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R. L. Wood

1859                Washington Block, Macon, Georgia.

R. L. Wood was recorded in three advertisements in the State Press (Macon, Georgia).  The first advertisement appeared on June 23, 1859.  Wood’s Gallery Is still the Fashionable resort of all lovers of the beautiful Portraits in Oil and Pastell, Aquarile and Imperial Photographs.  A great many on exhibition.  Ambrotypes, One Dollar and upwards.  Call and see us.  Washington Block, Macon, Ga.  feb. 16.

The second advertisement appeared on June 23, 1859.  Wood’s Photographic Gallery Is daily thronged with delighted visitors; and it is truly astonishing to see what a state of perfection he has arrived at in this Beautiful Art.

The likenesses are so striking, that one will almost speak to them, thinking it is the original instead of the shadows.

These Portraits are painted from Daguerreotypes of deceased persons or from life.  Either in Oil, Pastel, or Aquarell, Ambrotypes one Dollar and upwards.  Call and see us.  R. L. Wood.  may 3.

The third advertisement appeared on June 23, 1859. Wood’s Premium Photographic Gallery Now presents greater attractions than [ever]—A great number of Paintings on exhibition, in Oil, Pastel, Aquarille and Imperial Photographs.

We have just received a new Mammoth Instrument, by which can be taken Pictures as large as life.  Our Prices are so low that they come with in the reach of all.

First class Artists are employed in this establishment, if you want a first rate Picture call on R. L. Wood, Washington Block, Macon, Ga.  apr.9.

R. L. Wood is not recorded as being active in Macon, Georgia in 1859.  Craig’s Daguerreian Registry list a R. L. Wood as being active in Athens from February to March 1839 (probably a typo?) and Macon, Georgia in 1850-1851.

James Adolphus Pugh

1856                Address Unknown, Mulberry Street, Macon, Georgia.

James Adolphus Pugh appeared in an announcement on October 8, 1856 in The South-Western (Shreveport, Louisiana).  Great Fire in Macon.—A little before daybreak, on Monday, the 22d ult., our citizens were aroused by the ringing of alarm bells and the cry of fire.  The cause of the fire is not known, but it was first discovered, we believe, on the premises of Mr. E. E. Brown, on Mulberry street, opposite the Lanier hotel,…The following is a list of the houses destroyed, some of which were owned by their occupants, and others by different persons:…Pugh’s daguerreotype gallery;…

J. A. Pugh is recorded in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry as being active in Macon, Georgia in 1859, they are possibly the same person.