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Albert T. Lyons

1856                Public Square, Edgefield, South Carolina.                                                                    1856                Odd Fellows’ Building, Edgefield, South Carolina.

Albert T. Lyons was listed in one advertisement and three announcements in the Edgefield Advertiser (Edgefield, South Carolina).  The advertisement ran from November 5 to 19, 1856. The New Car Is Finished!  Ambrotypes, The Subscribers respectfully inform the Ladies and Gentlemen of Edgefield that their New Car is just completed in a most beautiful and perfect manner, which enables them to take the Finest Life-Like Ambrotypes, And in the best style of finish and durability that has ever been offered to the citizens of the District.

The car will remain only for a “few days” in this Town.  Therefore, if you want your likeness—and such as one as will give you satisfaction—call soon, or the Car will leave you.

They wil’ also take Ambrotypes for medallions, Broaches, Lockets, and Finger Rings.  Portraits of deceased persons copied accurately.

Come soon—come quickly, if you wou’d take advantage of the splendid opportunity now offered.  Remember, “delays are dangerous.”  A. T. Lyon & Co.

The first announcement appeared on November 12, 1856.  Leigh & Co.’s. Ambrotype Car.  This beautiful and most complete Car is now on our Public Square, under the management of Mr. A. T. Lyon, a skillful artist, and one well prepared to take Ambrotypes of every description in a style second to none.  We bespeak for Mr. Lyon an extensive patronage, first because he is a native of our Town, and secondly, because his specimens of Ambrotypes are highly creditable to any one.  See advertisement in another column.

The second announcement appeared on November 26, 1856.  “Clear The Track,” For The Ambrotype Car Will positively leave Edgefield within a week from this date.  Therefore, if you want your Ambrotype taken in a style second to none, come immediately.  A. T. Lyon & Co.

N. B.—I hope it will be born in mind that I cannot, in any instance, deliver any picture, until it is paid for. My terms are strictly on the cash system and must be rigidly adhered to.

The third announcement appeared on December 3, 1856.  Edgefield Advertiser.  (Edgefield, South Carolina.)  December 3, 1856, Vol. XXI, No. 47, P. 2.

Speaking Ambrotypes.  Mr. Albert Lyon, a native of our village, is now fully prepared to take ambrotype likenesses in the highest style of the art.  His large and beautiful car will remain for a week longer at its position in front of the Odd Fellows’ Building; and we earnestly advise all, who desire to have (for themselves or their friends) really fine copies from life, to call on him before he leaves town.  He will not allow you to depart dissatisfied.  Mr. L. deserves the greater encouragement from the fact of his having shown that home-folks can do this sort of thing as well as the Yankees; and his connection with Messrs. Leigh & Tucker gives him complete facilities.  Call Soon.

Albert T. Lyons is listed in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry, but the above verifies the connection with John Leigh and Leigh & Tucker.