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E. S. L. Dolliver

1844                Essex Place, Salem, Massachusetts.

E. S. L. Dolliver was recorded in an advertisement that ran from March 14 to April 11, 1844 in the Salem Register (Salem, Massachusetts). Dolliver’s Daguerreotype Room, Corner of Essex Place, up stairs.  Having imported direct from France, an apparatus of the greatest perfection, and using none but the best of materials, the subscriber is enabled to take miniatures with a degree of clearness and beauty heretofore unknown.

Ladies and Gentlemen desiring a correct likeness are respectfully invited to call and sit, without their being under any obligation to purchase, unless perfectly satisfied.  E. S. L. Dolliver.

E. S. L. Dolliver is not recorded in other photographic directories.

J. W. & E. S. Dodge

1856                Rooms over Hicks’ China Hall, Nashville, Tennessee

J. W. & E. S. Wood were recorded in an announcement on October 26, 1856 in the Nashville Union and American (Nashville, Tennessee). Mechanics’ Institute.  Second Annual Exhibition.  Premiums Awarded…   Class No. 6—Marble Work, Paintings, Drawing, Daguerreotypes, Etc.

J. W. & E. S. Dodge, Nashville, Miniatures on Ivory……………………. 5.                                            J. W. & E. S. Dodge, Nashville, Photographs, plain and colored…….…5.                                          A. Larcomb, Nashville, Ambrotypes……………………………….……. 5.                            Hughes Brothers, Nashville, Daguerreotypes……………………………5.

The identity of the J. W. is probably John Wood Dodge who was active in St. Louis, Missouri in 1855 and in Nashville, Tennessee from 1855-1858(+).  E. S. is probably Edward Samuel Dodge.  In looking through genealogical records I discovered that they were in fact brothers.  Both were painters and are recorded in the New York Historical Society’s Dictionary of Artist in American 1564-1860.  Craig’s Daguerreian Registry list Edward Samuel in Richmond, Virginia in 1844 and Augusta, Georgia in 1850-1853.  Early Georgia Photographers 1841-1861 a Biographical Checklist Compiled by E. Lee Eltzroth list him in in Augusta, Georgia from 1848-1853.

Dobyns & Hall

1853-1854       Address Unknown, Louisville, Kentucky.

Dobyns & Hall (Thomas Jefferson & Nicholas) were recorded in an advertisement that ran from August 17, 1853 to January 15, 1854 in the Nashville Union and American (Nashville, Tennessee).  Daguerran Stock And Picture Establishment.

Dobyns & Yearout, Nashville, Tennessee, College Street.                                                                        Dobyns & Hall, Louisville, Ky.                                                                                                                          Dobyns & Richardson, Morssewet, New York.                                                                                          Dobyns & Spaulding, St. Louis, Mo.                                                                                                              Dobyns & Yearout, Memphis, Tenn.                                                                                                              Dobyns & Harrington, New Orleans.

At any of the above establishments, you can procure as fine Pictures as can be had in any city, of any desired style or finish, as we have every improvement, and expect to keep up with any and all improvements.  We are prepared in either city to furnish artists with every article used in the art.  Our arrangements are such, we can furnish stock on the most reasonable terms.  Dobyns & Co.  N. B.—Pictures taken in any kind of Weather.

Dobyns and Hall are not recorded in other photographic directories.  Dobyns is the third photographer to have multiple franchises Followed by John Plumbe, Jr. and Jesse Harrison Whitehurst.








Dobyns & Church

1853                Address Unknown, New York, New York.                                                                      1853-1854       59 College Street, Nashville, Tennessee.

Dobyns & Church were first recorded in an announcement that ran on October 16, 1853 in the Nashville Union and American (Nashville, Tennessee).  Col. Dobyns, the extensive Daguerreotypist of Dobyns & Yearout, 59 College Street, who has just returned from his New York establishment, has several improvements which will be introduced in a few days.  We understand that the celebrated artists E. Church, so long and favorably known as one of the best in the city of New York, came out with the Col. For the purpose of remaining permanently in that gallery.  If he surpasses Yearout’s pictures, we should say Nashville will have something to be proud of.  We shall see what we shall see.

And secondly in an advertisement that ran from September 3 to December 30, 1854 in the

Nashville Union and American (Nashville, Tennessee).  Notice.—The Copartnership heretofore existing under the firm of Dobyns & Church and Dobyns & Co., is dissolved.  No one is authorized to collect debts of the concern but Mr. J. T. Yearout.            T. J. Dobyns.

Thomas Jefferson Dobyns, Edwin Church and John T. Yearout are all known and are recorded in other photographic directories.  What may be new information is the relationship of Dobyns & Clark.

H. D. Doane

1845                Gallery over C. F, Staniford & Co.’s store, Burlington, Vermont.

H. D. Doane was recorded in an advertisement that ran from October 24 to November 21, 1845

In the Burlington Free Press (Burlington, Vermont).  Daguerreotype.  H. D. Doane, From New York, Has opened his Gallery of Colored Daguerreotypes over C. F. Staniford & Co.’s Store, An opportunity is now offered to the citizens of Burlington and vicinity, to obtain faithful and accurate Likenesses which will be finished in a style greatly superior to any before offered in this vicinity.  How often has the regret been expressed by hundreds that they do not possess the likeness of a departed friend or relation, which might call up such associations of that friend as would distinctly bring him to mind. The present is a favorable moment to obtain these valuable likenesses, which are no less than the very impressions of the human face divine, made upon plates of silver by the pencil of nature, and not the mere fancy of the artist.

The citizens are respectfully invited to call and examine specimens of this art brought to its highest state of perfection.  Those wishing to engage in the business will find it an excellent opportunity.  Stock and Apparatus constantly on hand, and will be furnished as low as can be purchased in any city.

H. D. Doane is not recorded in other photographic directories.

D. S. G. Doane

1854                Nearly opposite the Burial Ground, Cohasset, Massachusetts.

 D. S. G. Doane was recorded in an advertisement on November 30, 1854 in the Hingham Journal and Southshore newspaper (Hingham, Massachusetts). New Daguerreotype Rooms in Cohasset. D. S. G. Doane, Having newly fitted up and established a permanent suite of Rooms, for the express purpose of taking Daguerreotypes, respectfully informs the citizens of Cohasset And The Neighboring Towns, that he is now ready to attend to all who may favor him with their patronage.  His Rooms being planned with a superior Skylight, a new and perfect German Apparatus, and every facility that a good Artist could demand, for the execution of the most perfect Daguerreotypes, he will be enabled to take Pictures equally as well in cloudy weather as in the brightest sunshine.

Pictures taken and neatly set in all varieties of style.  Constantly on hand and for sale, a large assortment of Frames, Cases, Lockets, Bracelets, Pins, Rings, &c.              Particular attention paid to taking Pictures of Children, Deceased Persons and Invalids, at their residence, for a small extra compensation.  Rooms open from 8 A. M. to 5 P. M.  Nearly opposite the Burial Ground, Cohasset.  Please call and examine specimens.  All work warranted to give satisfaction.  Cohasset, Oct. 13, 1854.

D. S. G. Doane is not recorded in other photographic directories. A broadside with the same text is in the Library of Congress’s collection.

John W. & Henry M. Diggins

1857                Address Unknown, Cincinnati, Ohio.

John W. and Henry M. Diggins was recorded in an article on November 10, 1857 in the Evening Star (Washington, D. C.).  The Photographed Bank Bills.—The examination of John W. and Henry M. Diggins, on a charge of being engaged in photographing bills of the Northern Bank of Kentucky, took place before the Police Court in Cincinnati on the 3d inst.  Against John W. there was no evidence whatever to connect him with the charge, and he was discharged by the Court.

The principal witness against the defendants was Henry Campbell, father of Alexander Campbell, who furnished the information upon which the two brothers were arrested.  He testified that he took a letter to the daguerrean room of Henry M. Diggins, from his son, who was in jail at Louisville, urging the brothers to raise money to get him out of the scrape; that in the course of a conversation with Henry M. the latter said that the photographed bills were as good as half the money afloat, and as the banks were all cheating he did not think it any harm to make the bills; that they could be made so as to pass in the banks.

On his cross-examination, Campbell admitted that he had insisted upon the brothers raising $85 to get his son out of the scrape, and that he told Henry M. that unless the money was forth-coming he would have him arrested upon the charge which was subsequently made against both brothers.

This was the substance of the testimony upon which the defense attempted to show a conspiracy to extort money on the part of the Campbells.  None of the bills were found upon the persons or premises.  The prosecution claimed that with the evidence of their principal witness, the younger Campbell, they would be able to fasten crime upon Henry M. Diggins.  Mayor Thomas, acting Police Judge, therefore held him to bail in $300, which was given, and the accused set at liberty.—Cin. Gaz.

Henry M. Diggins is recorded in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry and Ohio Photographers 1839-1900.  John W. Diggins has not been recorded in other photographic directories.


1852                Address Unknown, Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Digby was recorded in an announcement on November 13, 1852 in The Daily Comet (Baton Rouge, Louisiana).  Ed. Comet—Dear Sir:—Sometime ago I promised to give you a few Daguerreotypes uncolored, from my double convex achromatic Voitlander instrument.  In fact, if my memory serves me right I did give you two or three imperfect outlines of noted individuals.  The last exhibited to the public through your paper, was a specimen of the “Moddle Club President” which was such a life-like picture, that no less than seventeen elderly gentlemen have discovered its resemblance to themselves.  Were I not a very retired unassuming individual, and had I not yourself to stand between my slender body and the enemy, the light of my double achromatic would be shut down, and my own transcendent light blown out long since, and the world deprived of some of the best pictures (I flatter myself) that were ever taken by the heat of the noonday sun.

During the session of the Legislature I was forced as you know to suspend the Daguerreotyping business, for the reason that I could not take a good picture—even from my own imagination, without some half dozen fellows coming to claim the same, and threaten me with a suit for damages for exposing phizes to public gaze without obtaining an autobiography to accompany it.  This placed me in some very peculiar situations, in which I found it difficult to get out.  I have now on my shelf, portraits of the following persons which as the times are quite I will at leisure present.  There is a model doctor, lawyer, and Devine.—The model office-seeker.  I have also strong pictures of the model Southern Belle, and the model Belle’s mamma and papa, the model Louisiana Youth, or rather a young man.  And I shall favor your reader with them in due time. Digby.

Digby Is not recorded in other photographic directories.

H. L. Dickerson

1856-1857       378 Market, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.[1]

H. L. Dickerson was recorded on April 1, 1856 in the Photographic and fine Arts Journal (New York, New York). In an article entitled the Photographic Galleries of America.  Number Two, Philadelphia. The author visited 57 Galleries in Philadelphia.  Dickerson, Market St. — Daguerreotype gallery, fourth-rate artist. This artist may be able to produce good specimens, but I saw nothing to strengthen the opinion.

H. L. Dickerson is recorded in Directory of Pennsylvania Photographers 1839-1900 And Craig’s Daguerreian Registry.

[1] Not all first names or complete addresses were recorded in article.   Craig’s Daguerreian Registry was used to assist in identification when possible first name and address were added.


Deyoe & Roberts

1849-1850       Rooms on Court Street, Over Merrill & Root’s Hat Store, Binghamton, New                             York.

Deyoe & Roberts were recorded in an advertisement that ran from December 19, 1849 to January 16, 1850 in the Broome Republican (Binghamton, New York).  Daguerrean Gallery.  The Subscribers respectfully announce that they have taken rooms on Court Street, over Merrill and Root’s Hat Store, where they will remain for a few weeks.  Their experience in the Art, the perfection of their Apparatus, and the superior character of their Chemical Preparations, are sufficient guarantee of their ability to take good and correct Likenesses.  The attention of the public is solicited to the following statement:

First—We have the best quality of materials and a Superior Camera.  This powerful instrument has been pronounced by the author of the American Treatise on daguerreotype, a rare specimen of Optical Skill.

2nd—The process employed by us enables us to produce, at will, pictures of any desired tone.  The rich shading of the Messotint, the Rose hue of Childhood, or the pure Alabaster whiteness of the face of beauty.

Also, a first rate Camera and other Daguerrean Stock for sale.  L. W. Deyoe, Geo. C. Roberts.

L. W. Deyoe and George C. Roberts are not recorded in other photographic directories.