Andrew Smith

1856                377 North Second, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.[1]

Andrew Smith was recorded in the Photographic and fine Arts Journal (New York, New York) on April 1, 1856.  In an article entitled the Photographic Galleries of America.  Number Two, Philadelphia. The author visited 57 Galleries in Philadelphia.

Smith. — A mediocre artist.

Andrew Smith is recorded in other photographic directories but is included here because of the first hand account of his work.

[1] Not all first names or complete addresses were recorded in article.   Directory of Pennsylvania Photographers, 1839-1900 (Linda A. Ries & Jay W. Ruby) and Craig’s Daguerreian Registry was used to assist in identification when possible first name and address were added. 

A. F. Smith

1858-1859       Baltimore Street, 2 Doors North of the Post Office, Cumberland, Maryland.

A. F. Smith was recorded in three advertisement  in the Civilian & Telegraph (Cumberland, Maryland).  The first advertisement ran from April 28 to December 22, 1858.  Smith’s Art Union!  Very Great Attraction!  The Well Known & Celebrated Ambrotype & Photograph Artist.  A. F. Smith would respectfully announce to the Ladies and Gentlemen of the city of Cumberland and the surrounding country, that he has established himself permanently in this city, and is prepared to execute work in every style of the art, and in all kinds of weather, On Moderate Terms,

Satisfaction given or no charge.  Ladies and gentlemen are respectfully invited to call and examine specimens.

Surpassing art, by which we lend,

Our countenance to absent friends;

Or leave a token for the bower,

Where love laments the parting hour:

Where childhood, with its winsome faces,

Or lovely woman’s queenly grace;

Or lordly man’s imperial frown.

Are each adroitly penciled down.

Gallery and Reception Rooms, 2 doors North of the Post Office, Baltimore Street, Cumberland, Md.  Full Instruction in the Art on moderate terms.

The second advertisement ran from June 30 to December 29, 1859.  Smith’s Great Southern Sky-Light Gallery 2 doors North of the Post Office, Balto. St., Cumberland, MD.  A. F. Smith would respectfully return his sincere thanks to the Ladies and Gentlemen of the city of Cumberland and surrounding country for their very liberal patronage, and hopes by strict attention to business and his efforts to please, to still merit and receive an equal share of your custom.

I am prepared to execute work in every style of the art on a very accommodating terms.  I am not selling pictures at cost, consequently I can afford to do my work well, in proof of which you only have to call and have one taken in good cases for 25 and 50 cents.

Don’t forget the place—2 doors North of the Post Office, Baltimore Street, Cumberland, Md.

N. B.—I am also selling color Lithographic Views of the Tomb of Washington and Mount Vernon Mansion, in aid of the Ladies Mt. Vernon Association.  Call and examine Specimens. 

The third advertisement ran from October 27 to December 22, 1859.  Pictures!  Pictures!!  A. F. Smith would respectfully announce to the citizens of Cumberland and surrounding country, that he has just received from the east a whole sized Camera, one of the largest that has ever been in this city.  He is now prepared to make full size photographs, Ambrotypes and Hollotypesas well as all of the smaller sizes, on the most reasonable terms.

I make no pretensions of being the cheapest, but I do claim to do my work in the most artistic and workmanlike manner, in proof of which you have only to call and examine specimens.

Operators supplied with pure chemicals of my own manufacture on reasonable terms.  Gallery and Reception Rooms 2 doors North of the Post Office, Balt. St., Cumberland, Md.  Also agent for the Stereoscopic Boxes and Views of all parts of the world.  A. and F. G. copy.

A. F. Smith is not recorded in other photographic directories.         

A. C. Smith

1850                Rooms at the second door of Briggs’ Exchange Buildings, Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania.

1851                Rooms at the Town Hall, Lewistown, Pennsylvania.

1855                Address Unknown, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

A. C. Smith was recorded in two advertisements and two announcements.  The first advertisement ran from April 18 to May 16, 1850 in The Star of the North (Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania).  Daguerreotype Pictures!  A. C. Smith, Respectfully informs the good citizens of Bloomsburg and vicinity, that he will remain a short time to furnish those who wish a fine likeness either in Case, Lockets, Breast-Pins or Rings.

Mr. S., has recommends from celebrated Artist in Baltimore, Washington, D. C., Philadelphia, New York and Boston, that he is capable of furnishing a fine specimen of the art to any favoring him with a sitting.

Rooms at the second door of Briggs’ Exchange Buildings, up stairs. Commence on Monday April 15 th. Instruction will be given in the Art of taking Likenesses. Please call immediately, as I remain but a short time, A. C. Smith, Artist.

The second advertisement ran from October 24 to November 7, 1851 in the Lewistown Gazette  (Lewistown, Pennsylvania).  New Daguerreotype Room, In the Town Hall, Lewistown.  A. C. Smith, daguerreotypist, would call the attention of the citizens of Lewistown and vicinity to his daguerreotypes of Citizens and Others, At Rooms in the Town Hall.

Persons sitting for pictures may rest assured that no pains will be spared to produce them in the highest perfection of art.  His Instrument is of the most powerful kind, enabling him to execute pictures unsurpassed for high finish and truth to nature.

Persons sitting for pictures are neither required nor expected to take them unless perfect satisfaction is given.

N. B. Instruction given in the art, containing the most recent improvements.

The Public are solicited to Call and Examine.  Sept. 19, 1851.

The first announcement appeared on November 14, 1851 in the Lewistown Gazette (Lewistown, Pennsylvania).  List Of Awards By The Mifflin County Agricultural Society, At their Exhibition and Fair in Lewistown, held on Tuesday and Wednesday, Nov. 4th & 5th….The Committee on Domestic Household Manufactures, Embroidery, &c., Report:…

Daguerreotypes, taken by Mrs. Reed—first class.

Daguerreotypes, taken by J. Smith—first class.

Daguerreotypes, taken by A. C. Smith—first class.

1855 September 25-28.  Third Annual Report Of The Transactions Of The Pennsylvania State Agricultural Society For The Year 1855.  April 15, 1856, Vol. 3, p 75-76.  Information from Richard Jeffries.

Premiums Awarded…No. 35—Miscellaneous Articles And Fine Arts.

To Washington Barr, of Harrisburg, for a collection of daguerreotypes, photographs and stereoscope, a……………………………….Silver Medal.

To. A. C. Smith, of Harrisburg, for a case of daguerreotypes and two frames of Daguerreotypes, a……………………………………………..Diploma.

To W. Barr, of Harrisburg, for a large collection of daguerreotype cases, a……Diploma.

A. C. Smith is not recorded in other photographic directories as being active in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania in1850 or in Lewistown, Pennsylvania in 1851.  In Directory of Pennsylvania Photographers 1839-1900 an Alexander C. Smith is recorded in Harrisburg from 1852 to 1862. It is possibly that they are the same person.

W. Robert Small

1847                A few doors from H. S. Cutting’s Store, Green River, Vermont

W. Robert Small was recorded in one advertisement and one announcement in the Vermont Phoenix (Brattleboro, Vermont).  The advertisement ran from October 29 to December 17, 1847. Daguerreotype Miniatures.  The subscriber would respectfully inform the Ladies and Gentlemen of Green River, and vicinity that he will open a room a few doors from the store of H. S. Cutting, on the first of Nov., for the purpose of taking Daguerreotypes.  W. Robert Small.                       

The announcement appeared on November 12, 1847.  Our friend Small, it will be seen by his advertisement, is now at Green River, prepared to daguerreotype “the human face divine.”  He is an excellent artist, and a worthy young man.  We know the latter fact by a pleasant acquaintance with him; and his being instructed by Mr. Cooley is proof of the former.  If personal merit and good pictures can command success, friend S. will have custom enough.

W. Robert Small is not recorded in other photographic directories.

Mr. Sloan

1857                Rooms on Texas Street, Shreveport, Louisiana.

Mr. Sloan was recorded in one announcement and one advertisement in The South-Western  (Shreveport, Louisiana).  The announcement appeared on June 10, 1857.  Melainotypes.—Mr. Sloan, an experienced artist, has opened on Texas street, a gallery, where he is prepared to that Melainotype and Ambrotype pictures in a superior manner.  Being fully conversant will all the latest improvements in the photographic art, he is able to produce superior pictures.

The advertisement ran from June 10 to 17, 1857.  Melainotypes and Ambrotypes.  The subscriber begs respectfully to announce that he has taken rooms on Texas street—No. 1, up stairs—for the purpose of taking these beautiful Pictures, which have been pronounced by artists and connoisseurs to be the newest, latest and greatest improvement in Photography.  The Melainotype possesses several advantages over any other style of picture, among which will name a few, viz: they will receive a fall without fracture; a bend without injury; may be washed off when soiled; be handled without the face being marred; they are susceptible of high and beautiful coloring; which for richness of tone, completeness of design, and boldness of feature, cannot be surpassed by any other style of picture, and can be cut in breastpins, lockets, etc., like a daguerreotype; and for durability, there is no question of their superiority.

Ladies and gentlemen are invited to call and view my specimens, whether they want pictures or not.

All pictures warranted to give satisfaction, or no charge will be made.  Sloan.

Mr. Sloan is not recorded in other photographic directories as being active in Shreveport, Louisiana.

F. M. Slater

1858                Sixth Street, Near Chestnut, Evansville, Indiana.

F. M. Slater was recorded in three announcements in The Evansville Daily Journal (Evansville, Indiana).  The first announcement appeared on February 25, 1858.  We learn that the Ambrotype Car of F. M. Slater on Sixth street near Chestnut is crowded daily with visitors.  We also hear that Mr. Slater is making pictures 25 percent lower than any artist in town.

The second announcement appeared on March 3, 1858.  Ambrotypes for 50 cents at Slater’s Car on Sixth street near Chestnut.

The third announcement appeared on April 29, 1858.  A great Battle with the Mormons.  On the 26th of this month Slater’s Ambrotype Car will be moved to the upper part of the city.  Those who wish to get pictures while the car is still on Sixth street, will please call soon.  Pictures for fifty cents.

F. M. Slater is not recorded in other photographic directories.


1844                57 Hicks Street, Brooklyn, New York.

Skinner was recorded in one announcement that appeared on March 12, 1844 in The Brooklyn Daily Eagle and Kings County Democrat (Brooklyn, New York).  The Ne Plus Ultra.—We have recently been shown some Daguerreotype miniatures, taken by Skinner, 57 Hicks street, which surpass in beauty, distinctness, and life-like expression, the best specimens yet produced in this line of art—so far, at least, as our observation has extended.  The somber aspect of the countenance and dazzling surface of the plate, which have hitherto been considered objections to Daguerreotypes, are obviated in the specimens referred to by tinting and gilding.  The figure is rendered permanent by the same process, and hence not liable to be destroyed by an unlucky slip of the glass, or a trace of the finger.  Indeed it seems as if improvement could no further go; and we can recommend all who wish to procure fac similes of themselves, or friends, at a very moderate price, to call upon Skinner, as above—who, by the way, is a dentist, and practices the art as much from love as for money.

Skinner is not recorded in other photographic directories as being active in Brooklyn in 1844.  Craig’s Daguerreian Registry does list John Skinner in 1846-1847 in Troy, New York, it is unknown if they are the same person.

L. S. Skiff

1847-1848       Room over the Post Office, Geneva, New York.

L. S. Skiff was recorded in two advertisement and one announcement.  The first advertisement ran from December 4, 1847 to April 1, 1848 in the Geneva Daily Gazette (Geneva, New York).  Price Reduces.  And Pledged not to be Outdone!

“Secure the shadow ‘ere the substance fade.”

Mr. L. S. Skiff, Would inform the ladies and gentlemen of Geneva, that he has taken the room formerly occupied by the Young Men’s Association Over The Post Office, and fitted it up for a Daguerreotype Gallery and intends to make a permanent residence,

Mr. S. has just returned from New-York with a choice lot of stock, of different qualities and sizes, and has secured the Latest Improvements, in the art.

He can take pictures, giving them the most life-like expression, the most perfect fresh color, and showing the variegated eye, with all the perfection and beauty of life itself.  None but those who have lost companions, parents, or children, can appreciate these valuable keepsakes.  When we are in life let us prepare for death—who will die and be forgotten, when they can preserve their memory for ages and generations to come for so mall a sum.

Ladies and Gentlemen are invited to call and examine specimens.  Children that are old enough to keep still 20 or 30 seconds can be taken as well as older persons.

Miniatures put in Lockets and Pins, And warranted perfect and never fade.  Instructions given in the art on reasonable terms.

Rooms open from 8 A. M. to 5 P. M., clear or cloudy.

Don’t forget the place, first door at the head of the stairs, over the Post office—Skiff’s Gallery.

The same advertisement ran from December 8, 1847 to February 9, 1848 in the Geneva Courier (Geneva, New York). 

The announcement appeared on July 26, 1848 in the Geneva Courier (Geneva, New York).  Our friend, Mr. Skiff, informs us that he intends soon to return to Geneva and open a Daguerreotype Room.  During his absence Mr. S. has improved his former method by the Late London Process, and is now available to produce unrivalled specimens of his art.

L. S. Skiff is not listed in other photographic directories.


1852                Glasgow House, Glasgow, Missouri.

Sites was recorded in one advertisement that ran from January 8 to February 12, 1852 in the Glasgow Weekly Times (Glasgow, Missouri).   


In this world of notions each man acts his part,

Sites has chosen the Daguerrean Art,

He has just arrived in the city of Glasgow,

Where he has hung out his shingle to show—

The people of the place—the greatest of places,

To see how well he can counterfeit faces.

He takes fine pictures in all kinds of weather,

With the lights and shades neatly blended together,

Come down to the Glasgow House, and before

You go in you will see his sign at the door,

Walk up, take a chair—lean your arm on the stand,

Sites will then give you a touch of the grand.

He’ll take you a picture which never’ll fade away,

A thousand years hence, will be bright as to-day;

And see some sights (Sites) in the Daguerrean Hall,

If you’ve time you had better give him a call,

He takes all sizes from cases to lockets,

And readily suites the state of your pockets. 

Sites is not recorded in other photographic directories as being active in Glasgow.  A. J. Site is recorded in Pioneer Photographers From The Mississippi To The Continental Divide A Biographical Dictionary, 1839-1865  as being active in St. Joseph in 1851. It is unknown if they are the same person.       

C. Wells Simons

1842                155 Broadway, New York, New York.

C. Wells Simons appeared in one advertisement in The New York Herald (New York, New York) on September 15, 1842.  For Sale—Improved Daguerreotype Apparatus, with full instructions, for sale low—Persons, who in consequence of the depressed times have been thrown out of employment, may, with a very limited capital, enter into this elegant profitable business with a certainty of success.—There are many towns, even in this State, that have not yet been visited by any operators; and at the South and West there is a first rate field open for those wishing to travel.

A full knowledge of the Art can be obtained in a few days, by applying to C. Wells Simons, 155 Broadway, N. Y.

N. B.—Persons in the country can be furnished with the Apparatus, and written instructions that will enable them to operate successfully.  C. Wells Simon.         

C. Wells Simons is not recorded in other photographic directories.  C. Wells Simons was not listed in the 1841-1842 or the 1842-1843 New York City directories.  It is unknown if Simons was an amateur or professional daguerreotypist or a retailer of daguerrean equipment.