G. W. Danes

1853                First Street between Main and Sycamore, over D. S. Anderson’s Tailor Store,                                  Evansville, Indiana.

G. W. Danes was recorded in an advertisement that ran from August 3 to September 13, 1853 in

The Evansville Daily Journal (Evansville, Indiana).  Daguerreotypes At reduced prices, are now taken by G. W. Danes North side of First Street between Main and Sycamore, over D. S. Anderson’s Tailor Store.  Persons wishing to procure good, true and substantial Likenesses of themselves, families, or friends; would do well to call on Mr. Danes, as he is an old and well experienced artist, of Cincinnati and other places, and is furnished with a superior apparatus; he will not fail to give entire satisfaction.  Instructions given in the art on reasonable terms by G. W. Danes.

G. W. Danes is not recorded in other photographic directories.

George Dabbs

1849                102 Williams Street, New York, New York.

George Dabbs was recorded in an advertisement that ran from April 17 to May 28, 1849 in the New York Herald (New York, New York).  Levi Chapman, No. 102 William street, New York, Manufacturer Of The  Celebrated Magic Razor Strop, of four sides; also Pocket Books, Wallets, Spectacle and Bankers’ Cases, in every variety, on the most extensive scale.

Daguerreotype Cases $144; {Medium sizes, from $18 to $60 per gross.  {Quarter sizes, from size from $83 2 to $[30] to $84 per gross.  {Half sizes, from $82 to $144 per gross.  Mats and Preservers of all kinds.  Geo. Dabbs, Jas. Creamer, Agents.

George Dabbs  is listed in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry in 1850 as working for Levi Chapman in New York City.

M. B. Czechowski

1857                Hardin Street, Findlay, Ohio.

M. B. Czechowski was recorded in an advertisement that ran from June 19 to July 17, 1857 in The Hancock Jeffersonian (Findlay, Ohio). A Polish Exile. The undersigned has established himself in Findlay, for the purpose of engaging in the business of Book Binding as well as that of Ambrotype Artist.  He respectfully solicits the patronage of those who have anything in his line to do.  His place of Business, will be found at the extreme east end of Hardin street.  M. B. Czechowski.  Findlay, O., April 24, 1857.

M. B. Czechowski is not recorded in other photographic directories.

L. M. Cyrus

1843                231 Broadway, New York, New York.                                                                  1850                Address Unknown, New York, New York.

L. M. Cyrus was recorded in two advertisements in 1843 and two announcements in 1850. The first advertisement ran from March 16 to April 17, 1843 in The New York Herald (New York, New York). Daguerreotype Likenesses Taken, With All The Beauties Of Natural Colors, And On A Large Size, By Doctor L. M. Cyrus, 231 Broadway, Up Stairs.  Likenesses taken every day, from early morning until 3 o’clock, P. M.

The second advertisement ran from May 10 to June 15, 1843 in The New York Herald (New York, New York).  Photograph Portraits.—Dr. L. M. Cyrus, the inventor of this new art produces by it not only a correct likeness of the original portrait, but a so purity of design a brilliancy of coloring, which far surpass the chief d’oeuvres of the most celebrated artists, whether ancient or modern.—Grateful for the encouragement he has received from his numerous friends and the public generally, Dr. L. M. Cyrus would fain inform them that he has fitted up, for the accommodation of ladies, a suite of rooms in park Place House, corner of Broadway, where he trusts his skill in his profession, and his attention to all who may honor him with their favors, will insure him a continuance of the patronage hitherto so liberally bestowed on him.

The Doctor gives instruction in every department of the Daguerreotype and Photographic art.  Instruments for taking portraits on a large or small scale, for sale, as also the necessary chemical preparations for taking the portraits in Phytographs or colors.  Terms moderate.

The first announcement appeared on June 29, 1850 in the New York Herald (New York, New York).  New Discovery in the Daguerreotype Art.—Dr. Cyrus has invented an Electro Galvanic Buff for polishing plates, and preventing them from oxidizing, in every variation of atmosphere.  This buff gives a sensitiveness to plates heretofore unknown, and enables the operator to take pictures in less than half the ordinary time of sitting.  Harrison & Holmes have purchased a right in this new discovery, and will prove the importance of it to all who may demand fine pictures, at their rooms, in the Lafarge building, 289 Broadway.

The second announcement appeared on July 25, 1850 in the New York Herald (New York, New York).  To Daguerreotypist.—Dr. L. M. Cyrus’ newly invented Buff, has been reduced to the very low price of ten dollars, in order to place it in the power of all operators [eo] purchase.  None genuine, except signed by Scoville Mfg. Co., 57 Maiden Lane.

  1. M. Cyrus is recorded in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry in 1850-1851.

J. H. Currier

1850                Sagamore Building, near the Central Building, Lynn, Massachusetts.

J. H. Currier was recorded in an advertisement on April 26, 1850 in the Lynn News (Lynn, Massachusetts). Daguerreotype Gallery, In The Sagamore Building, near the Central Building, Lynn. J. H. Currier, Daguerrian Artists, having procured of his late partner, Mr. Armington, his large German Instrument, is now prepared to execute Miniatures of all styles, in groups or single, on small or the largest sized plates that are used.

As a most certain guarantee that he will satisfy his customers, he invites a scrutinizing examination of his specimens, and a trial of his skill by patronage, as he warrants his pictures to be satisfactory, and unexcelled at any other gallery in the country—his customers and their friends being the judges.           Lynn, February 1, 1850.

J.H. Currier is not listed in A Directory of Massachusetts Photographers, 1839-1900 or other photographic directories. Craig’s Daguerreian Registry does list an H. Armington in Providence, Rhode Island in 1848, but it would be speculation to suggest that they are the same person.

George H. Currier

ND                  Address Unknown, New York, New York.                                                                ND                  Address Unknown, Boston, Massachusetts.                                                                          1854               Address Unknown, Sacramento, California.

George H. Currier was reported in Pioneer Photographers Of The Far West A Biographical Dictionary, 1840-1865.  By Peter E. Palmquist and Thomas R. Kailbourn.  Their original citation was from the Sacramento Daily Union (Sacramento, California) on November 18, 1854.  Robert H. Vance announced the accession of a new “artist,” or, presumably, operator, for his Sacramento gallery: “the subscriber takes pleasure in announcing to the public of Sacramento and vicinity, that he has engaged the services of Mr. Geo. H. Currier, an experienced artist from the first establishments in New York and Boston…”

This is the only mention of George H. Currier in other photographic directories.  He was not listed in the 1840-1854 Boston City Directory.

W. J. Cunningham

1859                Address Unknown, Ebensburg, Pennsylvania.

W. J. Cunningham was listed in an announcement on December 7, 1859 in the Democrat and Sentinel (Ebensburg, Pennsylvania). By reference to our advertising column it will be seen that Mr. W. J. Cunningham has arrived in town with his “Big Wagon.” Persons wishing to have a good Ambrotype Likeness taken will do well to give him a call.  His charges are moderate, and his pictures good.

The advertisement ran from December 7 to 21, 1859 in the Democrat and Sentinel (Ebensburg, Pennsylvania).  Arrival of the “Big Wagon!”  W. J. Cunningham would respectfully inform the citizens of Ebensburg and vicinity, that he has arrived in town with his “Big Wagon” where he is prepared to take Ambrotype Likenesses in the best manner and on the latest improved styles.  Call and have a picture taken while the “Wagon” is here.  His charges will be low.

W. J. Cunningham is not listed in other photographic directories.

Andrew Cunningham

1843                235 Broadway, New York New York.

Andrew Cunningham of the firm Fanshaw, Young & Cunningham was listed in an advertisement that ran every other day from May 25 to 29, and every day from June 4 to 6, 1843 in The New York Herald (New York, New York).  Miniature Portraits copied from Daguerreotypes in natural colors on ivory, with perfect accuracy, or with any desired alteration or improvement on very moderate terms.  Specimens to be seen in the Daguerreotype Room, No. 1, at 235 Broadway, near park place.

On September 19, 1843 an announcement appears in the  New York Daily Tribune (New York, New York).  Fair at the American Museum.—The problem of opening a new and spacious Saloon at the American Museum, as a Perpetual Fair or Bazaar for the Exhibition and Sale of Goods, Wares, Merchandize, &c has proved highly successful.  It is now one of the most attractive Halls in the Establishment, and is undoubtedly the cheapest Advertising Medium in the world.  The name, location and business of all depositors are advertised in 100,000 small bills per annum—also in the principal city papers.  The following persons have already made deposits in this Fair, and as nearly all the articles are For Sale, Merchants and others will find it to their interest to make their purchases through this medium.  It is obvious that no articles but those of the best quality are deposited here.  Persons desirous of depositing specimens of Goods or Cards of Business in the perpetual Fair, can do so on reasonable terms.  Circulars of prices, & c. can be obtained at the Office of the Museum.

Daguerreotype Miniatures…..N. G. Burgess, 192 Broadway.                                                            Daguerreotype Miniatures…..J. Gurney, 189 Broadway.                                                      Daguerreotype Miniatures…..J. Plumbe, Jr., 251 Broadway.                                            Daguerreotype Miniatures…..Fanshaw, Young & Cunningham, 235 Broadway.

Andrew Cunningham is not listed in other photographic directories.

William H. Cromack

Ca.1854-1865             Malden Centre, Malden, Massachusetts.

William H. Cromack information comes from a ninth plate ambrotype & advertising card— William H. Cromack Ambrotypist and Jeweller, Malden Centre.  Ambrotypes taken for 25 cents and upwards and warranted to give satisfaction.  In Matthew Isenburg’s Collection.

Not recorded in A Directory of Massachusetts Photographers, 1839-1900, or other photographic directories.