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Needles and Bonsall

1858-1859       Delaware and Second Streets, Leavenworth City, Kansas.

Needles and Bonsall[1] (John T. Needles) were recorded in one advertisement that ran from February 20, 1858 to March 12, 1859 in The Kansas Herald of Freedom (Wakarusa, Kansas, Territory).  Needles & Bonsall, Ambrotype and Photographic Gallery, corner of Delaware and Second sts., Leavenworth city, Kansas.  All work executed in the best possible manner.

Needles & Bonsall are recorded in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry as Needles & Borsall.  They are included here because on conflicting information first the partnership is recorded as Needles & Borsall, not Needles & Bonsall, and second it is stated that Borsall left after a short time.  That might be correct, but no citation is given to corroborate the statement and the advertisement did run for almost thirteen months.

.[1] Craig’s Daguerreian Registry list the partnership as Needles & Borsall


Mott & Bedell

1857                53 South Street, New York, New York.

Mott & Bedell were recorded in an advertisement on March 19, 1857 in The New York Herald  (New York, New York).  Wanted—Two Young Ladies, Of Prepossessing appearance, to attend a daguerreotype saloon South.  High wages paid.  Apply for three days to Mott & Bedell, 53 South st.

Mott & Bedell are not recorded in other photographic directories.