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F. M. Slater

1858                Sixth Street, Near Chestnut, Evansville, Indiana.

F. M. Slater was recorded in three announcements in The Evansville Daily Journal (Evansville, Indiana).  The first announcement appeared on February 25, 1858.  We learn that the Ambrotype Car of F. M. Slater on Sixth street near Chestnut is crowded daily with visitors.  We also hear that Mr. Slater is making pictures 25 percent lower than any artist in town.

The second announcement appeared on March 3, 1858.  Ambrotypes for 50 cents at Slater’s Car on Sixth street near Chestnut.

The third announcement appeared on April 29, 1858.  A great Battle with the Mormons.  On the 26th of this month Slater’s Ambrotype Car will be moved to the upper part of the city.  Those who wish to get pictures while the car is still on Sixth street, will please call soon.  Pictures for fifty cents.

F. M. Slater is not recorded in other photographic directories.

John Piper

1858                            Daguerreian Car on the Railroad Square, Dowagiac, Michigan.                1858-1859                 Rooms over F. J. Baum & Co.’s Clothing Store, Dowagiac, Michigan.

John Piper was recorded in three advertisements and one announcement in The Cass County Republican (Dowagiac, Michigan).  The first advertisement ran from May 6 to November 4, 1858.  John Piper, Ambrotype Artist.  Likenesses taken on short notice, and warranted not to fade.  Children’s pictures taken in one second.  Operating in Baldwin’s Daguerreian Car, on the Railroad Square, near the liberty pole, Dowagiac, Mich.  Also fine boots made to order

The second advertisement ran from May 6 to June 24, 1858.  Fine Boots.  Mr. J. Piper, at the Daguerreian Car, Respectfully announces to the citizens of Dowagiac and vicinity, that he is prepared to manufacture to order Fine Boots! Of all description, in the best style.  All work warranted.  Dowagiac, May 6, 1858.

The third advertisement ran from November 11, 1858 to July 21, 1859.  John Piper, Ambrotype Artist.  Likenesses taken on short notice, and warranted not to fade.  Children’s pictures taken in one second.  Operating in Rooms over F. J. Baum & Co.’s Clothing Store, Dowagiac, Mich.  Also fine boots made to order

The announcement appeared on September 29, 1859.  List of Premiums Awarded at the Annual Fair of the Cass County Agricultural Society, held September 21st and 22d, 1859….Class 21—Paintings And Drawings…

best ambrotypes, John Piper, 50.

John Piper is not recorded in other photographic directories.

Albert T. Lyons

1856                Public Square, Edgefield, South Carolina.                                                                    1856                Odd Fellows’ Building, Edgefield, South Carolina.

Albert T. Lyons was listed in one advertisement and three announcements in the Edgefield Advertiser (Edgefield, South Carolina).  The advertisement ran from November 5 to 19, 1856. The New Car Is Finished!  Ambrotypes, The Subscribers respectfully inform the Ladies and Gentlemen of Edgefield that their New Car is just completed in a most beautiful and perfect manner, which enables them to take the Finest Life-Like Ambrotypes, And in the best style of finish and durability that has ever been offered to the citizens of the District.

The car will remain only for a “few days” in this Town.  Therefore, if you want your likeness—and such as one as will give you satisfaction—call soon, or the Car will leave you.

They wil’ also take Ambrotypes for medallions, Broaches, Lockets, and Finger Rings.  Portraits of deceased persons copied accurately.

Come soon—come quickly, if you wou’d take advantage of the splendid opportunity now offered.  Remember, “delays are dangerous.”  A. T. Lyon & Co.

The first announcement appeared on November 12, 1856.  Leigh & Co.’s. Ambrotype Car.  This beautiful and most complete Car is now on our Public Square, under the management of Mr. A. T. Lyon, a skillful artist, and one well prepared to take Ambrotypes of every description in a style second to none.  We bespeak for Mr. Lyon an extensive patronage, first because he is a native of our Town, and secondly, because his specimens of Ambrotypes are highly creditable to any one.  See advertisement in another column.

The second announcement appeared on November 26, 1856.  “Clear The Track,” For The Ambrotype Car Will positively leave Edgefield within a week from this date.  Therefore, if you want your Ambrotype taken in a style second to none, come immediately.  A. T. Lyon & Co.

N. B.—I hope it will be born in mind that I cannot, in any instance, deliver any picture, until it is paid for. My terms are strictly on the cash system and must be rigidly adhered to.

The third announcement appeared on December 3, 1856.  Edgefield Advertiser.  (Edgefield, South Carolina.)  December 3, 1856, Vol. XXI, No. 47, P. 2.

Speaking Ambrotypes.  Mr. Albert Lyon, a native of our village, is now fully prepared to take ambrotype likenesses in the highest style of the art.  His large and beautiful car will remain for a week longer at its position in front of the Odd Fellows’ Building; and we earnestly advise all, who desire to have (for themselves or their friends) really fine copies from life, to call on him before he leaves town.  He will not allow you to depart dissatisfied.  Mr. L. deserves the greater encouragement from the fact of his having shown that home-folks can do this sort of thing as well as the Yankees; and his connection with Messrs. Leigh & Tucker gives him complete facilities.  Call Soon.

Albert T. Lyons is listed in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry, but the above verifies the connection with John Leigh and Leigh & Tucker.

Mr. Hasler

1857                Car South of Edwards’ Hotel, Marshall, Indiana.

Mr. Hasler was recorded in an announcement on April 23, 1857 in the Marshall County Democrat (Plymouth, Indiana).  For the benefit of our readers in Marshall, we would say that Mr. Hasler, Ambrotype and Melainotype Artist, has located here for a short time; and having seen a number of his pictures, we have no hesitancy in recommending him to the public as one of the best artist that has ever been in our place.  Those wishing a good likeness of themselves or friends cannot do better than to call at his Car, South of Edwards’ Hotel, where he will be pleased to wait on all who may favor him with a call.

Mr. Hasler is not recorded in other photographic directories.

W. H. Faut

1859                Address Unknown, Mitchellsville, Tennessee.

W. H. Faut, W. H. was recorded in an advertisement that ran from February 15 to 17, 1859 in the Nashville Union and American (Nashville, Tennessee).  Ambrotype Car For Sale.—An Ambrotype Car, with ample sky and side lights, curtained so as to modify the light as desired, recely carpeted, well lined, with an excellent darkroom, all so adjusted that the Artist can make with ease, the miniature desired.  The wagon and frame is well and strongly executed, room being eight by twenty feet, and can be drawn with ease on the public roads.  I offer for sale, and will sell at an extreme low price soon.  Any person wishing to purchase will find, by calling to see this a bargain:  Also will sell my stock of cases, chemicals and camera.  For further information, address W. H. Faut.  Mitchellsville, Tenn.

W. A. Faut is not listed in other photographic directories.

Dr. D. D. Dutton

1854                Address Unknown, Fairfield, Indiana.                                                                1855                In Front of Indiana American Office, Brookville, Indiana.                                      1856                West End of the Market House, Brookville, Indiana.                                      1856                Address Unknown, Metamora, Indiana.

Dr. D. D. Dutton was recorded in seven announcements in the Indiana American (Brookville, Indiana).  The first announcement appeared on March 3, 1854.  The people of Fairfield, and vicinity who have pretty faces would do well to give Dr. Dutton a call, who will spend two weeks there with his shadow catcher.  He takes pretty pictures from pretty faces, but the apparatus for taking pretty faces from ugly faces has not yet arrived.

The second announcement appeared on March 31, 1854.  Fairfield, Ind….We found Dr. Dutton on the second story, and we heard out side that the Dr. is likely to prove some remarks we made about him a few weeks ago, not exactly true, for they say he has made some powerful pretty pictures out of rather common material.

The third announcement appeared on October 13, 1854.  List Of Premiums Awarded At The Third Annual Fair Of The Franklin County Agricultural Society, Held in Brookville, In September Last…Class XVI—Unnumbered Articles….Dr. D. D. Dutton, Box of Daguerreotypes  $1.00.

The fourth announcement appeared on November 9, 1855.              Admittance Free.—Dr. Dutton charges nothing for admittance into his show wagon that graces the front of our office.  He only charges for the pictures he takes.

The fifth announcement appeared on March 14, 1856.  Ambrotyping.—Dr. Dutton [has] qualified himself for catching the pictures of good looking people according to the latest style, called Ambrotyping, which is said to be, in every respect, superior to the old fashion.  He will be found in his “Car,” west end of the Market House, for some four of five weeks, then he will start his Car to accommodate other people.

The sixth announcement appeared on April 18, 1856.  Persons who want a picture had better be in something of a hurry, as Dr. Dutton intends leaving soon.  He has just received some new material.

The seventh announcement appeared on May 2, 1856.  Dr. Dutton expects to move his picture car next Monday.  He will spend three days next week near Samuel Logan’s, and then go to Metamora in quest of Pretty People.  If you want pictures, call this week.

Dr. D. D. Dutton is not recorded in other photographic directories.

Dougherty & Crosby

1858                Car, Corner of Main & Marietta Streets, St. Clairsville, Ohio.                                  1859                Car, on Public Square, Near the Court House, St. Clairsville, Ohio.

Dougherty & Crosby were recorded two advertisements, the first advertisement ran from July 1 to 29, 1858 in the Belmont Chronicle (St. Clairsville, Ohio).  Pictures for 50 Cents.  Ambrotypes, Photographs, and all the various styles of pictures taken at Dougherty & Crosby’s Ambrotype Car, Corner of Main and Marietta Streets.  Persons wanting pictures will do well to call soon, as we will remain in town but a short time.

The second advertisement ran from January 27 to March 3, 1859 in the Belmont Chronicle (St. Clairsville, Ohio).  Back Again Dougherty & Crosby are in town again, with their Ambrotype Car.  They can be found on the Public Square, near the Court House.  Where they are prepared to execute all the various kinds of Pictures in a style of beauty.  Coloring, and durability unsurpassed.  And on the most reasonable terms.

Dougherty & Crosby are not recorded in other photographic directories.

W. J. Cunningham

1859                Address Unknown, Ebensburg, Pennsylvania.

W. J. Cunningham was listed in an announcement on December 7, 1859 in the Democrat and Sentinel (Ebensburg, Pennsylvania). By reference to our advertising column it will be seen that Mr. W. J. Cunningham has arrived in town with his “Big Wagon.” Persons wishing to have a good Ambrotype Likeness taken will do well to give him a call.  His charges are moderate, and his pictures good.

The advertisement ran from December 7 to 21, 1859 in the Democrat and Sentinel (Ebensburg, Pennsylvania).  Arrival of the “Big Wagon!”  W. J. Cunningham would respectfully inform the citizens of Ebensburg and vicinity, that he has arrived in town with his “Big Wagon” where he is prepared to take Ambrotype Likenesses in the best manner and on the latest improved styles.  Call and have a picture taken while the “Wagon” is here.  His charges will be low.

W. J. Cunningham is not listed in other photographic directories.

G. F. Bissell

G. F. Bissell was recorded in The Freeman’s Journal (Cooperstown, New York) in an advertisement that ran on September 23 & 30, 1859.

For Sale.  An Ambrotype Car, nearly new, and in good repair, together with the apparatus and furniture.  Instruction in the art given to the purchaser free.  Terms of payment made easy.  The above property will be sold cheap, and offers a rare chance for some enterprising young man wishing steady, easy and profitable employment.  G. F. Bissell, Laurens, Sept. 19, 1859.

Bissell name is not recorded in other photographic directories.  The possibility exist that Bissell is not a photographer that he is just selling the car, but the possibility also exist that he is selling the car and giving the instructions to whoever purchases the car.