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Louis L. Bishop

1845                285 Broadway, New York, New York.

1847                12 Maiden-Lane, Up Stirs, New York, New York.

1850                23 Maiden Lane, New York, New York.

Louis L. Bishop was recorded in eight advertisements, seven in The New York Herald, one in the New York Tribune and on one title page.  The first advertisement in The New York Herald ran from July 25 to 27, 1845.  Ruins Of The Burnt District.  The Daguerreotype View of these Ruins, taken from Exchange Place, opposite the spot where stood Crocker & Warren’s store, may be seen at Louis L. Bishop’s, Daguerrian Artist, No. 285 Broadway.

The view, embracing all the ruins in Broad street, New street and Broadway, in their actual state, and such as it will soon be impossible to obtain, forms a picture most interesting to preserve in commemoration of the sad calamity of the 19th inst.  It will be disposed of at a reasonable price.

Apply as above, at Louis L. Bishop’s Daguerreotype Rooms, 285 Broadway.

The title page illustration for The Gipsey in the North published in 1846 is a portrait of Miss Julia L. Northall engraved by Francis D’Avignon, Lithograph by G. & W. Endicott, after a daguerreotype by Louis L. Bishop.   

Advertisement ran from March 18 to April 2, 1847 in Herald.  Daguerreotype Plates.  Just Received per ship Burgundy—

3000 Daguerreotype Plates, full size.

6000 do                       do      Medium size.

From the best French manufacturers.  For sale at the lowest prices, by Louis L. Bishop, importer, 12 Maiden Lane, up stairs.                                                                                                         

The third advertisement ran from June 1 to 14, 1847 in the New York Daily Tribune.  (New York, New York).  Daguerreotype Plates.—The best and cheapest Daguerreotype Plates for sale at Louis L. Bishop’s 12 Maiden-lane, up stairs.

The fourth advertisement ran from June 18 to 20, 1847 in The Herald.  Daguerreotype Plates—Louis L. Bishop, No. 12 Maiden-lane, begs leave to inform all persons in want of Daguerreotype Plates, that he has now a full stock on hand, and is ready to sell them at the reduced price which he has lately announced to his regular customers.  Orders to be directed to Louis L. Bishop, No. 12 Maiden-lane, N. Y.                                                         

The fifth advertisement appeared on March 24, 1850 in the Herald.  To Daguerrian Artists—Louis L. Bishop’s Daguerreotype Plates, warranted to give to portraits a richer tone than any other plates, are for sale at Victor Bishop’s, Importer, 23 maiden Lane, N. Y.

The sixth advertisement ran from April 23 to 30, 1850 in the Herald.  Important to Daguerrean Artists.

To Mr. Victor Bishop, No. 23 Maiden lane, N. Y.

Dear Sir—We cheerfully testify that we have used for some time Louis L. Bishop’s plates, and that they are decidedly superior to all others, either imported or manufactured here.  Beckers & Piard, 201 Broadway.

Those plates are marked in full with the name of Louis L. Bishop, and are for sale only at Victor Bishop’s, No. 23 Maiden Lane.

The seventh advertisement ran from May 3 to June 1, 1850 in the Herald.  Daguerreotype Plates—Lewis L. Bishop’s Plates, acknowledged superior to all others, for sale by Victor Bishop, 23 Maiden lane.

The Eighth advertisement ran from September 17 to 24, 1850 also in the Herald.  Daguerreotype Plates—Great Reduction in price.  We are now enabled to sell Louis L. Bishop’s plates, at $30 per hundred, full size.  They are warranted superior to any other, and sold with the privilege of returning those that would not give entire satisfaction.  Victor Bishop, 23 Maiden lane, up stairs.

Louis L. Bishop is recorded in Craig’s Daguerreian Register as being active from 1845-1848.