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Simons & Page

1842                Rooms at the United States Hotel, Wheeling, Virginia.

Simons & Page were recorded in one advertisement that ran from July 12 to 16, 1842 in the   Wheeling Times and Advertiser (Wheeling, Virginia).  Photographic Miniatures.  T. G. Simons & A. W. Page.  Late of New York City.  Professors and Teachers of Photography.  Take this method most respectfully of informing the Ladies and Gentlemen of Wheeling and [its] vicinity, that they have taken Rooms at the United States Hotel, where they will be happy to wait upon any who may wish to avail themselves of an opportunity of procuring a Likeness, which though it may cost but one fourth the Painter’s price, will possess [merits] that no artist can ever give to his work.

Messrs. Simons & Page have been engaged in the Daguerreotype profession from its first introduction into America, have, at great expense and loss of time, succeeded in so far improving the American apparatus, as to be enabled to operate with an unerring degree of certainty.  The great degree of certainty.  The great degree of difficulty with all former operators in giving color and expression to their productions is at once obviated by their great improvement in this wonderful discovery;—the time also required in sitting is materially lessened.  Messrs. Simons & Page covery;—removed the difficulty which all have, by their improvement in this wonderful dis former operators, labored under in compelling their subjects to sit from three to five minutes in which was apt to produce a contraction of the eyes and distorted appearance of the features:  Now, a correct and beautiful likeness can be produced in a sitting of from five to thirty five seconds! In any kind of weather, and consequently without using the direct rays of the Sun.

They propose to instruct a limited number of Ladies and Gentlemen in this beautiful and valuable discovery, who can be furnished with complete setts of the improved American apparatus, and by means of which any one may be enabled to take a likeness in an ordinary room, without requiring any peculiar adjustment of the light.  Heretofore it has been generally supposed that sunshine was indispensable to the production of Daguerreotype Miniatures; but the important improvement recently perfected, proves that this is a mistake.  The new apparatus cost less than the old, and furnishes the ability to its possessor of securing an independence in a profession as honorable, interesting and agreeable as any other, by the expenditure of a mere trifle and a few days application.  Can any other pursuit in life present the same advantages in supplying the means of a general support, not to say fortune?  This apparatus is warranted never to get out of order, and consequently will not require any repairs.  It can be supplied in a form so portable as to be carried in a dressing case, if desired, and ordinarily occupies less space than a cubic foot.  Those who have never had an opportunity of seeing a specimen of Photography, can hardly form an idea of the perfection, beauty and wonderful minuteness of the Daguerreotype pictures:  It is the work of Nature: not of Art; and as far surpasses the production of the pencil as all Nature’s effects do those of Man.  In the creation of these pictures, the light of Heaven alone constitutes the pencil, and nature the artist.  The Daguerreotype, or Pencil of Nature, can be applied to every object on which the rays of light can be made to fall:  The human face and figure, landscapes, buildings, paintings, engravings, stationary, machinery, &c., &c. may be copied in a few seconds with an accuracy that no draughtsman could ever attain.  The process is simple: it requires no acquaintance with chemistry, nor knowledge of drawing or painting, for the light itself engraves upon the prepared plate: and it may be performed by any one who follows the process which is fully and clearly described in the instructions accompanying each sett of apparatus.

For Colleges, Academies and public lectures this apparatus is particularly desirable, as the results produced by it are the most interesting that can be exhibited to an audience, the process requiring but a few seconds in favorable weather to complete a picture, and the results being to all so surprising and beautiful, that it never fails to excite the greatest wonder and astonishment in the minds of every beholder; whilst to the traveller it must be one of the most valuable accompaniments.  It is only necessary to add for the information of those who are unacquainted with the details of the Photographic art, that it is capable of yielding an incomparable greater return for the amount of time and money invested in it, than any other business of the same capital.  We would here beg leave to state, upon the authority of the most scientific Gentlemen of the cities of Boston, N. York and Philadelphia, that these pictures will never fade, but that they will remain permanently fixed until the final consummation of all things.  Other advantages which these Miniatures have over all others might be mentioned, but enough has been said to convince the most incredulous that for rapidity of execution, correctness and durability, they cannot be equalled.

Apparatus, Plates, Miniature cases, Chemicals &c. furnished at the shortest notice and on the most reasonable terms.  Apparatus invariably warranted to be equal if not superior, to any manufactured in the United States.

Simons & Page (T. G. Simons & A. W. Page) are not listed in other photographic directories.  They do not appear in the New York City Directories in 1841/1842 or in the 1842/1843 directories.    

Silsbee & Morrison

1846-1847       Address Unknown, Bath, Maine.

Silsbee & Morrison (George M. Silsbee (variant spelling of last name Silsby) & J. W. C. Morrison) were recorded in one announcement that appeared on January 2, 1847 in the Maine Cultivator and Hallowell Gazette (Hallowell, Maine).  Smart Day’s Work.—Twenty Daguerreotype likenesses were taken, finished and delivered yesterday by Silsby & Morrison.—Bath Tribune.

Silsbee & Morrison are recorded in other photographic directories, but not the partnership.  The variant spelling of Silsbee’s last name (Silsby) is recurring throughout the Maine newspapers.

Lorenzo H. D. Shepherd

c.1852-1853    299½ Washington Street, Boston, Massachusetts.

1853-1854       Rooms over Owen & Moulton’s Clothing Store, Saco, Maine.

Lorenzo H. D. Shepherd was recorded in two advertisements in the Maine Democrat (Saco, Maine).  The first advertisement ran from August 30 to October 25, 1853.  New Miniature Rooms!  Chlorine Gas!  Bad Eyes cured in a few minutes, and pictures more beautiful and life-like than can be taken by the best operators with the old chemicals, (such as is used by the operators in York County), in the world.  Few there are that know any thing about it.

L. H. D. Shepherd, Having had an advantage that no other operator has had in York County in picture taking, and having recently practiced with the greatest operator in the Known World, Mr. Silsbee of Boston, whose pictures stood foremost recently in the World’s Fair held in New York, takes this opportunity to inform the Ladies and Gentlemen of Saco and Biddeford, that he has located in Saco, where he has fitted and furnished Rooms in a better style than any in York County, Over Messrs. Owen & Moulton’s Store, Where he is prepared to take pictures better than can be obtained elsewhere.  Reference may be had to such as have sat many times in these towns and also in Portland, for pictures and without success, viz: Moses Emery, Esq., partner of S. V. Loring, Esq., Saco;—Umphrey Goodwin, Esq., who says he has had more than 10 pictures taken and never a good one before; Mr. Farwell, and others.

Pictures copied of all sizes; in the most perfect style.

A light, Transparent, the best in York County.  As for Size of Instrument and quality, None like it in York County.

Call and see.  Let the Premium Pictures be laid upon my Show Case.  Perfect satisfaction warranted or no sale.  Call and see.  L. H. Shepherd.

The second advertisement ran from November 1, 1853 to April 11, 1854.  New Miniature Rooms, Over Owen & Moulton’s Clothing Store.  Chlorine Gas Pictures!  Mr. Shepherd, having procured Mr. Colby’s Main Operator from Portland City, with himself, is prepared to put up pictures finer and as cheap as can be obtained in the County Of York.  Please call and see our specimens.

Lorenzo H. D, Shepherd is not recorded in other photographic directories.

E. B. Shaw

1847-1848       3 Pierce’s Block, Bath, Maine.

1848                Address Unknown, Wiscasset, Maine.

1849                Address Unknown, Bath, Maine.[1]

E. B. Shaw was recorded in two advertisements and two announcements in The Northern Tribune (Bath, Maine).  The first advertisement ran from November 6, 1847 to April 26, 1848. National Daguerrian Gallery.  Miniatures For $1.50 Including Cases At Shaw’s Rooms.  No. 3 Pierce’s Block, Over The Store Of S. W. Heath & Co.

Owing to the liberal patronage that the Public has already bestowed upon the Proprietor of this Establishment, he is enabled to execute Daguerreotype Likenesses for the above named price, and warranted to give satisfaction.  Citizens or Strangers, visiting these rooms, can have their miniatures taken and set in Morocco Cases, Gold Lockets, Breast Pins, Rings, Bracelets, &c., in a few minutes.

N.B.  Views of Churches, Public Buildings, &c., faithfully taken, in every other order punctually attended to.

Please call and examine specimens.  Bath.  Oct. 21, 1847.

The first announcement appeared on December 27, 1847.  Presents.  There is nothing more appropriate for a present than a Daguerreotype Miniature.—They can be had in this city in the highest state of perfection.  For further particulars see Daguerrian advertisements.  Bath Daguerrian can’t be beat.

The second announcement appeared on May 10, 1848.  F. B. Shaw, Daguerrian, has departed from us for a season.  He may be found for a few weeks in Wiscasset.

The second advertisement ran on May 11 & 12, 1848. Daguerreotypes.  F. B. Shaw.—Wiscasset, Has taken the room formerly occupied by Major Page, who would be happy to receive the visits of all who may wish a Daguerreotype Miniature.  Prices from $1.50 to $12.00.

As his stay in town will be short, all are invited to call at the earliest opportunity.

E. B. Shaw is recorded in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry as being active in Bath Maine in 1849.

[1] Craig’s Daguerreian Registry.


1852-1853       Little’s New Building, Canton, Illinois.

Seavey (possibly William Seavey or Sevey) appeared in one advertisement on January 5, 1853 in the Canton Weekly Register  (Canton, Illinois).  Skylight Daguerreian Rooms! Seavey has opened a “Skylight Gallery” in Canton, at a heavy expense, and is now prepared to take Miniature Portraits in from five to thirty seconds, sitting time.  Having every advantage in late improvements in the art, he can  suit any body, at any time, with the best of portraits, put up in any way, and for almost any price.  To persons in the Adjoining Towns And Country, he would say, he has leased his “Skylight” for two years, and may be found “on hand,” in Little’s new building, east side of the Square, in the third house from the northeast corner.

Farmers, come in with your families, and have them taken.  What can be more satisfactory to you, at the same cost?  To see the portraits of 150 persons, will pay you for a visit, so bring up the folks, even if you don’t want your portraits taken.

P. S.  Plenty of stock and materials for sale, just received from the East. je 25.

Seavey is not recorded in other photographic directories as being active in 1852-1853.  Craig’s Daguerreian Registry does list a William Sevey as being active in Canton, Illinois in 1860, as does A Directory of Early Illinois Photographers, who references both spellings of William’s last name.    

J. B. Scott

1845-1846       Rooms at Mrs. Goddard’s Hotel, Maysville, Kentucky.

J. B. Scott appeared in one advertisement that was recorded on January 14, 1846 in the Eagle  (Maysville, Kentucky).  Daguerreotype Miniatures, Taken by J. B. Scott, of Philadelphia.  Mr. S. having taken rooms at Mrs. Goddard’s Hotel, invite the citizens of Maysville and vicinity, to call and examine his specimens, which he [flatters] himself are as good as any taken in the Eastern cities.   The wonderful accuracy of Portraits taken by this process, and the very moderate prices demanded for them, render it desirable that every person should possess one.  Copies of Portraits, miniatures, &c., [ ? ] accuracy.

N. B.  Instructions given in the art, and instrument furnished at Eastern prices.  Maysville, Dec. 4, 1845.

J. B. Scott is not recorded in other photographic directories. To date there is no record of of J. B. Scott in Philadelphia.

Frederick Schramm

1847                Address Unknown, Burlington, Iowa.

Frederick Schramm was recorded in one advertisement that appeared on December 22, 1847 in the Iowa Territorial Gazette and Burlington Advertiser (Burlington, Iowa).  Daguerrian Apparatus for Sale.  Mr. Frederick Schramm, of this city has an excellent Daguerrian Apparatus, all complete, for sale on Liberal Terms.  dec 1 ’47.

Frederick Schramm is not recorded in other photographic directories.  Pioneer Photographers from the Mississippi to the Continental Divide A Biographical Dictionary, 1839-1865 does list a Schramm.  They speculate that it is John Siegmund Schramm. It is unknown if Schramm was a daguerreotypist or if he was just selling the apparatus.

Lott M. Scammon

1847-1848       Rooms over J. M. Gould’s Store, Hallowell, Maine.

Lott M. Scammon was recorded in one advertisement that ran from December 11, 1847 to January 1, 1848 in the Maine Cultivator and Hallowell Gazette (Hallowell, Maine). 

Daguerreotype Portraits.  Lott M. Scammon, Having taken the Rooms over J. M. Gould’s Store, is prepared to execute Portraits in the most approved styles, for all those who may favor him with their patronage.  Pictures taken at his rooms are free from that dark shade so common with Daguerreotypists, and in point of distinctness and softness of tone are unsurpassed by any.

Statuary, Landscapes and Pictures copied true to the original.  Likenesses of dead persons often taken so as to resemble a natural sleep.

L. M. Scammon will also take the likenesses of sick people at their residences by leaving their addresses at his rooms.  Terms reasonable.

Lot M. Scammon is not listed in other photographic directories as being active in Maine.  Craig’s Daguerreian Registry does list an L. M. Scammon in Chicago, Illinois in 1854-1855 as daguerreian materials, it is unknown if they are the same person.

S. W. Sawyer

1854                Address Unknown, Paris, Maine.

1858-1860       Gallery near the Depot, Winthrop, Maine.

S. W. Sawyer was recorded in seven announcements and four advertisements in two different newspapers. (he was also in the partnership of S. W. & P. M. Sawyer 1854.  The first announcement appeared on June 23, 1854 in the Oxford Democrat (Paris, Maine).  A nomadic Daguerreotype Saloon made its appearance here the other morning.  Messrs. S. W. & P. M. Sawyer accompany it, and are prepared to take your picture at any time, if you will call on them.

The second announcement appeared on November 4, 1858 in the Maine Farmer (Augusta, Maine).  Kennebec Co. AG. Society.  Awards Of Premiums…

Incidentals…Ambrotypes, S. W. Sawyer, Winthrop, book.

The third announcement appeared on March 10, 1859 in the Maine Farmer.  Excellent Photographs.  The citizens of Winthrop and vicinity ow have an excellent opportunity, by applying to Mr. Sawyer in that village, to obtain excellent ambrotypes, and also photographs of themselves or friends.  Mr. Sawyer is a capital artist in this line, and has quite a gallery of specimens, which make a visit to his saloon very interesting.  We found there the other day, some very fine portraits of Rev. David Thurston, the octogenarian divine so well known in this State, and now one of the few venerable links in the chain of time which connect the present generation with those of olde times.  Mr. Sawyer supplies them to purchase s for $1, and we are happy to learn that there is a brisk demand for them.  We wish he would prepare himself to supply photographs of some others of our venerable men.

The fourth announcement appeared on April 14, 1859 in the Maine Farmer.  Mr. Sawyer’s Photographic Gallery.  Mr. Sawyer has recently removed his Ambrotype saloon, and opened a gallery in Downing’s building near the depot in Winthrop Village.

We were in there the other day, and found quite an increase of excellent specimens of the art, which Mr. Sawyer does up in first-rate style.  Among them were very correct portraits of the venerable Rev. D. Thurston, and also of Rev. B. Sawyer, Prof. S. Harris, Prof. Shephard, Revs. E. P. Parker, and Cha. B. Rice, E. B. Palmer of Bangor, Rev. D. B. Randall, of Gardiner, Rev. Otis H. Johnson, of Jay.  The friends of either of these gentlemen can here obtain copies of their portraits for the low price of a dollar apiece.—There are also a large collection of portraits of many of the citizens of Winthrop and vicinity.  The photographic art is a great improvement on the daguerreotype.  Correct portraits are not only taken permanently upon paper, but can be copied to any amount.  Sun painting will prove a great blessing to the world, in the correct representation it gives of whatever is submitted to it action.

The first advertisement ran seven times between June 2 to August 18, 1859 in the Maine Farmer. 

Photographic Gallery at Winthrop.  S. W. Sawyer, would inform in inhabitants of Winthrop and vicinity that he has fitted up a splendid Gallery of Photographic pictures in Winthrop Village, opposite the Depot in Downing’s Building, where they may be found likenesses of many distinguished persons from different parts of the State.

All kinds of Photographic pictures taken at short notice and perfect satisfaction given or no charge.  All plain Photographs are nicely  finished as he employs an Artist whose every business is to finish them.

The second advertisement ran from September 1 to October 6, 1859 in the Maine Farmer

Superior Photographs.  S. W. Sawyer, Having fitted up one of the Largest and best Photographic Galleries in the State, in Mr. Downing’s Buildings, just opposite the Depot, in Winthrop, Me., and engaged the services of Mr.[2] E. E. Lamson, from Boston, who has had several years experience in the art of finishing Photographs in Oil, India Ink, and water colors, and is considered one of our best colorests (sic.) in the country.

Mr. S. is prepared to make Photographic Portraits, of any size, and finished in the above styles.  Also Photographs copied from Daguerreotypes, Ambrotypes, or other Photographs, and enlarged to any size, and finished as above.

Photographic Landscapes taken to order.  Ambrotypes at usual prices.  Lessons given in the art if desired.

The fifth announcement appeared on September 29, 1859 in the Maine Farmer.  Maine State Fair.  Fifth Annual Exhibition Of The Maine State Agricultural Society.  The exhibition opened on Tuesday, Sept. 20th…

Picture Gallery.  The Photographic Specimens here, absorb the largest portion of people’s interest—and they constitute certainly, as fine a show in this line as we have ever witnessed.  The exhibition gives evidence that Silsbee (Silsbee & Case) of Boston and the sun (in some instances Silsbee principally, in some the sun under his tutelage) have produced some inimitable likenesses.  But he is an artist by profession, and knows how to do such things without the sun’s aid.

Burnham (Burnham Brothers) of Portland has an admirably worked up, as well as plain collection of photographs here also, which shows the eye and skill of the true artist; and

The numerous works of Messrs. Starbird & Dodge, on exhibition evidence that the people of this region need not go farther than Augusta to get as good a plain photograph as can be obtained anywhere; whilst productions on which the finishing touches of the pencil have been bestowed, demonstrate that money can buy excellence here as well as in Portland, Boston, or New York.

S. W. Sawyer of Winthrop, shows a very large number of excellent photographs, some of which have been finely worked up by Mrs. Lamson, who is evidently a lady of superior skill in such matters.  Mr. S. has also some well executed ambrotypes.

To Mr. S. Wing of Waterville, must be given the palm of producing the largest photographs in the exhibition—and they are at the same time of a high order of excellence.  Mr. S. Wing on exhibition a number of stereoscopes, made, we understand, by himself, highly creditable to his ingenuity and skill.

Fine Arts…best painting in water colors, Mrs. E. E. Lamson, Winthrop, diploma;…best collection of ambrotypes, daguerreotypes, melainotypes, and photographs, S. W. Sawyer, Winthrop, medal; 2d do., Starbird & Dodge, Augusta, diploma;…best mezzotinto and oil colored photographs by an artist in Maine, Burnham & Bros., Portland, diploma; do. do. do. out of Maine, Silsbee & Case, Boston, diploma….   

The sixth announcement appeared on September 30, 1859 in the Oxford Democrat.  Maine State Fair…There is a fair display of plain and colored Photographs exhibiting great perfection in this wonderful art.  Photographs are destined ere long to supersede portraits painted in oil, not only because they can be taken in greater perfection but because they cost so much less.

Burnham Brothers of Portland…

Silsbee, Case & Co., of Boston…

Starbird and Dodge of Augusta…

Further along is a collection of both plain and colored photographs taken by S. W. Sawyer of Winthrop and painted in water colors by Mrs. E. E. Lamson of Augusta.  This is the best collection taken as a whole and is entitled to the first premium.  Sawyer takes a splendid picture and Mrs. Lamson puts on the finishing touches with the skill and judgement of a true artist.

[Simon] Wing of Waterville.

The third advertisement ran from October 13 to 27, 1859 in the Maine Farmer.  Daguerreotype Saloon for Sale.  The Subscriber has a good portable Daguerreotype Saloon 22½ feet long, and 8½ wide, for sale low for cash.

Said Saloon is new and in good condition for taking Ambrotypes and Photographs, with every desirable convenience to make them of any size.  For further particulars apply to S. W. Sawyer.

The fourth advertisement ran from October 13, 1859 to May 17, 1860 in the Maine Farmer. 

Premium Photographs!  All lovers of the fine arts who are desirous of an exact portrait of themselves or friends, arranged and finished in the best and most approved style will please give Mr. S. W. Sawyer an early call, as he proposes to make changes in his location shortly.

Mr. Sawyer having made extra exertions to perfect himself in his business, sparing no pains or expense to produce the finest effect and finish to his pictures, having received the first prize at the State Fair, and secured the services of Mrs. E. E. Lamson, who also has received the first prize for finishing Photographs in Water Colors, feels confident that he can give as good if not better satisfaction than any other Artist in the State.

By devoting his own personal attention to his customers, he hopes to secure a place in the hearts and confidence of all his friends and former patrons.  All wishing a good likeness and a test of his ability will show their good will be calling as soon as possible.

All of those who have not settled for their pictures as well as those who have demands against him will please call at his rooms immediately, and settle the same.

The seventh announcement appeared on February 2, 1860 in the Maine Farmer.  Sun Printing.  Our Neighbor Sawyer in Winthrop, who took some of the first prizes at the late State Fair for superior photographs, is still doing a good business, and his gallery near the Depot, is well worth visiting.  Mrs. Sawyer is also an excellent artist in finishing up the lesser minutiae of the portrait and setting it in bolder relief.  The visitor will find an admirable photograph of Professor Pond of Bangor recently finished by them, and if he wishes can have one of his own done up in the same style.

S. W. Sawyer is recorded in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry as being active in Calais Maine in 1855-1856, in 1856 in the partnership of Sawyer & Robbins.

[1] Craig’s Daguerreian Registry.

[2] Mrs. E. E. Lamson

P. M. Sawyer

1854                Address Unknown, Paris, Maine.

1855-1856       Address Unknown, Calais, Maine.[1]

1856                Address Unknown, Norway, Maine.1

P. M. Sawyer was recorded in one announcement that appeared on June 23, 1854 in the Oxford Democrat (Paris, Maine).  A nomadic Daguerreotype Saloon made its appearance here the other morning.  Messrs. S. W. & P. M. Sawyer accompany it, and are prepared to take your picture at any time, if you will call on them.

P. M. Sawyer is recorded in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry as being active in 1855-1856 in Calais, Maine.  In 1856 he was in the partnership of Sawyer and Robbins.  John goes on to say that he is probably the same P. M. Sawyer who was active in 1856 in Norway, Maine.

[1] Craig’s Daguerreian Registry.