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Dr. Yarnall

1854                Old Methodist Church, Glasgow, Missouri.

Dr. Yarnall was recorded in two announcements in the Glasgow Weekly Times (Glasgow, Missouri).  The first appeared on April 6, 1854.  Daguerreotypes.  Dr. Yarnall will leave in a few days.  Those desiring elegant likenesses would do well to call immediately.  Rooms at the Old Methodist Church, where a fine collection of specimens can be seen.

The second appeared on April 13, 1854.  Daguerreotypes.—Dr. Yarnall is still at the old Methodist Church, where those who have not been served, can secure beautiful and correct likenesses of themselves or fiends.  He has one of the finest instruments we have ever seen, and his work is the best evidence as to his capacity to use it.

Dr. Yarnall is not recorded in other photographic directories as being active in Glasgow, Missouri.  In tomorrow’s post Mr. Yarnall is recorded in Charles Town, Virginia.

Listed in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry is a Charles Yarnall active in 1858-1860 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and William Yarnall from Newark, Ohio who was issued a patent No. 9,511 in 1852 for “chromo-photographic painting” or “prismatic daguerreotype process”.

S. Webster Wyman

1858                Kelley’s Block, opposite the Central House, Woburn, Massachusetts.

1860                Address Unknown, Woburn, Massachusetts.[1]

1865                Address Unknown, Woburn, Massachusetts.[1]

1867                Main Street, Woburn, Massachusetts.[1]

1868                Kelley’s Building, Woburn, Massachusetts.[1]

1869                Address Unknown, Woburn, Massachusetts.[1]

S. Webster Wyman was recorded in two advertisements.  The first advertisement was recorded in the Middlesex Journal (Woburn, Massachusetts) on March 20, 1858.  Wyman’s Ambrotype, Melainotype And Daguerreotype Rooms, Kelly’s Block, Woburn.

Particular attention given to copying pictures.  Woburn, March 5, 1858.

The second advertisement was recorded in theWoburn Budget (Woburn, Massachusetts) on July 2, 1858.  Wyman’s Ambrotype Rooms, Kelley’s Block, opposite the Central House, Woburn.

Call and see specimens!  Rooms cool and airy.  Prices low, and satisfaction guaranteed in all cases.

Now Is The Time To Call!  S. Webster Wyman, Artist in Ambrotypes and Daguerreotype.  June 11.

S. Webster Wyman is recorded in other photographic directories from 1860-1869. 

[1] A Directory Of Massachusetts Photographers 1839-1900.

Thomas W. Wright

1854                Over William Hughes’ store, Evansville, Indiana.

Thomas W. Wright was recorded in one announcement that appeared on September 11, 1854 in The Evansville Daily Journal (Evansville, Indiana).  Mr. Thos. W. Wright is taking some fine Daguerreotypes at his establishment over Wm. Hughes’ store.  Those who try his skill will find themselves pictured forth as natural as life, and the operation performed on the cheapest principles.  Give him a call.

Thomas W. Wright is not recorded in other photographic directories.

S. C. Wright

1853                Main Street, opposite the Republican Office, Geneseo, New York.

S. C. Wright was recorded in two advertisements in the Livingston Republican (Geneseo, New York).  The first advertisement ran on October 6 & 13, 1853.  S. C. Wright, Daguerreotypist—Rooms opposite the Republican Office, Main Street, Geneseo, N. Y.

Look in this paper for Advertisement.

The second advertisement ran from October 6 to November 10, 1853.  Sky-Light Daguerreotype Gallery.  New Arrangements.  S. C. Wright, (Of Syracuse,) Would Respectfully inform the citizens of Geneseo and vicinity, that he has purchased the entire interest and establishment of L. V. Griffin, where he will continue the business, and hopes by strict attention, to merit the liberal patronage hitherto bestowed and will ensure complete satisfaction to ……unreadable.

S. C. Wright is not recorded in other photographic directories.

Marcus Wright

1853-1854       South-West Corner of Fourth & Market Streets, St. Louis, Missouri.

1854                105 Market, St. Louis, Missouri.

Marcus Wright was recorded in the Illinois And Missouri State Directory for 1854-1855 (St. Louis, Missouri.)  and one advertisement which was recorded on May 4 and November 2 & 16, 1854 in the Central Christian Advocate (St. Louis, Missouri).  Daguerrean Gallery.  South-West Corner Of Fourth & Market streets, St. Louis, Mo.  Likenesses from $1 upwards.

Mr. M. Wright has the honor of informing the citizens of St. Louis, and others, that his Daguerrean Gallery is open from 9 o’clock A. M., until sundown.

He uses the freedom of inviting ladies and gentlemen,. Who are not already acquainted with his skill as a Daguerreotype artist, to call at his gallery and examine his magnificent specimens of the Photographic art.  sept1.

Marcus Wright was recorded in Pioneer Photographers from the Mississippi to the Continental Divide.

Lorenzo Wright

1853                Main Street, J. B. Read’s Brick Block, Pawtucket, Rhode Island.

Lorenzo Wright appeared in one announcement in the Business Directory (Pawtucket, Rhode Island) on April 30, 1853.  Daguerreotype Likenesses.  Persons who would like a good likeness of themselves, or friends would do well to call on L. Wright, In J. B. Read’s Brick Block, Main Street, Pawtucket, opposite the Post Office, where they can have them in as good style as at any other establishment.

Pictures taken by Mr. Wright, are warranted not to fade, and for life-like expression and clearness of tone, cannot be surpassed.  Having a Sky-Light of the very largest dimensions, the best of Instruments, and seven years experience, he feels confident that he can please all who may favor him with their patronage. 

Lorenzo Wright is recorded in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry as being active in Pawtucket, Rhode Island in 1849 & 1855.

Wright & Brother

1848                Rooms in the Tallmadge Block, Third Floor, Lancaster, Ohio.

Wright & Brother (M & F. M Wright) were recorded in one advertisement that ran from August 4 to 11, 1848 in The Lancaster Gazette(Lancaster, Ohio.)  Photographic Miniatures, Taken in the Most Approved Style by M. Wright & Brother.

We take this method of informing the inhabitants of Lancaster and vicinity that we have taken rooms in the third story of the Tallmadge Block, for the purpose of taking Likenesses, where we will remain for a few days only.

All are respectfully invited to call and examine our specimens.  M. & F. M. Wright.

Wright & Brother are not recorded in other photographic directories.

William H. Worth

1845-1846       45 Seneca Street, Geneva, New York.

William H. Worth was recorded in one advertisement that ran from January 26 to August 7, 1846 in the Geneva Daily Gazette (Geneva, New York).  Photographic Likenesses. 

O, those for whom we fond emotions cherish,

Secure the shadow e’er the substance perish!

The subscriber would respectfully announce to the Ladies and Gentlemen of the village of Geneva, and it vicinity, that he has just opened his new rooms, at No. 45 Seneca st., adjoining the Mansion House, with a splendid light fitted up expressly for the purpose of taking Likenesses of the above description, and will be prepared at all hours of the day to wait upon those who may wish to obtain, at a trifling expense, a perfect facsimile picture of themselves or their friends to preserve to future years.  The public are invited to call and examine his specimens, and com[are for themselves the strongly marked, deep-toned impressions produced by his superior Double Achromatic Camera, with the flat and insipid productions of the old fashioned instruments and process.

He commenced the business when the Art was but in its infancy, and has carefully and scientifically followed it up through all its various stages of improvement to its present stage of perfection.  He forms his own chemicals combinations, instead of being obliged to trust the chance of obtaining good articles from abroad; and having been engaged in the business in the city of New York, where the facilities for making improvements are much greater than in the country, he has, by a long course of experimental practice, obtained that through acquaintance with every thing connected with the art, which he feels confident will enable him to give the most perfect satisfaction to those who shall favor him with their patronage.

He is also prepared to impart instructions in this curious and beautiful art; and by a connection with one of the first establishments in the city, to furnish pupils with the best of Apparatus on more reasonable terms than they could obtain them for themselves there,—besides the advantages of having an opportunity to try their instruments to their satisfaction before taking them away.  Wm. H. Worth. Geneva, August 15, 1845.

William H. Worth is not recorded as being active in Geneva, New York in 1845-1846.  Posted yesterday was a W. H. Worth who was active in Cold Springs, New York in 1842, interesting the advertisement was published in Huntington New York which might suggest that he was active in Huntington?  Craig’s Daguerreian Registry does list a W. H. Worth in Geneva in 1857-1858, its unknown if they are the same person.

W. H. Worth

1842                Address Unknown, Cold Springs, New York.

W. H. Worth appeared in one announcement on November 25, 1842 inThe Long Islander  (Huntington, New York).  Daguerreotype Portraits.—Mr. W. H. Worth is now in Cold Springs, with his improved Daguerreotype Apparatus, and is prepared to take miniature portraits by the chemical effect of light.  By this discovery he is enabled to obtain the most perfect facsimile picture of any object that is placed within the field of the instrument for a few moments-without any flattery or exaggeration and all those who are desirous of obtaining a faithful representation.

W. H. Worth is not recorded in other photographic directories as being active in Cold Springs. New York.  It is possible that William H. Worth (which will be posted tomorrow November 26) are the same person. 

G. Wormser

1858                Ramsey Street, Hastings, Minnesota.

G. Wormser appeared in one announcement on December 30, 1858 in the Hastings Weekly Ledger (Hastings, Minnesota).  G. Wormser, Daguerrean Artists, Ramsey street, between Second and Third, has opened rooms for the reception of visitors, and is prepared to take Daguerreotype likenesses in the best style of the art, and at low rates.

G. Wormser is not recorded in other photographic directories as being active in Hastings, Minnesota.  G. Wormser is recorded in other photographic directories as being active in Wilmington, Delaware in 1854 at the South West corner of Third and Market Street, over the Post Office and in 1856 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at 338 Market Street.  It is unknown if they are the same person.