Norman Bugbee

1844                64 Dauphin Street, Mobile, Alabama.                                                                                    1848-1849     53 Dauphin Street, Mobile, Alabama.

Norman Bugbee was recorded in an advertisement in The Weekly Independent (Aberdeen, Mississippi) on August 4, 1849.  Daguerrean Gallery, No. 53, Dauphin St.  N. Bugbee the most experienced Daguerreotypist in the city, would respectfully solicit the patronage of the citizens of Aberdeen and vicinity, while visiting the city of Mobile and will at all times insure their Likenesses far superior as to beauty and durability, than any taken in the city or in the south, and his latest improvements in the art are unsurpassed; his prices are lower than any other establishment, comparing the quality of his miniatures, which vary according to the size [finish in] which they are put up.                         Dec 1.

Note that the date of the advertisement found at the end of the ad is Dec. 1.  It is possible that this is a typo or that the year might be before 1848.  The problem is that in 1849 there were only two issues available August 4 in which the advertisement was found and on December 1 and no advertisements for any daguerreotypist were found.  In 1848 there were only four dates available March 18, May 6, December 9 and December 30th Norman Bugbee’s advertisement did not appear in any of them. On the December 9th issue a large hole appeared on page 3 & 4, and the December 30th issue was missing page 1 & 2.

Craig’s Daguerreian Registry list a Norman Bugby in 1844 at 64 Dauphin Street, Mobile, Alabama this is probably the same person.

Professor Buffer

1855                289 Broadway, New York, New York.

Professor Buffer was recorded in the New York Daily Tribune (New York, New York) on May 24, 1855 in an advertisement.  Irish Artists—25 Cent Daguerreotypes.—Prof. Buffer of Dublin has arrived with his celebrated company of 25 Irish picture-makers, and has taken bunks at 289 Broadway for the season.            Buffer & Co.

289 Broadway is the studio address for Silas A. Holmes.  This is the only mention of Professor Buffer in any of the New York Newspapers I have found to date.   This is not the first advertisement that Holmes advertises that he has 20 or more artists working for him.  Holmes continues to advertise his gallery, one more time in May, six times in June, July three times and two in August.  For the next four month he advertises eight time each month.  For more information see a piece I posted on Silas A. Holmes on January 20, 2018.

Bryant & Smith

1859                Address Unknown, Washington, District of Columbia.

Bryant and Smith was recorded in the Evening Star (Washington, D. C.) on June 14, 1859.  From The photographers & publishers, Messrs. Bryant & Smith, we have six photographic (stereoscopic) views of scenes in and about Washington, which, for excellence of execution, are quite equal to the best French stereoscopic views.  They consist of representations of the Patent Office, Washington Monument, Jackson Statute, White House, Capitol extension, (east front,) and the tomb of Washington.  They are for sale by Franklin Philp.

Bryant & Smith are not recorded in in other photographic directories that I have access to.  They were not listed in the 1860 Washington, D. C. Directory.  Three stereoviews by them can be found at the New York Public Library digital collection they are  Jackson Monument, National Observatory and two views of Tomb of Washington.  They are tan mounts with domed images.

J. A. Brush

1848-1849       Rooms at the Corner of Jackson & Tchoupitoulas Streets, Lafayette, Louisiana.

J. A. Brush was recorded in an advertisement that ran from November 13, 1848 to January 30, 1849 in The Daily Crescent. (New Orleans, Louisiana.) Daguerreotype. Brush’s Daguerreotype.  J. A. Brush respectfully informs his friends and the public that he has opened a Daguerreotype Gallery at the corner of Jackson and Tchoupitoulas streets, Lafayette, and guaranties all likenesses to be equal to any taken in the United States, and solicits a share of patronage.  Prices moderate.

J. A Brush is not listed in other photographic directories in the daguerreian era. Carl Mautz in his Biographies of Western Photographers list a J. A. Brush in 1870 in Los Angeles, California and a James A Brush c. 1875 & 1885-1890 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

William G. Brown

1847-1848       Address Unknown, Plattsburgh, New York.

William G. Brown is recorded in an advertisement and announcement in the Plattsburgh Republican (Plattsburgh, New York.)  The advertisement ran from September 18, 1847 to May 20, 1848.  Wm. G. Brown, Daguerrean Artist, Plattsburgh, N. Y.

In the announcement which ran in the same newspaper on September 18, 1847.  Our fellow-townsman, W. G. Brown, has shown us several specimens of the “Daguerrean art”—taken by himself—which are equal to any thing of the kind ever exhibited in this village.—We have now in our possession a likeness of the lamented Silas Wright, taken by Mr. Brown, from an engraving in the ‘American Quarterly Journal of Agriculture and Science,’ which is pronounced to be the most correct one ever published.  Persons wishing for copies should apply immediately.

William G. Brown does not appear in other photographic directories.

V. O. Brown

1854                Rooms at the Suffolk Hotel, Huntington, New York.

V. O. Brown is recorded in an announcement and advertisement in The Long Islander (Huntington, New York) on June 16, 1854.  Daguerreotypes Mr. V. O. Brown can be found at the Suffolk Hotel prepared to take true pictures of all who wish to see themselves as they are.  For particulars see advertisement in another column.

Daguerreotypes!  V. O. Brown takes this method of informing the inhabitants of Huntington and vicinity, that he has opened a Room at the Suffolk Hotel, For the purpose of taking Daguerreotype Miniatures of the first quality, and invites those in want of a superior Daguerreotype Miniature to call and examine his specimens.  Daguerreotypes copied and neatly set in Cases, Lockets, Breastpins, Rings, & c., and every branch of the art executed and satisfaction warranted.  Miniatures taken in any weather, at prices from 75 cents to $10.  Call early.

V. O. Brown is listed in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry in 1857-1858 in Colchester, Connecticut, John goes on to say that it is possibly the same V. O. Brown that is identified as an itinerant daguerreian in Westminster and Carroll Counties, Maryland in ca. 1853.  At this time there is no proof that they are the same person.

Samuel F. Brown

1851-1852       449 Main Street, Louisville, Kentucky.                                                                                  1852-1855       Corner Fifth & Main Streets, Louisville, Kentucky.                                                            1855                   Address Unknown, Louisville, Kentucky.

Samuel F. Brown was recorded in the partnership of Hewett & Brown in an advertisement in the Bardstown Herald (Bardstown, Kentucky.)  The advertisement ran from March 10, 1852 to April 7, 1853.  Based on John Craig’s work the T. F. Brown is more than likely a typo.  Hewett’s National Daguerrean Gallery.  Louisville, KY.  Next To Northern Bank, Corner of Fifth And Main, And Opposite Louisville Journal Office.  Hewett’s old friends in Bardstown and vicinity will please call and see him when in Louisville, “The latch string is never pulled in.”  J. M. Hewett, [sic.] T. F. Brown, Operators.

Hewett & Brown were again recorded in an advertisement that ran from June 5 to July 17, 1855 in the Daily Louisville Democrat.  (Louisville, Kentucky.)  Daguerreotypes and Photographs, Corner of Fifth and main streets.  Hewett & Brown are sending out daily the finest specimens of the two arts.  They will at all times be found ready to fill all orders on short notice, either taken from life or copies from Portraits or Daguerreotypes.  Life-size Photographs made from the smallest Daguerreotypes, and furnished colored in oil or water—the best artist in the city employed to do the coloring.  Call and see specimens.

Hewett’s former customers can here obtain the same superior Daguerreotypes that have secured him premiums over all competitors at the Mechanics Fairs.  my. 9.

Samuel F. Brown was recorded in an advertisement in the Daily Louisville Democrat  (Louisville, Kentucky) which ran from July 17 to September 7, 1855.  Just think of it, at Brown’s Gallery you may obtain a fine Daguerreotype of yourself for the trifling sum of One Dollar, enclosed in a neat case.  Now, don’t delay any longer, but take your family down and have their pictures taken, and you will not regret it.  Sam is hard to beat.

A Samuel F. Brown is listed in Craig’s Daguerreian Register as being in Louisville, Kentucky in 1851-1852 as the proprietor of Hewett’s National Daguerreian Gallery at 449 Main Street.  He goes on to suggest that he is the same S. F. Brown in Paducha, Kentucky in 1859-1860 at 24 Broadway.

R. S. Brown

1851                Room at the American Hotel, Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania.

R. S. Brown was recorded in an advertisement in the Jefferson Republican (Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania.)  The Advertisement ran from July 24 to August 14, 1851.  Daguerreotype Miniatures.  The Citizens of Stroudsburg are informed that the subscriber has taken a room at the American Hotel, for the purpose of taking pictures of those who may wish them.  As he has had over seven years experience in the business, and has one of the very best Apparatus, he flatters himself able to give perfect satisfaction to all, by producing pictures, which, for boldness of tone and life like appearance, will be equal to any taken in Philadelphia or New York, and finished so as not to alter.  Taken in cloudy as well as fair weather; and set in lockets, pins, rings, &c. &c.  N. B.—All are requested to call and see Specimens, whether they want pictures or not.           July 17, 1851.   R. S. Brown.

R. S. Brown does not appear in other photographic directories.  His statement of having over seven years experience would mean he started around 1844.  John does list a R. S. Brown in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry as being active in 1859 in Deposit, New York, but, it is unknown if it is the same person.

P. S. Brown

1851                Address Unknown, Montpelier, Vermont.

P. S. Brown was recorded in the Green-Mountain Freeman (Montpelier, Vermont) on September 25, 1851.  Premiums Awarded By The Washington County Agricultural Society, At Its Sixth Annual Fair, September 18th, 1851…Discretionary Report…Best Daguerreotypes, P. S. Brown, Mont. [Montpelier]   1.00.

P. S. Brown is not recorded in other photographic directories.

George Brown, Jr.

1842                Rooms at Fouquet’s Hotel, Plattsburgh, New York.

George Brown, Jr. was recorded in two advertisement in the Plattsburgh Republican (Plattsburgh, New York.)  The first advertisement ran from February 12 to March 5, 1842.  Photographic Likenesses, By the Daguerreotype Process.  Mr. George Brown, Jr. Respectfully informs the Ladies and Gentlemen of the Village of Plattsburg and vicinity, that he has taken rooms at Fouquet’s Hotel, where he will be happy to wait upon all who wish to procure correct Likenesses.  By a recent discovery, his likenesses are made as distinct and beautiful as a Steel Engraving, and as the effect is produced by a Chemical action, formed by the rays of Light reflected from the face upon a Silver Plate covered with several Chemical compounds, the cannot be otherwise than correct.  The process is expeditious, so that Likenesses are furnished in a few minutes; and as Mr. Brown engages to give satisfaction, or make no charge, nothing can be lost to any one who may give him a call.

All are invited to call at his room between the hours of 10 A. M. and 4 P. M. and examine his specimens.  Mr. B. would also state to any person desirous of entering into the above business, that they can be instructed how to take likenesses, the darkest day during the year, and can be furnished with an apparatus which for the amount of capital and time invested, offers the best chance for a permanent and steady business with which the said capital can be invested.

The second advertisement ran in the same newspaper on February 19, 1842.  Daguerreotype Likenesses.—Mr. Brown will remain at Fouquet’s Hotel a few days longer, and all who wish for a correct copy of the “human face divine,” should call on him immediately.  His terms are very reasonable.

George Brown, Jr. does not appear in other photographic directories.