18, 1857.  Where To Go.—If you want clothing of any kind, Charley Clark’s “Taylor’s Camp,” is the place to get it, and after you are dressed up in a suit purchased of him, go to Finch’s and get one of those inimitable illuminated Ambrotypes that he takes.  If these directions are followed, we’ll guarantee the only fault to be found will be that the miniature will be a “little flattering.”  Enough said.

The twelfth announcement appeared on July 23, 1857.  A Card.  Those who wish a good Ambrotype, would do well to call at Fitch’s Rooms.  Mr. Finch has made arrangements with Mr. Dewel formerly operator for Clark and Holmes to continue the business during his absence.

The thirteenth announcement appeared on January 7, 1858.  H. J. Finch, Artist, has re-opened his Ambrotype Saloon, and is prepared to take pictures for the million.  Try him on once.  He makes excellent pictures.

The fourteenth announcement appeared on February 17, 1858.  Ambrotypes.  Mr. James Irving, of Troy, has leased the Daguerrian rooms in this place, lately occupied by Mr. Finch, and is now fully prepared to make first class pictures in his inimitable style.  Those who desire a really good picture should give Mr. Irving a call.

H. J. Finch is not listed in other photographic directories.

G. E. Farrington

1859                Rooms at Marshall House, Abbeville, South Carolina.

G. E. Farrington was recorded in an announcement on May 12, 1859 in The Abbeville Banner (Abbeville, South Carolina). Ambrotypes. We are pleased to notice that G. E. Farrington has opened an Ambrotype Gallery in the second story of the Wooden Wing of the Marshall House.  We learn, too, that he is stationed here permanently.  He will be pleased to see his friends and customers from any part of the District.  He is prepared to take Ambrotypes, Spherotypes, Melainotypes and Relievotypes of any size or style.  He is also prepared to insert the best specimens of the art in Broaches, Medallions and Rings.  Mr. Farrington is a permanent resident of the place, and may at all times be found at his rooms to accommodate all who may favor him with a call.

He has some beautiful specimens of his skill which may be seen at his room. To our friends from the country who may desire anything in his line, we can recommend him as an artist in every way worthy of support.

G. E. Farrington is not recorded in other photographic directories.


1859                Baltimore Street, Cumberland, Maryland.

Ewing was recorded in an advertisement that ran from June 16 to December 29, 1859 in the Civilian & Telegraph (Cumberland, Maryland).  Pictures!  Pictures!  Great Excitement!!!  Ewing’s Great Sky-Light Gallery, on Baltimore street.  Pictures positively taken at cost.  First rate pictures in good cases at Twenty-Five Cents!

All pictures warranted to give satisfaction, or no charge!!  Taken equally as well in cloudy as in fair weather!!!  Ambrotypes, Photographs, Melaneotypes, Nellotypes, Ferrotypes, Spherytypes, & Ambrotypes, and all kinds of Pictures taken in the highest style of the art, and at prices so low as to place them within the reach of all.  Instruction given in the art on the most reasonable terms.

Ewing is not recorded in other photographic directories.

Charles Evans

1856                388 Market Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.[1]

Charles Evans was recorded on April 1, 1856 in the Photographic and fine Arts Journal (New York, New York).  In an article entitled the Photographic Galleries of America.  Number Two, Philadelphia. The author visited 57 Galleries in Philadelphia.

Evans, Market St. — A good, substantial little gallery. The pictures are deserving of credit. In photography we can easily distinguish the clean, careful artist, and are always disposed in his case to overlook lesser defects.

Charles Evans is recorded in other photographic directories, but is included here because of the first-hand account of his work.

[1] Not all first names or complete addresses were recorded in article.   Craig’s Daguerreian Registry was used to assist in identification when possible first name and address were added.


Joseph Elfelt

1856                296 Market Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.[1]

Joseph Elfelt is recorded on April 1, 1856 in the Photographic and fine Arts Journal (New York, New York).  In an article entitled the Photographic Galleries of America.  Number Two, Philadelphia. The author visited 57 Galleries in Philadelphia.

Elfelt, Market St. — Some very excellent specimens of daguerreotyping, the photographs however are coarse and unpleasant to the eye. A little theoretical knowledge (to be derived from Books) would set this artist right.

Joseph Elfelt is recorded in other photographic directories, but is included because of the first- hand account of his work.

[1] Not all first names or complete addresses were recorded in article.   Directory of Pennsylvania Photographers, 1839-1900 (Linda A. Ries & Jay W. Ruby) and Craig’s Daguerreian Registry was used to assist in identification when possible first name and address were added.

S. Easterling

1858                Masonic Hall, Pauling, Mississippi

S. Easterling was recorded in an announcement on October 23, 1858 in The Eastern Clarion (Paulding, Mississippi).  Sphereotypes. Those wishing perfect and never-fading Likenesses of themselves or friends, can have an opportunity of getting this superior style of work, by calling at the Masonic Hall—My stay in Paulding will be limited until the 1st of November.     S. Easterling.  Paulding.  Oct. 2d. 1858.

S. Easterling is not recorded in other photographic directories.

S. N. Dunham

Ca. 1856          Davis’ Building, Main Street, Plymouth, Massachusetts.

S. N. Dunham was recorded from a 9th plate advertising card for Steven Lucas in Chris Steele’s Collection.  25 Cents. S. Lucas & Co., Daguerreotype, Ambrotype, Stereoscope and Photograph Artists.  Rooms in Davis’ Building, Main Street, Plymouth.   S. Lucas,  S. N. Dunham.

S. N. Duncan is not recorded in A Directory of Massachusetts Photographers, 1839-1900 or other photographic directories. Steven Lucas is recorded in other photographic directories.

Jesse Duck

1857                   Address Unknown, Salem, Ohio.                                                                                    1858-1859       Rooms nearly opposite the Wilson House, Salem, Ohio

Jesse Duck was mentioned in one advertisement that ran from July 3 to August 28, 1858 in the Anti-Slavery Bugle (New-Lisbon, Ohio).  A Fletcher, Photograph Artist, From Massillon, Ohio, Has taken rooms for a short time with Mr. Duck, Ambrotypist, nearly opposite the Wilson House, Salem, Ohio, where he is prepared to execute Photographs On white paper, both plain and fancy, in the most beautiful styles of the Art.

Daguerreotypes, or Ambrotypes of deceased, or absent friends, can be magnified up to any size required, and furnished equal to the finest steel engraving.  Photographs are considered the cheapest as well as the most enduring and most beautiful pictures made.  Please call and examine specimens.  A. Fletcher.

He was also recorded in two announcements on December 4, 1858 in the Anti-Slavery Bugle  (New-Lisbon, Ohio).  Photograph of Wm. Lloyd Garrison.—Jesse Duck has at his rooms in Salem, a beautiful and life like Photograph of Mm. Garrison, taken during his recent visit to this place.  Copies can be obtained on reasonable terms.

He was recorded on January 15, 1859 in the Anti-Slavery Bugle (New-Lisbon, Ohio).  Report of the Committee of the Western Anti-Slavery Fair.  The total receipts of the late Western Anti-Slavery Fair are $350.66.  A success for the times.  A success greater than our anticipations-a larger sum than has been realized at any previous Fair.  We gratefully acknowledge the receipt of contributions….beautiful photographs from Mr. Duck.

Jesse Duck was recorded in Craig Daguerreian Registry and in Ohio Photographers 1839-1900 in 1857 in Salem, Ohio.

S. Downs

1857               Rooms 3d loft of Parker’ Block, directly over Parker’s Hat Store, Medina, New                          York.                                                                                                                                        1859                Address and Location Unknown, New York.

S. Downs was recorded in one advertisement and two announcements. The date of the advertisement is May 14, 1857 and recorded on December 10, 1857 in The Medina Tribune (Medina, New York).  Life-Like Ambrotypes.  S. Downs would respectfully inform his customers and the public that he has fitted up rooms for his business in the 3d loft of Parker’ block, directly over Parker’s Hat store, rooms for pleasantness and convenience is not excelled in Western New York.  All such as are desirous of obtaining life-like pictures may rest assured that they can do so by calling on him.  No one need take a picture from his room unless it gives perfect satisfaction.  Call and examine specimens, for you may be sure he exhibits none but his own work.  He is also prepared to give instructions in most of the arts pertaining to the business.

S. Downs is also agent for a number of reliable Fire Insurance companies. Medina, May 14, 1857.

The first announcement appeared on September 22, 1859 in The Medina Tribune (Medina, New York).  Union Agricultural Society of Ridgeway And Shelby.  Second Annual Fair held at Medina, N. Y., on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, Sept 14, 15 & 16, 1859.

List of Entries….Class VII.—Miscellaneous.                                                                                                      S. Downs, specimens Ambrotypes and daguerreotypes.                                                                          S. Downs, daguerrean wagon.                                                                                                                              F. H. Finch, specimens of ambrotypes & daguerreotypes.                                                                        E. R. Graves, specimens ambrotypes; colored photographs.                                                                   Henry Pruden, specimens ambrotypes.                                                                                                            Geo. P. Hopkins, specimens photographs; family sewing machine, “Scovill & Goodell

The second announcement announcing the premiums awarded appeared on the same day September 22, 1859 in The Medina Tribune (Medina, New York).       Union Agricultural Society of Ridgeway And Shelby.  Second Annual Fair held at Medina, N. Y., on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, Sept 14, 15 & 16, 1859..

Premiums Awarded…Class VII. No. 57—Dentistry, Daguerreotypes, &c.…                                    Best specimens daguerreotypes, S. Downs, $1.                                                                                            Best Specimens ambrotypes, H. Pruden, $1.

S. Downs was recorded in Craig Daguerreian Registry for 1859 in Medina & Ridgeway, New York.  F. H. Finch is not recorded in other photographic directories. E. R. Graves is listed in CraigCraig also has a listing for a G. P. Hopkins in Albion and Barre, New York in 1859.  Henry Pruden is also listed in Craig, but he spells his last name Prudden.

Douglass & Van Scoy

1855-1856       Address Unknown, Sag Harbor, New York.

Douglass & Van Scoy were recorded in two advertisement, the first ran from April 25, 1855 to June 9, 1855 in The Corrector (Sag Harbor, New York).  Photographs and Daguerreotypes!  Photograph Portraits Taken On Paper, beautifully colored, and far surpassing in execution the finest Mezzotint Engraving—are now on exhibition at our Sky Light Daguerrian Gallery.

These Portraits are taken upon the most approved plan and far surpass anything ever before attempted in the art of picture taking.  Our charges are much less than in New York, and at the same time we flatter ourselves that we can execute photographs equal to any city establishment; to prove which fact we are willing to compare with any taken elsewhere.

Photographs can be mounted on cards, and sent uninjured, in a common letter envelope, to any part of the world without extra postage.  Persons having friends in California or at a distance, who would like to present them with a token of friendship, could not send them a more acceptable gift than one of these beautifully executed portraits of themselves.

Views—Too much cannot be said in praise of Views in Photography.  They need only to be seen to be appreciated.  Photograph Portraits set in Lockets, Cases, & c. and mounted on elegant embossed Bristol Board for remitting in letters.  Daguerreotypes as usual, taken in all the various styles of the art.

We are about taking a Photographic View of Sag-Harbor and shall have a specimen ready in a few days.  Those desirous of obtaining a view for themselves of friend will please inform us.  The public are respectfully invited to call.  Douglass & Van Scoy, Photographic & Daguerrian Artist.

The second advertisements ran from December 22, 1855 to January 5, 1856 also in The Corrector (Sag Harbor, New York).  Daguerreotypes And Photographs Appropriate And Beautiful Gifts For The Holidays!  We have just received from the city a splendid assortment of plain and fancy cases, suitable for Christmas and New Year presents.

Persons desirous of presenting their friends a really valuable memento, and one that can be kept and prized a life time, have now a favorable opportunity.  Pictures taken by our New Sky Light, in cloudy as well as clear weather.  Douglass & Van Scoy.

Douglass is not listed in other photographic directories.  It is possible that he is the same person as Douglas of Parker and Douglas (1849-1850) or more likely C. C. Douglas who references Van Scoy.    Isaac S. Van Scoy is listed in 1859 in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry.