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J. F. & P. H. Lovejoy

1857-1858       25 Westminster Street, Providence, Rhode Island.

J. F. & P. H. Lovejoy (John F. Lovejoy) were recorded in one advertisement that was recorded on January 9 and 16, 1858 in the General Advertiser (Providence, Rhode Island).  Daguerreotypes Photographs And Ambrotypes.  Having Newly Furnished the Rooms at No. 25 Westminster-st., we are prepared to take Pictures of all kinds and sizes, in the most perfect manner.  All Pictures Warranted.  Remember The Number 25.  J. F. Lovejoy, P. H. Lovejoy, Artists.  je6.

J. F. & P. H. Lovejoy are recorded in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry as being active in 1858. 

Please note the date at the end of the advertisement “je6.” This is probably June 6 1857, no newspapers were available in 1856 and 1857, after the January 16, 1858 the next newspaper available on was on June 16, 1858, which they did not appear in.

Gillies & Johnson

1859                156 Bowery, New York, New York.

Gillies & Johnson (Gillies & John H. Johnson) were recorded in three advertisements in The New York Herald (New York, New York).  The first advertisement appeared on October 9, 1859.  Draw The Conclusion.–$5,000 Rent For A First class gallery in Broadway; $800 for the same class gallery in the Bowery; go, then, to the Bowery Photographic Palace of Art, 156 Bowery, four doors from Broome street, for your pictures.  Photographs $1 and upwards.  Daguerreotypes and ambrotypes, 50 cents and upwards.  This is the most extensive and best fitted up gallery on Bowery.  Gillies & Johnson, proprietors.  N. B.—Mr. Johnson has served at Gurney’s gallery as operator for eight years.

The second advertisement appeared on November 6, 1859. Holyday Gifts.–Go to The Bowery Photographic Palace of Art, 156 Bowery, for your pictures, Photographs, Daguerreotypes and Ambrotypes at 50 cents (and) upwards. This is the largest and best fitted up gallery on the Bowery. Gillies & Johnson. N. B.–Mr. Johnson has served at Gurney’s gallery as operator for eight years.

The third advertisement appeared on November 16, 1859.  Holiday Gifts.—Get Your Pictures Taken At 156 Bowery.—Photographs, Daguerreotypes and Ambrotypes at 50 cents and upwards.  Gillies & Johnson.  N. B.—Mr. Johnson has served at Gurney’s gallery as operator for eight years.

Gillies is not recorded in other photographic directories, nor is the partnership of Gillies & Johnson.  John H. Johnson is recorded in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry as being active in New York City in 1860 at 156 Bowery address.  What is possibly new information is that Johnson worked for Gurney since ca. 1851.

Faris & Erwin

1857                363 Broadway, New York, New York.

Faris & Erwin (Thomas Faris & Erwin) were recorded in one advertisement that ran from April 11 to September 19, 1857 in Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper (New York, New York).  Diaphaneotypes, Photographs, Daguerreotypes, at the Root Photographic and Fine Art Gallery, 363 Broadway, corner Franklin street.  Faris & Erwin, Proprietors.

Thomas Faris is recorded in other photographic directories as purchasing Samuel Root’s Gallery.  Erwin is not recorded in partnership with Faris nor is he recorded in New York City.

Excelsior Stereoscopic and Photographic Company

1859                663 Broadway, New York, New York.

Excelsior Stereoscopic and Photographic Company appeared in one advertisement on September 28, 1859 in The New York Herald (New York, New York).  Photographic Visiting Cards.  The last and most fashionable mode in Paris.  These visiting cars giving no name, but an unmistakeable likeness of the individual, may only be obtained at the Excelsior Stereoscopic and Photographic Company, 663 Broadway.

Excelsior Stereoscopic and Photographic Company is not recorded in other photographic directories

Davis Brothers

1858-1859       8 Daniel Street, Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

1858-1859       40 Water Street, Exeter, New Hampshire.

Davis Brothers (Charles & Lewis G.) were recorded in three advertisements and one announcement.  The first advertisement ran from July 26, 1858 to January 31, 1859 in the Exeter News Letter and Rockingham Advertiser (Exeter, New Hampshire).  Photographs & Ambrotypes The Davis Brothers having opened a first Class Photograph Gallery at No. 8, Daniel Street, are prepared to execute all kinds of Photographic Pictures in a style that cannot be excelled in this country.  Photographs life size colored or plain, made from old Daguerreotypes of any size.  Having also the Patent Ambrotype Right, particular attention will be made to this branch of the business, and every variety of Cases kept for sale.

We have the best Instrument to be procured and facilities for the prosecution of our business such as cannot be enjoyed by travelling or country artists.

Davis Brothers, No. 8 Daniel Street, Portsmouth, N. H.

The second advertisement ran from August 7, 1858 to December 17, 1859 In The Portsmouth Journal Of Literature & Politics (Portsmouth, New Hampshire).  Photographs.  We are now prepared to execute these Pictures in a style rarely equaled and never excelled in this country.

Life size Pictures taken in oil or water colors.—Pictures of any required size copied from old Daguerreotypes or Ambrotypes.

These Pictures are made by an entirely new process and when finished resembles a fine steel engraving.—The muddy and spotted appearance so often noticed in the Photograph is entirely avoided.

Particular attention paid to Ambrotyping , and all work warranted.  Davis Brothers.  No. 3 Daniel Street, Portsmouth.

The third advertisement ran from January 31 to December 26, 1859 in the Exeter News Letter and Rockingham Advertiser (Exeter, New Hampshire).  Photographs.  Mr. Chas. Davis, of the firm of Davis Bro’s, would inform the citizens of Exeter and vicinity that he has taken rooms at No. 40 Water St., over the store of John L. Lovering, where he is prepared to execute all kinds of Photographic Pictures, in a manner which cannot be surpassed.  Photographs taken of any required size, and colored in oil or water colors.  Ambrotypes, Malenatypes and every other invented picture, made and warranted, at fair prices.

Particular attention paid to copying old Daguerreotypes.  And those having pictures of deceased friends, he would say that, you can have a nice large Photograph, suitable for Framing, taken from the smallest Daguerreotype.  Also, Particular attention paid to Photographing Residences, &c

Every variety of Cases and Frames constantly on hand and for sale cheap.

The public are generally invited to call and examine Specimens.  Remember the No. 40 Water Street, Exeter, N. H.

The announcement appeared on October 3, 1859 in the Exeter News Letter and Rockingham Advertiser (Exeter, New Hampshire).  The Rockingham Fair…Entries in Town Hall.  Needle Work And Fancy Articles…T. E. Boutelle, Exeter, display of photographs and ambrotypes….Davis Brothers, ambrotypes and Photographs.  Premiums On Fancy Articles…Photographs  Davis & Brothers, Exeter, Ambrotypes,  1.00.

The Committee on Needle Work and Miscellaneous articles, have attended to the duty assigned them and report that they have awarded all the money allowed them, but have obliged to pass by a part of the contributions worthy on notice.  Among many others, we especially remember the following…T. E. Boutelle, display of Photographs and Ambrotypes…

Davis Brothers are not recorded in other photographic directories as being active in Exeter, New Hampshire.  Craig’s Daguerreian Registry does record Lewis G. Davis as being active in Portsmouth in 1860-1861.

James F. Chalmers

1856-1857       145 Main Street, Richmond, Virginia.

James F. Chalmers worked for William A. Pratt and was in partnership of Sanxay (Richard S.) & Chalmers was recorded in twelve advertisements and two announcements in The Daily Dispatch (Richmond, Virginia).  The first advertisement ran from May 17 to June17, 1856.  A Card.—For the last ten years I have received a large and increasing patronage from the citizens of Virginia, which I have endeavored to merit by introducing every improvement into my business, in which I have been greatly aided, for some years, by the valuable assistance (more particularly in Ambrotyping) of Mr. R. S. Sanxay and in addition, I shall hereafter have the services of Mr. James F. Chalmers—which, together with my own general superintendence, will enable me to accomplish, I flatter myself, superior work to any I have previously turned out.  I respectfully request the public to call and examine my specimens at Pratt’s Gallery, No. 145 Main st., Richmond, Va.

The second advertisement ran from September 25 to October 9, 1856.  Something New!—An Improvement on Ambrotypes, by which process the picture is made to stand out like the stereoscope, without the use of the lens.

This is an entirely new invention, and is infinitely superior in every respect to the Balsom Pictures, being much more durable and not at all liable to spot, (the great objection to the Balsom Picture.)

This style of Picture is taken at Pratt’s Virginia Gallery, 145 Main street.  The public are respectfully invited to call and examine the specimens.  All pictures warranted to please. R. S. Sanxay, Jas. F. Chalmers, Operators.                                                             

The third advertisement ran from October 10 to 25, 1856.  Returned from Europe.—We beg leave to inform the public thatour Mr. Pratt has returned from England and France, bringing with him all the late improvements in our beautiful art. 

The Ambrotype finished in oil, in the style of the old masters, far exceeds in perfection any thing ever before attempted, and throws the Balsom pictures completely into the shade.

Mr. Pratt will again render us the assistance of his valuable services.  All pictures warranted to please.  R. S. Sanxay, Jas. F. Chalmers, Operators.      

p. s.  The Altoscopic Ambrotype may also be had at Pratt’s Gallery.                       

The fourth advertisement ran from October 28 to November 3, 1856.  Pratt’s Virginia Daguerrian Gallery, No. 145 Main street, sign of the Gothic Window, where in the last 12 years, upwards of 30,000 portraits have been taken in all the varied styles of Ambrotype and Daguerreotypes.

The latest improvements have been obtained by Mr. Pratt in his late trip to Europe, and are now successfully practiced in this establishment, where we guarantee finer pictures than have been turned out in Richmond.

R. S. Sanxay, Jas. F. Chalmers, Operators.  Former pupils of the University, visiting Richmond will please call on Mr. Pratt, as above, and obtain their free tickets.                                                  

The fifth advertisement ran from November 10 to December 3, 1856.  Something New and Beautiful.—Acknowledged by all to be superior to anything yet discovered in the Photographic art as a proof of which all of the most celebrated artists north are taking Ambrotypes by no other process.  These pictures are to be had at Pratt’s Gallery, 145 Main street, where the public are respectfully invited to call and examine for themselves.  Daguerreotypes and Ambrotypes copied in any way to suit customers, and all pictures warranted to please.  Sanxay & Chalmers, Operators.

The sixth advertisement ran from November 28 to December 29, 1856.  Co-partnership Notice.—We the undersigned, having on the 5th if May, 1856, purchased the business Stock and Fixtures of Wm. A. Pratt, in the Daguerrian and Ambrotype Gallery, No. 145 Main street, hereby enter into a co-partnership, to carry on said business on the cash system, we respectfully solicit a share of the patronage of the public, and only ask for an examination of our work.  R. S. Sanxay, Jas. F. Chalmers.

N. B.  I have great pleasure in recommending the above gentlemen, my successors, as the satisfaction which my pictures have given, is mainly ascribable to their efforts-having personally done but little in the business for some years past.  Respectfully, Wm. A. Pratt.            

The seventh advertisement ran from December 23, 1856 to January 22, 1857.  Christmas And New Year Presents.—There is nothing more acceptable than a correct life-like picture of a friend.  And we ask the public to give us a call and try us.  All our pictures are warranted to please.  Call at the Big Gothic Window, 145 Main street, and call early.  Sanxay & Chalmers.                                                                                                 

The eighth advertisement ran from April 9 to 14, 1857.  Ambrotypes!  This great improvement in the Photographic art, far surpasses anything ever yet brought out, for durability and life-like appearance—never fading, but always retaining their original brilliancy.  They can be seen in any light and for softness of tone and durability, they far surpass the old worn  Daguerreotype, which, in many instances, fade in a few months, and in a year or two become entirely extinct.  All in want of a good Ambrotype, will do well to call on Sanxay & Co., At the Gallery 145 Main street, Formerly occupied by W. A. Pratt.

Pictures put up in the best style, at very moderate prices.  A few very fine Engravings of the Rev. T. V. Moore.  Price $1 each.     S & Co.                                                                                               

The first announcement appeared on July 3, 1857.  A Sign Worth Looking At.—Several handsome ambrotypes of Phoenix Engine, No. 3, were taken yesterday by R. S. Sanxay.  The picture thus obtained, is to be copied by Mr. Montague upon a sign which he is executing for the Virginia Fire and marine Insurance Company, the Design of which is highly appropriate.  One side represents a shipwreck, and the reverse a block of buildings on fire.  “Phoenix” will occupy a prominent position, playing away upon the flames.

The ninth advertisement ran from July 7 to 13, 1857.  Photographs!  Photographs!  Photographs!—We take great pleasure in informing  our friends and the public, that we are now prepared to make the above most beautiful style of Portraits.  They have entirely superseded all other known styles wherever introduced.  They are better, cheaper and more artistic.  Five hundred copies may be struck off from a single sitting, surpassing the finest steel engraving.  Sanxay, & Chalmers, 125 Main st., Sign of Gothic Window.                

The tenth advertisement ran from September 7 to 11, 1857.  Photographing.—This art is fast taking the place of Lithographing.  An Extensive glass factory in this city has just ordered 500 copies of a diploma, to be taken by photography, the copying being done as well as if by a lithograph.—Dispatch of Thursday.

We respectfully inform the public that we are prepared to execute any style of copying from Daguerreotypes, Paintings, Engravings, or Drawings in the best manner, at the most reasonable rates.  Views of residences, churches, and places of business taken in the most artistic manner.

Sanxay & Chalmers, Photographists, 145 Main street.                                 

The eleventh advertisement ran from September 18 to 25, 1857. 

“A thing worth doing at all,

Is worth doing well!”

So if you wish a good Picture of yourself, go where an artist will make a miniature representation of yourself—not as a caricature, as is so often the case.  Sanxay & Chalmers’ Photographers, at 145 Main street, seem to excel in the life-like expression of their portraits, while they have a graceful ease that is perfectly bewitching.                                                         

The twelfth advertisement ran from September 28 to October 3, 1857.  Choice Styles Of Pictures.—At Sanxay & Chalmers, 145 Main street, may be obtained Photographs of the greatest accuracy and beauty, Ambrotypes, Stereographs, Mezzographs and Likenesses on patent leather, which may be sent by mail to friends, &c.  Every picture taken at this popular establishment must be of the best quality and please the sitter, otherwise they will not be sent out of the Gallery.

Copies of the Portraits of the Convention of ’49 and ’50 will be ready in a few days.  All orders by mail promptly attended to.                                                                                          

The second announcement appeared on November 7, 1857.  List of Premiums Awarded At The Fair Of The Va. Mechanics’ Institute, November 5th, 1857…Class 26.—Photographs, Daguerreotypes, and Ambrotypes.

Albert Litch, for color photographs, a silver medal.

Tyler & Co., for daguerreotypes, a silver medal.

Sanxay & Chalmers, for ambrotypes, a silver medal.

E. Powers, for ambrotypes and photographs, first class diploma.

John F. Chalmers is not listed in other photographic directories.

Bull & Jonathan

1856                289 Broadway, New York, New York.

Bull & Jonathan (John Bull) were recorded in one advertisement that appeared on May 3, 1856 in The New York Herald (New York, New York).  Picture Canvassers Wanted.—Photographs for 50c., $1 and $2, improved editions, taken daily by John Bull’s process, the most successful in the art [lamorotypes] 25c. and 50c., taken only at Bull & Jonathan’s gallery 289 Broadway. 

Bull & Jonathan are not recorded in other photographic directories.  They are not recorded in the 1855/1856; 1856/1857; or the 1857/1858 New York City Directories.  289 Broadway is the same address as Silas A. Holmes. 

Misses Brown

1857                Address Unknown, Shelby, Ohio.

1857                Rooms in Mr. King’s building, Sandusky Avenue, Upper Sandusky, Ohio.

1857                Rooms in William Ayers’ new building, immediately opposite the court house, on the North side of Wyandot Avenue, Upper Sandusky, Ohio. 

Misses Brown were recorded in four announcements and two advertisements in The Wyandot Pioneer (Upper Sandusky, Ohio).  The first announcement appeared on May 28, 1857.  Pictures.—The people of Upper Sandusky and vicinity have now an excellent opportunity of procuring correct Daguerreotype impressions of themselves.  Two young ladies, the Misses Brown, late of Shelby, have opened Daguerreian rooms in Mr. King’s (the “Bard’s,”) building, on Sandusky Avenue, opposite Yellow Corner, and are now prepared to furnish life-like pictures to all who may apply.  We called into their rooms the other day, and were highly pleased with their specimens, which indicate a thorough knowledge of an art, which has now attained such a high degree of perfection.  We learn that it is the intention of these ladies to locate permanently in our village, if their business will justify it.  Certainly our town ought to support one establishment of the kind, especially when that one is conducted by lady artist, and ladies who are thoroughly acquainted with their business.  We hope everybody who want pictures, (and everybody and his wife and family should have them,) will call on the Misses Brown and secure accurate copies of themselves.

The second announcement appeared on June 18, 1857.  Pictures on Patent Leather.—The process of taking pictures on leather, is the latest improvement in the Daguerreian art.  You could have your friend’s “phiz” impressed on your patent leather gaiter, and carry it around on your pedal extremities; but as that would be a doubtful mark of respect, these pictures—which are called Photographs—are taken on square pieces of leather, of any size desired, and have all the life-like appearances of other pictures.  They can easily be sent to friends by mail, without extra postage.

The Misses Brown, in King’s building, a few steps north of the Court House, are furnishing all who wish with these photographs, and, from a critical examination of their work, we are prepared to say it is not to be excelled.  Those who prefer Ambrotypes, can have them taken in the best style of the art at their gallery.  Remember, that nobody is compelled to take a picture unless it gives satisfaction.

The third announcement appeared on July 2, 1857.  Beautiful Ambrotypes.—We have repeatedly called attention to the superior Ambrotypes and Photographs, executed by the Misses Brown, at their gallery, in King’s building, on Sandusky Avenue, and are happy to learn that their patronage is commensurate with their merits.  Their pictures give entire satisfaction—in fact, they are decidedly superior to those of most artist, and will stand the severest criticism—while they are sold at prices to suit the times.  Don’t take our word for this, but call at their room and look at their specimens.  If you do this, you will be sure to order a picture.

The fourth announcement appeared on October 1, 1857.  We hope our readers will read the advertisement of the Misses Brown, in to-days paper.  If they wish a picture as is a picture, give them a call.

The first advertisement ran from October 1 to November 5, 1857.  Look At Yourselves!  Ladies and Gentlemen, If you wish to have something nice in the way of pictures, call on Misses Brown who are located in Wm. Ayers’ new building immediately opposite the court house, on the North side of Wyandot Avenue.  They can give satisfaction to all who may give them a call, they are prepared to do work with neatness and dispatch, they are citizens of Upper Sandusky, and they think they have a better claim on the public for their patronage than those who are transient, and sponge their ground rent.  Oct. 1, ’57.

The second advertisement ran from October 8 to November 5, 1857.  People Look To Your Interest.  Now Is The Time To Procure Likenesses In Upper Sandusky.  The Misses Brown, in Wm. Ayers’ New Building, says they are prepared to do neat work and with dispatch, and say they have a right to claim the patronage of the people, above some others.  There is also a car right in front of the Court House, we will not say whether they have a lawful right to the ground or not, whether we understand they take so sort of Pictures.  And T. E. Miller, A square or two North East of the Post Office, At the sign of the Portrait Painting Is doing what he can.  A full description of which would far overrun the bounds of this nation, suffice to say as the workman is known by his chips, and by their fruits, ye shall know them, come and see, and though he is a few steps out of the main thoroughfare of business, he flatters himself that those who wish truthful likenesses will not regret giving him a call.  He will just say that he is prepared to take the indestructible and never fading Ambrotype on Glass, Paper, leather and Sheet Iron, in all their richness of tome, lines, and color of nature, And if any should wish the kind of pearl picture which was exhibited at the late fair from an adjoining Co., they can have they can have them by calling.  As there has of late been something said in reference to who had the best right to claim the patronage of the people in respect to pictures, we would also “show our opinion” and would say that we think those who can serve them the best, let them be of whatever sex they may.  People look before you leap.  T. Miller.       

Misses Brown are not recorded in other photographic directories as being active in Shelby or Upper Sandusky, Ohio.

Mr. & Mrs. Bailey

1859                Des Arc Hotel, Des Arc, Arkansas.

Mr. & Mrs. Bailey (James & Rose Bailey) appeared in one announcement in the Des Arc Citizen (Des Arc, Arkansas) on November 16, 1859.  Photographic Portraits.—Those eminent artists, Mr. & Mrs. Bailey, have arrived and will open at the Des Arc Hotel in the course of a day or two.  The citizens, one and all, are invited to give them a call.  Their pictures are of a superior class—try them and satisfy yourself.  Satisfaction guaranteed or no pay.

James & Rose Bailey recorded separately in Pioneer Photographers from the Mississippi to the Continental Divide, p. 82 & 83 as being active in 1860 in Jackson County, Arkansas.

R. L. Wood

1859                Washington Block, Macon, Georgia.

R. L. Wood was recorded in three advertisements in the State Press (Macon, Georgia).  The first advertisement appeared on June 23, 1859.  Wood’s Gallery Is still the Fashionable resort of all lovers of the beautiful Portraits in Oil and Pastell, Aquarile and Imperial Photographs.  A great many on exhibition.  Ambrotypes, One Dollar and upwards.  Call and see us.  Washington Block, Macon, Ga.  feb. 16.

The second advertisement appeared on June 23, 1859.  Wood’s Photographic Gallery Is daily thronged with delighted visitors; and it is truly astonishing to see what a state of perfection he has arrived at in this Beautiful Art.

The likenesses are so striking, that one will almost speak to them, thinking it is the original instead of the shadows.

These Portraits are painted from Daguerreotypes of deceased persons or from life.  Either in Oil, Pastel, or Aquarell, Ambrotypes one Dollar and upwards.  Call and see us.  R. L. Wood.  may 3.

The third advertisement appeared on June 23, 1859. Wood’s Premium Photographic Gallery Now presents greater attractions than [ever]—A great number of Paintings on exhibition, in Oil, Pastel, Aquarille and Imperial Photographs.

We have just received a new Mammoth Instrument, by which can be taken Pictures as large as life.  Our Prices are so low that they come with in the reach of all.

First class Artists are employed in this establishment, if you want a first rate Picture call on R. L. Wood, Washington Block, Macon, Ga.  apr.9.

R. L. Wood is not recorded as being active in Macon, Georgia in 1859.  Craig’s Daguerreian Registry list a R. L. Wood as being active in Athens from February to March 1839 (probably a typo?) and Macon, Georgia in 1850-1851.