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W. L. Nickle

1857                Rooms at the Marshall House, Abbeville, South Carolina.

W. L. Nickle was recorded in one announcement and one advertisement in The Abbeville Banner (Abbeville, South Carolina). The announcement ran on January 15, 1857.  Ambrotypes.  Mr. W. L. Nickle, it will be seen, has just completed arrangements by which he can furnish all who favor him with a call, with one of his never-fading pictures.  Give him a call, we will guarantee that he will give satisfaction, or make no charge.

The advertisement ran from January 15 to 22, 1857.  Ambrotypes!  Ambrotypes!!  W. L. Nickle would respectfully inform the citizens of Abbeville, that he is now prepared to take Ambrotypes—those beautiful and life-like pictures—in a superior style.

He has taken rooms at the Marshall House, where he would be pleased to receive calls from those wishing work in this line.

W. L. Nickle is not recorded in other photographic directories. Probably same person as W. L. Nickles which will be posted tomorrow 6-3-20.

J. T. Nichols

1857                Rooms over Becker’s Store, Valatie, New York.

J. T. Nichols was mentioned in an advertisement that appeared on October 22, 1857 in the Kinderhook Herald (Kinderhook, New York).  Pictures for the Million!!  The Ladies and Gentlemen of Valatie, Kinderhook and vicinity, are informed the subscriber has leased and refitted the Ambrotyping rooms lately occupied by J. T. Nichols, over Becker’s Store in Valatie.

These rooms are large, and especially fitted for Picture making in all branches.  Our facilities are such now that we can make Ambrotypes, daguerreotypes, Melainotypes or Photographs on paper.  Cases of all qualities and sizes at prices from 25 cents to 15 dollars.

Patronage solicited, and all work warranted to be as good as can be had elsewhere.  W. E. Geer, Valatie, Oct. 22, 1857.

J. T. Nichols is not recorded in other photographic directories as being active in Valatie, New York.  Craig’s Daguerreian Registry does list a John T. Nichols as being active in 1860 in New York City, but it is unknown if they are the same person.

R. D. Newton

1857-1858       Rooms over C. S. Wood’s Drug Store, Greene, New York.

R. D. Newton was recorded in three advertisements and three announcements in The Chenango American (Greene, New York). The first advertisement ran from March 26 to December 3, 1857. Ambrotype, Pearlotype, Melanotype, Spherotype and Daguerreotype Gallery, at Greene, N. Y.

The subscriber would respectfully inform the citizens of Greene, and vicinity, that he has permanently located himself at the rooms over C. S. Wood’s Drug Store, which he is re-fitting in good style, where he will be happy to receive calls.

He has a complete apparatus, capable of procuring the most finished and life-like pictures.  Having devoted several years to a careful study of the Art, added to an extensive experience, he is confident that he has attained a superiority as an Artist.  He has taken especial pains to procure the Latest Improvements, And is fully prepared to suit customers with any variety of likeness, from the old-fashioned Daguerreotype to the beautiful Spherotype Call and examine for yourselves.  You will be astonished, both at the beauty of his productions, and the moderation of his charges.  He would invite particular attention to his facilities for taking Ambrotypes and Spherotypes.

Trust nothing but your own eyes, and that you may have a fair opportunity to observe for yourselves, call at my room over C. S. Wood’s Drug Store, any time between 8 A. M. and 4 P. M. (Sundays excepted) and I will be happy to exhibit specimens.

N. B.—Particular attention paid to taking Childrens Likenesses, Groups &c.  Cloudy weather makes no difference; call at any time.  Instructions given in the art, and apparatus furnished.  I will also teach the beautiful Art of Grecian Oil Painting.  R. D. Newton, Greene.

The first announcement appeared on May 14, 1857.  Ambrotypes—R. D. Newton, at the Rooms over Wood’s Drug Store, is taking some beautiful Ambrotypes.  Call and see them, and examine for yourselves.

The second advertisement ran from December 10, 1857 to May 27, 1858.  New Arrangement!  Great Reduction Of Prices At Newton’s Picture Gallery!  At Greene, N. Y.  R. D. Newton, in returning his thanks for the very liberal patronage conferred upon him by the people of Greene and the surrounding country, would respectfully announce to the public that he offers greater inducements then heretofore to those desiring first class pictures.  Persons who do not like dull, lead colored pictures will do well to give him a call before going elsewhere, as pictures taken at my rooms cannot be excelled in the State, either in Brilliancy Of Tone Or in the clearness of the white parts.  Rest assured that every thing connected with this branch of business has received the careful attention of the Operator, and that his efforts to keep up with the latest improvements have been crowned with unrivalled success, among which may be found the Crayon Ambrotype, Vignette Ambrotype, Melanotype, Spherotype, Ornamented Borders Mirror Ambrotype, Ornamented Background, Double Figure, Etc.

To speak of the pleasing effects produced by those pictures at this time, I will omit, but invite you to call and examine specimens for yourselves.  The Ambrotype picture taken on Patent Leather is universally admired, and can be obtained at my rooms.  It can be placed in a letter and sent any distance free of extra charge.  Pictures set in Lockets, Breastpins and Finger rings for 50 cts.  Pictures copied. R. D. Newton. Greene, Nov. 10, 1857.

The second announcement appeared on April 8, 1858.  Ornamental.—Ocean Fire Company at their meeting on Tuesday evening last, added to the appearance of their assembly room, by placing on its walls the Ambrotype likeness of its members, fifty-four in number, contained in one large frame.  They were executed by R. D. Newton, of this village, and are fine specimens of artistic skill.

The third announcement appeared on April 15, 1858.  Attention.—Those who wish to procure Ambrotypes must call on Newton soon, as he intends to close his business in this village shortly.

The third advertisement ran from August 12 to October 21, 1858.  Ambrotype Gallery!  R. D. Newton, Announces to the public that he has re-opened his Ambrotype Gallery in this village, (over Drs. Wood’s Drug Store,) and is prepared, as usual, to furnish the best of Pictures.

The reputation of his Pictures is sufficiently established in this section, to need no “puffing” on his part.  They speak for themselves.

Particular attention paid To Copying Pictures.  Pictures taken in Lockets, Pins, Rings, &c., &c.  A style of Picture taken on Leather, just the thing to send by Mail to your friends abroad.  Prices ranging from 50 cents upwards.

R. D. Newton is not recorded as being active in Greene, New York. Craig’s Daguerreian Registry does list a Russell D. Newton as being active in 1859 in Waverly, New York. The distance between Greene and Waverly, New York is about 160 miles and its possible they are the same person, but further research is needed.

C. S. Newell

1857-1859       At F. W. Bradley’s Store, Kinderhook, New York.

C. S. Newell was recorded in two advertisement that ran in the Kinderhook Herald (Kinderhook, New York). The first advertisement ran from December 24, 1857 to February 18, 1858. The Holidays!  Ambrotypes and Daguerreotypes Taken At F. W. Bradley’s Store, By C. S. Newell.  All kinds of Pictures accurately copied.

The second advertisement ran from February 25, 1858 to February 10, 1859.   Newell’s Daguerrean Gallery, Ambrotype and Daguerreotypes Taken At F. W. Bradley’s Store, By C. S. Newell.  All kinds of Pictures accurately copied.

C. S. Newell is not recorded in other photographic directories.

Ira S. Negus

1856                50 Purchase Street, New Bedford, Massachusetts.[1]                                            1858                Rooms over J. E. Negus Store, Nichols’ Brick Building, Middlebury, Vermont.    1858                Rooms over Sol Parker’s Bookstore, Middlebury, Vermont.                                        1859                134½ Union Street, New Bedford, Massachusetts.[1]                                                                        1865                Address Unknown, New Bedford, Massachusetts.[1]                                                                        1867-1873     60½ Purchase Street, New Bedford, Massachusetts.[1]

Ira S. Negus was recorded in two advertisement in The Middlebury Register. (Middlebury, Vermont).  The first advertisement ran from February 10 to March 17, 1858.  A New Ambrotype Room!  Negus’s Gallery of patent Ambrotypes!  The finest display of Specimens in the Ambrotype Art are to be seen at Negus’s Gallery, where none but the Genuine Ambrotypes Are made, and at such prices as the public may demand.  All work executed by me is warranted second to none in this town or State.  Knowing I have the best facilities for producing the most pleasing Likenesses, I can safely say to all who are in want of a Superior Picture, to call and examine my work before engaging elsewhere, and I will guarantee to please all who may want a superior made Picture.  My assortment of Fancy Cases And Frames is complete, and will be sold as cheap as at any other gallery in the State.  The Patent Or Folding Ambrotype Is a durable picture, and will remain unchangeable in any climate.

An invitation is extended to all who may wish to examine the beauties of the Ambrotype Art.  Rooms over J. E. Negus’s Store, Nichols’ Brick Building, south end of the Bridge.  Ira S. Negus.

The second advertisement ran from May 12 to July 21, 1858.  Excelsior Gallery!  I would call the attention of my friends and the public to the Ambrotype Rooms, Over Sol Parker’s Bookstore.  Where Pictures will be executed in as good style and finish, and at prices lower than at any other Ambrotype Room in this village.

Having had several years experience in an Ambrotype Room where there was a small sky light, twenty-four by thirty feet, I think I am competent to use a Sky light in Middlebury.  I have fitted up my Rooms in a very neat style, but not gaudy.

I have been to great expense to make a very large Sky Light, by which I can take large groups, and also have light enough To Take A Child In Three Seconds.

My assortment of Plain and Fancy Cases, Frames and Gold Lockets, is all that the public can demand.  Please call and examine specimens and get a good Ambrotype if you desire one.  Ira S. Negus.

Ira S. Negus is listed in other photographic directories as being active in New Bedford, Massachusetts.

[1] Information from A Directory of Massachusetts Photographers 1839-1900.

Needles and Bonsall

1858-1859       Delaware and Second Streets, Leavenworth City, Kansas.

Needles and Bonsall[1] (John T. Needles) were recorded in one advertisement that ran from February 20, 1858 to March 12, 1859 in The Kansas Herald of Freedom (Wakarusa, Kansas, Territory).  Needles & Bonsall, Ambrotype and Photographic Gallery, corner of Delaware and Second sts., Leavenworth city, Kansas.  All work executed in the best possible manner.

Needles & Bonsall are recorded in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry as Needles & Borsall.  They are included here because on conflicting information first the partnership is recorded as Needles & Borsall, not Needles & Bonsall, and second it is stated that Borsall left after a short time.  That might be correct, but no citation is given to corroborate the statement and the advertisement did run for almost thirteen months.

.[1] Craig’s Daguerreian Registry list the partnership as Needles & Borsall


J. H. Murphey (Murphy)

1856-1857                   Address Unknown, Clarksburg, Virginia, [West Virginia]                              1857-1858                   Main Street, Clarksburg, Virginia, [West Virginia]

J. H. Murphey (Murphy) was recorded in two advertisements and two announcements in the Cooper’s Clarksburg Register (Clarksburg, Virginia, [West Virginia]). The first advertisement ran from December 5, 1856 to May 14, 1858. J. H. Murphey, Daguerrean and Ambrotype artist, having purchased the apparatus of Mr. Richmond will continue the business as heretofore, and would say to all those wishing Pictures to give him a call.

The first announcement appeared on September 25.  Last Chance.—J. H. Murphy’s Gallery of Ambrotypes, Photographs, &c., will be open for taking pictures until Saturday, the 3d of October, when it will be permanently closed.  Those wishing pictures had better apply at once.

The second advertisement ran from March 27, 1857 to May 14, 1858.  Murphey’s Gallery Of Daguerreotypes, Photographs and Ambrotypes, on Main Street, Clarksburg, Va.  J. H. Murphy has fitted up a gallery for the above pictures, and having availed himself of all the latest improvements of the art, he flatters himself that he can give full satisfaction.  The public invited to call and examine specimens.  Cloudy days are preferred except for children.

The second announcement appeared on January 8, 1858.  Open Again.—Mr. J. H. Murphy has again opened his Ambrotype Gallery, for the accommodation of all who may desire to obtain these elegant and durable pictures.  He has secured the services of Mr. Spencer, an experienced artist, who takes off “the human face divine” in the highest style of the art.  Call soon, for this will be the last chance.

J. H. Murphey (Murphy) is not listed in other photographic directories.

E. L. Mowry

1856                Rooms in Quiggle & Mayer’s New Building, Water Street, Lock Haven,                                              Pennsylvania.[1]                                                                                                          1857                Rooms in Ammon’s Block, Lewisburg, Pennsylvania.                                            1859                Rooms over Joseph M’Fadden’s Hardware Store, Market Street, Lewisburg,                                  Pennsylvania.

E. L. Mowry was listed in two in the Lewisburg Chronicle (Lewisburg, Pennsylvania). The first advertisement ran from April 17 to August 21, 1857. New Photographic Art Gallery In Ammon’s Block, Lewisburg.  Ambrotypes—Melainotypes!  E. L. Mowry, Artist.  Ambrotypes and Melainotypes made in the most beautiful style, of the art.  The Melainotype is a new process, taken on a prepared Sheet Iron Plate, and for brilliancy and vigor of tone is unsurpassed by any other known process.

Step into the Gallery, examine specimens, and judge for yourselves.  Prices to suit the times—satisfaction guaranteed.  Room in Ammons’s Block, second story, over Ammons’ Store.

The second advertisement ran from April 22 to 29, 1859.  Mowry’s Sky-Light Gallery, Over Jos. M’Fadden’s Hardware Store, formerly Houghton’s Shoe Store, market Street, Lewisburg, Pa.

Ambrotypes, melainotypes, &c., in the usual superior style.  In addition to these pictures, I am now prepared to take Photographs, large or small, equal to the best made anywhere.  Also Hallotypes.  These pictures are colored to represent life, and are superior to any oil painting, giving that fidelity of expression and features that can be produced only by the Camera.  These pictures are patented, and I have the exclusive right for Union county.  Call and examine specimens.

E. L. Mowry is recorded in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry for 1856 in the partnership of            Mowrey & Bergstresser.

[1] Information from Craig’s Daguerreian Registry.

Mowrey & Russell

1855-1856       Unknown address, Rutland, Vermont

Mowrey & Russell (Frank Mowrey) were recorded in four announcements.  The first appeared on September 22, 1855 in the Vermont Phoenix (Brattleboro, Vermont).  Fifth Annual Fair Of The Vermont State Agricultural Society.  The fifth annual Fair of the Vermont State Agricultural Society was held at Rutland on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of last week….

The Floral Hall department contained a fine collection of flowers, some excellent needle work, oil paintings, daguerreotypes, crystalotypes and ambrotypes.  Messrs. J. L. & H. M. Lovell of this village received the first premium on the first two varieties of photographs, and Mowry & Russell of Rutland on the last.  Both exhibitions were very creditable to their respective artists.

The following is the list of Premiums Awarded…Floral Hall…

J. L. & H. M. Lovell Brat’o best daguerreotypes, 4.                                                                                      J. L. & H. M. Lovell Brat’o best crystalotypes,      1.                                                                                        Mowry & Russell, Rutland best ambrotypes,       4.                                                                                        Mowry & Russell, Rutland, daguerreotypes,        1.

The second announcement appeared on September 19, 1856 in the Burlington Free Press (Burlington, Vermont).  The State Fair….Floral Hall….Mowrey & Russell of Rutland, and T. M. Parker and Jones of Burlington, occupied considerable space with an array of ambrotypes and daguerreotypes, of uncommon merit…

The third announcement appeared on September 20, 1856 in the Vermont Phoenix (Brattleboro, Vermont).  Sixth Annual Fair Of The Vermont State Agricultural Society.  The sixth annual Fair of the Vermont State Agricultural Society was held at Burlington on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of last week….The following is a list of the Premiums Awarded…Floral Hall…

T. M. Parker, Burlington, Best ambrotypes and dag’s.            4.00                                                          Mowry & Russell, Rutland, 2d best ambrotypes and dag’s. 2.00

The fourth announcement appeared on September 26, 1856 in the Burlington Free Press (Burlington, Vermont).  The State Fair…Floral Hall…Mowry & Russell, 2d best ambrotypes and daguerreotypes   2.00

Mowry & Russellare listed in other photographic directories but are included here because of the awards received from the annual fairs.

H. D. W. Moulton

1854                Ayer’s Block, Manchester, New Hampshire.                                                                  1857                349 Broadway, New York, New York.                                                                                    1858                585 & 587 Broadway, New York, New York.

H. D. W. Moulton was recorded in one newspaper advertisement, the 1854 Manchester City Directory, Business Directory, and an advertisement in the same directory (Manchester, New Hampshire). Daguerreian Artists. Moulton, H. D. W., Ayer’s Block.

Advertisement in the 1854 Manchester City Directory, Business Directory (Manchester, New Hampshire).  H. D. W. Moulton, Daguerreotypist, Crystalotypist, And Photographs, Or daguerreotypes on paper.

The newspaper advertisement ran from January 14 to March 4, 1858 in the New York Daily Tribune (New York, New York).  Frederick’s Photographic Temple Of Art, Nos. 585 and 587 Broadway, opposite Metropolitan Hotel.—Photographs, Hallotypes, Daguerreotypes and Ambrotypes, in every style.  Photographs by Mr. Moulton, formerly with Gurney.

H. D. W. Moulton is recorded in other photographic directories but no mention of a connection to Frederick, Gurney or being active in 1858.