Zenas Gage, Jr.

ND                       75 Court Street, Boston, Massachusetts.                                                              1842                    74½ Exchange Building, Auburn, New York.

Zenas Gage, Jr. was recorded in an advertisement that ran from August 17 to 31, 1842 in the Auburn Journal and Advertiser (Auburn, New York).  Photography.  Mr. Zenas Gage, Jr., Pupil of John Plumbe, Prof. Photography, in the U. S. Photographic Institute, Boston, respectfully announces to the ladies and gentlemen of Auburn, that he has taken rooms in Exchange Buildings over No. 74½, where he will furnish those who feel desirous, with beautiful and correct Daguerreotype Likenesses, taken with a costly and perfect instrument, at an ordinary window in about 30 seconds, without the direct rays of the sun.

He will also teach others the art, and furnish them with apparatus as cheap as they can buy in Boston, New York, or elsewhere.  All are cordially invited to call and examine specimens.

Zenas Gage, Jr. is not recorded in other photographic directories.


1850                Address Unknown, *Charleston, South Carolina.

Fuller was recorded in the partnership of Bostwick & Fuller in an announcement and advertisement.  The announcement was recorded on February 27, 1850 in The Sumter Banner  (Sumterville, South Carolina).  By the arrival of Mr. C. D. Boyden, from the Daguerrean Gallery of Messrs. Bostwick & Fullel, the citizens of Sumter are enabled to have correct likenesses of themselves and family taken, at a very moderate charge and in a style unequalled for durability and life-like expression.  Mr. B. is certainly master of his profession, and we recommend to all, have their Likenesses taken by him immediately—such an opportunity rarely occurs and advantages should be taken of it.

The advertisement ran from February 27 to March 6, 1850 in The Sumter Banner (Sumterville, South Carolina).  Daguerreotypes, C. D. Boyden, from the Daguerrean Gallery of Bostwick & Fuller, has taken rooms in the Sumter Court House, and is now prepared to take perfect and imperishable likenesses of all who will favor him with a call; and at prices to suit the times.  Come and see.  Sumterville, Feb. 20, 1850.

*In the book Partners with the Sun South Carolina Photographers, 1840-1940. By Harvey S. Teal.  Page 48.  Bostwick & Squires…Bostwick “states in a May 1850 newspaper that he was ‘recently from New York & directly from the City of Charleston’”

L. P. Fuller

1851    Main Street, Hixon Block, Springfield, Massachusetts.

L. P. Fuller was recorded in an announcement that appeared on January 31, 1851 in the Daily Republican (Springfield, Massachusetts). January 31, 1851, Sky-Light Daguerreotypes. The richest style of Pictures can be obtained at the old establishment, formerly owned by Messrs. Fuller & Co.  The present proprietor having been engaged in the business for nine years past will endeavor not to be excelled by any in the profession.  Every convenience for sitters, old and young.  Pictures copied with an instrument expressly for the purpose.  Likenesses of deceased persons taken in the best possible manner.  Through instructions to pupils.

Henry C. Frentz

1856                Louisiana Avenue, East Side, Up Stairs, between Front & 2d Streets,                                                  Perrysville, Ohio.                                                                                                      1856                Summit Street, between Oak and Adam Streets, Toledo, Ohio.

Henry C. Frentz was recorded in four advertisements in The Perrysburg Journal (Perrysburg, Ohio).  The first advertisement ran from April 5 to May 3, 1856.  Henry C. Frentz’s Cheap Ambrotype & Daguerrean Gallery, Louisiana Avenue, East Side, Up Stairs, Between Front & 2d Streets, Perrysburg, O.  Ambrotypes, cases included, from 88 cents to $15.00

The second advertisement ran from May 17 to June 14, 1856.  Henry C. Frentz’ Cheap Ambrotype and Daguerrean Gallery, Louisiana Avenue, Near Hall’s Block.  Ambrotypes, cases included, from 88c. to $15.  Daguerreotypes, from 31c. to $10.  Perrysburg, April 5, ’56.

The third advertisement ran from May 31 to June 7, 1856.  Now or Never.  The Ambrotype and Daguerrean Gallery, on Louisiana, will remove in two weeks.  All persons wishing good Daguerreotypes for 31 cents, or good Ambrotypes for 50 cents, will please call before two weeks expires, as this is their last chance to get cheap and good pictures.

The fourth advertisement ran from July 19 to September 4, 1857.  Henry C. Frentz’ Cheap Ambrotype and Daguerrean Gallery, Summit Street, between Oak and Adam sts., Toledo, Ohio.

Ambrotypes, cases included, from 88c. to $15.  Photographs from $2.00 to $25.00.  april 5, 1856.

J. G. French

1849                Ford Street, in Mr. Clark’s Building, over J. H. Guest Store, Ogdensburgh, New                              York.

J. G. French was recorded in an advertisement that ran from June 19 to July 10, 1849 in the St. Lawrence Republican (Ogdensburgh, New York).  Daguerreotypes.  J. G. French would inform the citizens of Ogdensburgh and adjoining towns, that he has opened a Daguerrian gallery in Mr. Clark’s building, Ford Street, over the store of J. H. Guest, and is prepared to execute Daguerreotype Miniatures in a style which cannot be surpassed.  Having made himself acquainted with the latest improvements in the art, and by the use of a superior Chemical and Gilding which renders the impression permanent, possessing the appearance of real life, warrants satisfaction to all who may favor him with a call; his process being the same as those of the principal cities, and equal in style.  Miniatures neatly set in Lockets, Pins, Rings, Bracelets or Cases.  Ladies and gentlemen are respectfully invited to call and examine specimens, and set for their likenesses by way of experiment, if they choose.

N. B.—Those having pictures taken by the old process, can have them re-taken at a small expense. Rooms open from 7 A. M. to 7 P. M.

H. O. Freeman

1859                Address unknown, Celestine, Indiana.

H. O. Freeman was recorded in an announcement on December 21, 1859 in The Jasper Weekly Courier (Jasper, Indiana). Fine Pictures.—We advise all in the vicinity of Celestine, who want number one pictures, to call o Mr. H. O. Freeman.  He will stay there about ten days, and can’t be bent taking melainotypes or ambrotypes.

H. O. Freeman was not recorded in other photographic directories.

H. C. or H. O. Freeman

1848                Rooms in Allen’s Building, nearly opposite the Post Office, Ravenna, Ohio.

H. C. or H. O. Freeman was recorded in an advertisement and an announcement. The advertisement ran from July 5 to 26, 1848 in the Portage Sentinel (Ravenna, Ohio). Daguerreotype Miniatures.  H. C. Freeman would announce to the Ladies and Gentlemen of this place, that he has opened rooms in Allen’s Building, nearly opposite the Post Office, where he will be happy to see such as may call to examine specimens or sit for miniatures.  Important discoveries have been made in the art whereby the pictures are made indelible and susceptible of any amount of shading and coloring.

Likenesses taken in all kinds of weather and warranted to give satisfaction.  Instructions given in the art and apparatus furnished.

The announcement appeared on July 19, 1848 in the Portage Sentinel (Ravenna, Ohio).  Daguerreotype Miniatures.  Mr. H. O. Freeman has taken rooms in Allen’s building, for the purpose of taking Daguerreotype likenesses.  We have examined some very fine specimens taken by him since he came to our village, and think them the best we have ever seen.  Those desirous of obtaining likenesses of themselves or friends, will do well to call upon Mr. Freeman, as we feel confident he will be able to give entire satisfaction.