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Mr. Dewel

N.D.                 Rooms in the Museum Building, Troy, New York.                                                                1857                Room in Hathaway’s Building, Lansingburgh, New York.

Mr. Dewel was recorded in an announcement on July 23, 1857 in the Lansingburgh Democrat (Lansingburgh, New York).  A Card.  Those who wish a good Ambrotype, would do well to call at Fitch’s Rooms.  Mr. Finch has made arrangements with Mr. Dewel formerly operator for Clark and Holmes to continue the business during his absence.

Mr. Dewel is not recorded in other photographic directories.  Craig’s Daguerreian Registry does list a T. Dewell in Albany in 1850-1851, but it would be pure speculation to suggest they were the same person.

E. W. Denison

1859                Main Street, over D. Rockwell & Co. Store, Westfield, New York.

E. W. Denison was recorded three times in the Westfield Republican (Westfield, New York). The first time was in an advertisement on March 30, 1859. Marble Hall Picture Gallery If You Want To Get A Good Picture Go To Marble Hall Picture Gallery Where pictures can be had surprisingly cheap and Strikingly Life Like.  I have on hand a full assortment of cases and Frames, and will engage to give my customers likenesses that will suit them.  I never shove off a poor likeness—preferring to lose a job rather than sell a bad picture.  Don’t forget the place—on Main Street, over D. Rockwell & Co.’s store.  Entrance between D. Rockwell & Co.’s and A. J. Schofield & Bro.’s.  Drop in and examine specimens.  E. W. Denison.  Westfield, March 29, 1859.

The second time was in an announcement on April 13, 1859. Ambrotypes For 25 cts.—Mr. Denison, who is a first rate artist, gives notice that he will put up in case likenesses for 25 cts.  Read his advertisement; and then go and avail yourselves of his liberality.

The third time was an advertisement on April 13, 1859.  Get Your Likenesses Taken and put up in a case. For 25 Cents At Denison’s Picture Gallery, over Rockwell & Co.’s. Store.

E. W. Denison is not recorded in other photographic directories.

M. B. Czechowski

1857                Hardin Street, Findlay, Ohio.

M. B. Czechowski was recorded in an advertisement that ran from June 19 to July 17, 1857 in The Hancock Jeffersonian (Findlay, Ohio). A Polish Exile. The undersigned has established himself in Findlay, for the purpose of engaging in the business of Book Binding as well as that of Ambrotype Artist.  He respectfully solicits the patronage of those who have anything in his line to do.  His place of Business, will be found at the extreme east end of Hardin street.  M. B. Czechowski.  Findlay, O., April 24, 1857.

M. B. Czechowski is not recorded in other photographic directories.

W. J. Cunningham

1859                Address Unknown, Ebensburg, Pennsylvania.

W. J. Cunningham was listed in an announcement on December 7, 1859 in the Democrat and Sentinel (Ebensburg, Pennsylvania). By reference to our advertising column it will be seen that Mr. W. J. Cunningham has arrived in town with his “Big Wagon.” Persons wishing to have a good Ambrotype Likeness taken will do well to give him a call.  His charges are moderate, and his pictures good.

The advertisement ran from December 7 to 21, 1859 in the Democrat and Sentinel (Ebensburg, Pennsylvania).  Arrival of the “Big Wagon!”  W. J. Cunningham would respectfully inform the citizens of Ebensburg and vicinity, that he has arrived in town with his “Big Wagon” where he is prepared to take Ambrotype Likenesses in the best manner and on the latest improved styles.  Call and have a picture taken while the “Wagon” is here.  His charges will be low.

W. J. Cunningham is not listed in other photographic directories.

William H. Cromack

Ca.1854-1865             Malden Centre, Malden, Massachusetts.

William H. Cromack information comes from a ninth plate ambrotype & advertising card— William H. Cromack Ambrotypist and Jeweller, Malden Centre.  Ambrotypes taken for 25 cents and upwards and warranted to give satisfaction.  In Matthew Isenburg’s Collection.

Not recorded in A Directory of Massachusetts Photographers, 1839-1900, or other photographic directories.

William H. Crandall

1859                Room’s in Shaw’s New Building, Clearfield, Pennsylvania,

William H. Crandall was recorded in an announcement on June 8, 1859 in the Clearfield Republican (Clearfield, Pennsylvania).  Ambrotypes!  There is now an opportunity for all to procure pictures of themselves and friends.  The undersigned has fitted up Rooms in Shaw’s new building, where he will remain a short time.  Plating in fine gold or silver done on reasonable terms.

He was also recorded in an advertisement that ran from June 8 to July 11, 1859 in the Raftsman’s Journal (Clearfield, Pennsylvania).  Ambrotypes.—The undersigned has fitted up rooms in Shaw’s new row, where he is prepared at all times to take pictures in a workmanlike manner.  He will remain until after the coming Courts.  Call and examine specimens.  N. B.  Planting with fine Gold and Silver, done on short notice and reasonable terms.

William H. Crandall is listed in Directory of Pennsylvania Photographers, 1839-1900 in Berwick, Pennsylvania without activity dates or address.  The distance between the two towns are about 140 miles.

Mr. Coutant

1859                Rooms at the store recently occupied by G. P. Brinck, on Texas Street,                                              Shreveport, Louisiana.

Mr. Coutant was recorded in an announcement on January 19, 1859 in The South-Western  (Shreveport, Louisiana).  Portraits.—Those wishing to obtain handsome and life-like portraits, miniatures, photograph or ambrotype pictures, are referred to the card of Mr. Coutant.

He was also recorded in an advertisement that ran from January 19 to February 9, 1859 in The South-Western (Shreveport, Louisiana).  W. H. Coutant. Portrait Painter, Photographist and Ambrotypist, Respectfully inform the citizens of Shreveport, that he has taken rooms at the store recently occupied by G. P. Brinck, on Texas street, where he would be pleased to execute all orders in the above arts entrusted to him.

Mr. Coutant is not recorded in other photographic directories.  A listing for W. H. Coutant, was found The New York Historical Society’s Dictionary Of American Artists In America 1564-1860. W. H. Coutant, miniaturist, New Orleans, 1832.  This is possibly the same person.

Benjamin P. Cory

1856                14th Street and 8th Avenue, New York, New York.

Benjamin P. Cory was recorded in an advertisement that ran from June 28 to July 28, 1856 in the New York Daily Tribune (New York, New York).  [Advertisement.]  Ambrotypes and Daguerreotypes—Large size, colored, and inserted in fine embossed cases for 50 cts., at B. P. Cory’s Gallery, cor. 14th-st. and 8th av.

Benjamin P. Cory is recorded in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry as being active from 1853-1859. 1853-1854  110 Greenwich Street, 1854-1855  Not Listed, 1855-1856  No occupation listed, 1856-1859  186 West 14th Street.

George W. Cornelius

1858-1859       Address Unknown, Winchester, Indiana.                                                                              1859                   Address Unknown, Farmland, Indiana.                                                                      1859                  Address Unknown, Winchester, Indiana.

George W. Cornelius was recorded in an advertisement that ran from December 2, 1858 to June 9, 1859 in the Randolph County Journal (Winchester, Indiana).  Ambrotypes, Melainotypes, Solograph, Photographs, etc.  G. W. Cornelius Would respectfully inform the citizens of Winchester and vicinity that he is on hands with the same old Car in which years ago in this place, he took Over 600 Pictures acknowledged by one and all to be Superior to any taken before or since in the place.  Having the advantage of a large Sky Light!  His pictures are unsurpassed in brilliancy of tone, accuracy of expression, and clearness of the Eye.

By the aid of a Quick worker, the only instrument of the kind this side of Cincinnati, he Never Fails to secure the Likeness of a Child however small.

On November 10, 1859 the following announcement appeared in the Randolph County Journal.  (Winchester, Indiana).—Mr. G. W. Cornelius left here yesterday morning with his Daguerrean Car for Farmland, where he expects to remain two or three weeks, and then return to Winchester.  Those who want good pictures of themselves or friends can not do better than to give him a call while he sojourns at Farmland.  He is a superior Artist.

On December 15, 1859 an announcement in the Randolph County Journal (Winchester, Indiana).—G. W. Cornelius, the Daguerrean, has returned to Winchester.

George W. Cornelius is listed in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry as George W. (Cornelis) Cornelius.  In partnership of Bishop & Cornelis in 1853 Northwest corner of Main & 5th Street, Cincinnati, Ohio. And in 1860-1861  Address Unknown, Winchester, Indiana.  In Ohio Photographers 1839-1900 he is recorded as a daguerreotypist in Cincinnati in 1853.

I. L. Coffin

1858                26 Ford Street, over J. W. Glasford & Co.’s, Ogdensburgh, New York.

I. L. Coffin was recorded in an advertisement that ran on May 6 to 22, 1858 in The Daily Journal (Ogdensburgh, New York). 25 Cent Ambrotype Gallery.  The subscriber would inform the inhabitants of Ogdensburgh and vicinity, that he will stop for a few days and take Ambrotypes in cases for Twenty-Five Cents.  His gallery in over J. W. Glasford & Co.’s 26, Ford-st.

I. L. Coffin is not recorded in any other photographic directory.