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Webber & Lancey

1850                Lemist’s Building, over Dr. Webber’s Dentistry Rooms, Roxbury, Massachusetts

Webber & Lancey (Cushing Webber & Samuel F. Lancey, Jr.) were recorded in one advertisement that appeared in the Norfolk County Journal (Roxbury, Massachusetts) on October 19.  Dissolution of Copartnership.  The Copartnership heretofore existing between Webber & Lancey, is this day dissolved by mutual consent.  The business of the late firm will be settled by Cushing Webber.  C. Webber, S. F. Lancey, Jr. Roxbury, Oct. 2d, 1850.

Cushing Webber is not recorded in other photographic directories, Samuel F. Lancey, Jr. is recorded in other directories as being active in Roxbury from 1849 to 1856.

R. M. or R. W. Pike

1852                71 Washington Street, Roxbury, Massachusetts.

R. M or R. W. Pike was recorded in two advertisements that ran in the Norfolk County Journal  (Roxbury, Massachusetts).  The first advertisement ran from November 20 to December 4, 1852.  Daguerreotyping!  For the past 10 months there has been a connected with the above Store a suit of Daguerrian Rooms, which have been patronized by the thousands who have gone away satisfied that there was no place in Roxbury, and but few in Boston, where such Life-like Pictures could be obtained as at these Rooms.  The rooms are situated on the first floor, thereby being very easy of access, especially to the aged and infirm.  Having secured a strong north light, we are enabled to give any desired tone to our pictures.  In convenience for taking Children these rooms are not surpassed by any now in operation.  We can produce a light so powerful as to give a perfect picture in from 1 to 3 seconds.  Pictures taken here are warranted never to fade or to change in the least.

Those in want of Pictures are respectfully invited to examine our specimens.  We will not speak of the Artist, as his work speaks for itself.  Perfect satisfaction is guaranteed in all cases or no charge will be made.  Prices as low as any other establishment.

N.B.—Entrance to the Daguerrian Rooms, No. 71 Washington Street, on the 1st floor.  Don’t forget the Number — 71.  R. M. Pike, Daguerrean Artist.  Roxbury, November 19, 1852.

The second advertisement ran from November 20 to December 4, 1852.  Daguerreotypes!!!  We would advise all in want of perfect duplicates of themselves or friends, to call at Thompson’s Daguerrean Rooms, No. 71 Washington street, Roxbury.  This suite of Rooms have been fitted up with a view to the comfort as well as convenience of its patrons.  Their ease of access, being on the first floor, recommend them especially to the patronage of the aged and infirm.  All their arrangements partake of the most modern improvement.  The Artist, R. W. Pike, Esq, is a gentleman every way qualified for the position he occupies, and one who always pleases those who will be pleased with good pictures or polite attentions.  His pictures are of the highest order, and will not suffer by comparison, with those taken at the first Rooms in Boston.  Fail is a word unknown in his vocabulary.  Give him a call.  Roxbury, Nov. 20, 1852.

R. M. or R. W. Pike are not recorded in other photographic directories.


1852                79 Washington Street, Roxbury, Massachusetts.

Hall was recorded in an advertisement that ran from April 24 to December 4, 1852 in the Norfolk County Journal (Roxbury, Massachusetts).  Removal….To….Daguerreotype Establishment….In….Bacon’s Block, 79 Washington Street, Roxbury.

The subscriber would respectfully inform the inhabitants of Roxbury and vicinity, that he has recently purchased the well known Daguerrian Saloon, with all its fixtures, apparatus, &c., &c., in Bacon’s Block, and removed his to the same.  Having fitted up the rooms at great expense, for convenience, &c. He will continue the Daguerreotype business in all its branches.  Said Saloon has a large Sky Light, which gives the most perfect counterfeit of the subject—

Clearness And Brilliancy, with Relief and Life-like appearance in the Likeness.

He would further state, that he has engaged the services of Mr. Hall, a practical operator, and can warrant Likenesses as perfect as any taken at any other establishment in the country;—also, that his Chemicals, Gildings, &c. Are manufactured by himself alone, and in them he has made a decided improvement, which is highly pleasing both to the operator and the subject.  By the means of his new, beautiful and accelerating Chemical agent, Miniatures from the veriest Child, as well as the grey-haired Father, will be executed in the very short space of from three to fifteen seconds, bearing any tone, from a deep rich Shade to the Freshness Of Life! As taste or fancy may direct.

Ladies and gentlemen are invited to call and judge for themselves.

At his establishment Miniatures will be executed in the highest perfection of the art, single or in groups, with or without color, and well set in frames, cases, pins, rings, lockets, &c., and no person will be expected to take them, unless perfectly satisfied.

Sick and deceased person’s Likenesses taken at their residences, at short notice and on reasonable terms.                     Roxbury, April 20, 1852.                        S. F. Lancey, Jr.

Hall is not recorded in other photographic directories.  It is possible that Hall is Benjamin F. Hall who was active in Boston in 1854 and 1855, but this is only speculation.