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Bome was recorded on May 14, 1855 in The Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Brooklyn, New York.) as being part of N. Lott & Company.  Progress Of Art.—Of all the arts useful and elegant in which we can fairly boast of excellence, that of Photography is justly held in high estimation.  The credit of our city in this respect will be much increased by Messrs. N. Lott & Co., who have opened and fitted up as a Daguerrean Gallery a splendid suite of rooms at No. 345 Fulton st. opposite the City Hall.  Bome of Messrs. Lott & Co.’s specimens of single portraits and family groups surpass anything we have seen in the faithful and life-like manner in which every feature and lineament is traced.  A visit to this gallery will well repay the exertion.

Both Lott and Bome are not recorded in other photographic directories.

Edward Stanley Bent

Edward Stanley Bent was recorded an announcement in The Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Brooklyn, New York) on May 12, 1851, in the partnership of Byron & Bent.  Brooklyn Not To Be Outdone.—Byron & Bent, of 155 Atlantic Street, Brooklyn, whose artistic skill as Daguerreotypist, is rapidly gaining for them a distinguished celebrity, determined to keep pace with the New York artists, have, with a laudable enterprise, fitted up a Daguerrian gallery that will vie with any in the modern Gotham.  In point of accuracy of delineation, distinctness of execution and style, the likenesses by Byron & Bent, are as perfect as any we have seen, and superior to many, by artists who have had a longer experience, and hold a high rank in their profession.  We command Messrs. B. & B. to the patronage of their fellow citizens.  Their charges are moderate, and the portraits are permanent, which is not the case with very many of the low priced artists—we mean those who charge 50 cts.  Pay them a visit, and give them a trial; you will be sure to call again!

On May 17, 1851 the following advertisement appeared in The Brooklyn Daily Eagle.  The advertisement ran from May 17 to August 22, 1851.  While Stanley is recorded in other photographic directories and is not a new name.  The information in this advertisement states that they were from the Meade Brothers.  Advertisements in the New York Newspapers indicate that the Meade Brothers operated in Williamsburgh, N. Y. in 1853-1854.

Daguerrian Gallery, (From Meade Brothers,) 155 Atlantic street, Brooklyn.  The great want of a good Daguerrian Gallery, in South Brooklyn, has long been felt, and the subscribers have been induced to fit up the first floor over the splendid store of G. D. Sweetzer, at 155 Atlantic street, as one of the first class; and they can say, without fear of contradiction, that in point of convenience and general capabilities, it is surpassed by none in the States.

The Proprietors will always be on the spot, and guarantee that none but Superior Pictures shall be issued from their establishment.  Ladies and elderly persons will find a great convenience in the gallery and operating room being on the first floor.  Children’s Portraits taken in a few seconds.  Portraits taken at private residences.   A choice assortment of Lockets & c.  Portraits (colored) from $1.00 upwards, Portraits with Locket included, $2.50.

Joseph Atkins

From the New York Daily Tribune, New York, New York, printed on October 29, 1851.

The official declaration of premiums awarded at the Twenty-Fourth Annual Fair of the American Institute for Daguerreotypes. Atkins receives a silver medal for his cameo daguerreotypes.  The full list of premiums awarded are recorded below.

  • M. A. & S. Root, No. 363 Broadway, best Daguerreotypes—Gold Medal.
  • J. Gurney, No. 159 Broadway, 2d best Daguerreotypes,—Silver Medal.
  • J. D. W. Brinkerhoff, No. 383 Broadway, for Still Life Daguerreotype Views—Silver Medal.
  • S. A. Holmes, No. 289 Broadway, Still Life Daguerreotype Views.—Silver Medal.
  • Joseph Atkins, No. 219 Fulton-St., Brooklyn, Cameo Daguerreotype—Silver Medal.
  • H. E. Insley, No 311 Broadway, Illuminated Daguerreotypes—Silver Medal.
  • Krochls & Vetters, No. 499 Broadway, Phototypes—Silver Medal.
  • Mrs. Bertha Wehnert, No. 385 Broadway, Phototypes.—Silver Medal.
  • C. C. Harrison, No. 85 Duane St., Daguerreotype Cameras.—Gold Medal.

Note Craig’s Daguerreian Registry list Atkins as being active from 1848-1852 at 219 Fulton Street, Brooklyn and from 1852–1860 at 263 Fulton Street, Brooklyn.

Lewis Applegate

Reported in  The Brooklyn Daily Eagle published in Brooklyn, New York on April 29, 1854.

John Karch, was arrested on the charge of stealing daguerreotypes, from the gallery of Lewis Applegate, in Myrtle Avenue. Several counterfeits of the “human face divine” were found in the possession of the accused, who was brought before Justice Smith, and sentenced to imprisonment in the Penitentiary for six months.

Applegate has previously not been recorded and no other advertisements or articles have been found.

Mr. Allen

A Mr. Allen appears in the Brooklyn Daily Eagle and Kings County Democrat, on December 24, 1846 at 43 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, N.Y.  There is also a Mr. Allen recorded in The Long Islander, published in Huntington, N.Y. on July 2, 1847 at Mr. Silas T. Ketcham’s.  It is conceivable to think that the two possibly are the same person.

In the Long Islander advertisement he states that he has had long experience in the business.  He takes likenesses for insertion in rings, breast pins, lockets or bracelets, and makes copies from paintings, portraits and daguerreotypes.  Likenesses taken of the sick or deceased persons, at their residences, on the shortest notice.  He also offers instructions in the art, and has rings, breast pins, lockets, and bracelets also apparatus and chemicals of all kinds for sale.

Is the statement that he has had long experience in the business hype or has he been active in the business for a number of years? In trying to identify who Allen might be and verify activity dates a search of photographic directories and histories turned up nothing.  Of the twenty six Allen’s that are listed in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry William A. Allen is the only possibility, based on location and activity dates, his first entry is 1848-1849 at the corner of Bridge and Tillery Streets in Brooklyn.  Two other daguerreian’s E. A. Allen who I posted a couple of day ago was in Burlington, Vt. In 1841, and William Allen who was listed in Batavia, N.Y. in 1848-1849, which is over 350 miles away.  But again without additional conclusive information this is only speculation.