Davis Brothers

1858-1859       8 Daniel Street, Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

1858-1859       40 Water Street, Exeter, New Hampshire.

Davis Brothers (Charles & Lewis G.) were recorded in three advertisements and one announcement.  The first advertisement ran from July 26, 1858 to January 31, 1859 in the Exeter News Letter and Rockingham Advertiser (Exeter, New Hampshire).  Photographs & Ambrotypes The Davis Brothers having opened a first Class Photograph Gallery at No. 8, Daniel Street, are prepared to execute all kinds of Photographic Pictures in a style that cannot be excelled in this country.  Photographs life size colored or plain, made from old Daguerreotypes of any size.  Having also the Patent Ambrotype Right, particular attention will be made to this branch of the business, and every variety of Cases kept for sale.

We have the best Instrument to be procured and facilities for the prosecution of our business such as cannot be enjoyed by travelling or country artists.

Davis Brothers, No. 8 Daniel Street, Portsmouth, N. H.

The second advertisement ran from August 7, 1858 to December 17, 1859 In The Portsmouth Journal Of Literature & Politics (Portsmouth, New Hampshire).  Photographs.  We are now prepared to execute these Pictures in a style rarely equaled and never excelled in this country.

Life size Pictures taken in oil or water colors.—Pictures of any required size copied from old Daguerreotypes or Ambrotypes.

These Pictures are made by an entirely new process and when finished resembles a fine steel engraving.—The muddy and spotted appearance so often noticed in the Photograph is entirely avoided.

Particular attention paid to Ambrotyping , and all work warranted.  Davis Brothers.  No. 3 Daniel Street, Portsmouth.

The third advertisement ran from January 31 to December 26, 1859 in the Exeter News Letter and Rockingham Advertiser (Exeter, New Hampshire).  Photographs.  Mr. Chas. Davis, of the firm of Davis Bro’s, would inform the citizens of Exeter and vicinity that he has taken rooms at No. 40 Water St., over the store of John L. Lovering, where he is prepared to execute all kinds of Photographic Pictures, in a manner which cannot be surpassed.  Photographs taken of any required size, and colored in oil or water colors.  Ambrotypes, Malenatypes and every other invented picture, made and warranted, at fair prices.

Particular attention paid to copying old Daguerreotypes.  And those having pictures of deceased friends, he would say that, you can have a nice large Photograph, suitable for Framing, taken from the smallest Daguerreotype.  Also, Particular attention paid to Photographing Residences, &c

Every variety of Cases and Frames constantly on hand and for sale cheap.

The public are generally invited to call and examine Specimens.  Remember the No. 40 Water Street, Exeter, N. H.

The announcement appeared on October 3, 1859 in the Exeter News Letter and Rockingham Advertiser (Exeter, New Hampshire).  The Rockingham Fair…Entries in Town Hall.  Needle Work And Fancy Articles…T. E. Boutelle, Exeter, display of photographs and ambrotypes….Davis Brothers, ambrotypes and Photographs.  Premiums On Fancy Articles…Photographs  Davis & Brothers, Exeter, Ambrotypes,  1.00.

The Committee on Needle Work and Miscellaneous articles, have attended to the duty assigned them and report that they have awarded all the money allowed them, but have obliged to pass by a part of the contributions worthy on notice.  Among many others, we especially remember the following…T. E. Boutelle, display of Photographs and Ambrotypes…

Davis Brothers are not recorded in other photographic directories as being active in Exeter, New Hampshire.  Craig’s Daguerreian Registry does record Lewis G. Davis as being active in Portsmouth in 1860-1861.

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