As I continue researching newspapers and developing longer articles. I have started to go through my files and post selected names that I don’t have a lot of information on, but are new name that have not been recorded in other photographic directories or histories.  In some cases it may be a new location, or activity dates.  I am not trying to duplicate work that has already been done by others, but will reference other photographic directories and histories to verify names or address and add information for the longer articles with the proper attribution.  To date (February 10, 2018) I have an estimated 2,935 files which identify image makers between 1839 and 1860.  This number will only grow as I continue to scratch the surface of the known newspapers published.

My hope is that by sharing these records it will broaden our collective knowledge into the first twenty years of photography.

Starting with Abbot posted on January 29, 2018.