W. H. Conant

1859                292 Main Street, Calhoun Block, Memphis Tennessee.

W. H. Conant was recorded in an announcement on July 30, 1859 in the Memphis Daily Appeal (Memphis, Tennessee).  Artistic.—W. H. Conant, portrait painter and Photographist, respectfully informs the citizens of Memphis that he has taken rooms in the Calhoun Block, No. 292 Main street, adjoining Mr. Yearout’s daguerrean gallery. Portraits and photographs in oil on canvass, cabinet or life size, will be painted from life, ambrotypes or daguerreotypes.

W. H. Conant is not recorded in other photographic directories. He was also not listed in The New York Historical Society’s Dictionary of American Artist 1564-1860.

Henry Conant

1848                15 Fourth Story, Central Exchange, Worcester, Massachusetts.                      1850                Address Unknown, Worcester, Massachusetts.

Henry Conant was recorded in an advertisement the ran from January 27 to April 6, 1848 in The Massachusetts Cataract and Temperance Standard (Worcester & Boston, Massachusetts).    H. Conant’s Daguerreotype Rooms, No. 15 Fourth Story, Central Exchange.

The attention of the public is invited to the excellent tone and beauty of the Pictures taken at this place—the perfect delineation of the features and drapery—the expression of the countenance, and the life-like appearance which they exhibit.

Miniatures put up in silk-lined case for $1.  Other prices according to richness or size of case, or number of pictures on a plate.

Ladies and Gentlemen are respectfully invited to call and examine specimens before engaging elsewhere, as they will be waited upon with pleasure whether they contemplate sitting for a Miniature or not.

Henry Conant was not recorded in A Directory of Massachusetts Photographers 1839-1900.  He was recorded in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry in 1850 without a business address.

Mr. Combs

1846                Rooms at City Hotel, Baton-Rough, Louisiana.

Mr. Combs was recorded in an announcement that ran on February 28, 1846 in the Baton-Rouge Gazette (Baton-Rouge, Louisiana).  Daguerreotype.—Those of our citizens who may be desirous of having their portraits taken, are invited to pay a visit to Mr. Combs, at the City Hotel.  The papers published in the various places he has visited, speak highly of his talents as an artist.

Mr. Combs is not recorded in other photographic directories.

Sabin W. Colton

1856                265 Race Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. [1]

Sabin W. Colton was recorded in the April 1, 1856 issue of the Photographic and fine Arts Journal (New York, New York).  In an article entitled the Photographic Galleries of America.  Number Two, Philadelphia. The author visited 57 Galleries in Philadelphia.

Colton. — A pretty good gallery, if better arranged and more care given to manipulation.

Sabin W. Colton was recorded in Philadelphia from 1850 to 1857.

[1] Not all first names or complete addresses were recorded in article.   Craig’s Daguerreian Registry was used to assist in identification when possible first name and address were added.


L. W. Colton

1849                825, 826 & 27 Foot’s Block, Springfield, Massachusetts.

L. W. Colton was recorded in an advertisement which ran from March 14 to May 8, 1849 in the Springfield Daily Republican (Springfield, Massachusetts). O. H. Cooley has this day associated with him Mr. L. W. Colton, and the business will hereafter by conducted under the name of O. H. Cooley & Co., at the old stand in Foot’s new building, where they will continue to give the public more of those unrivalled Sky-Light Daguerreotypes, which have gained for this establishment its just and far famed celebrity, and they hope by unceasing endeavors to please, to merit a continuance of the public patronage.  The Rooms will be open for visitors from 8 o’clock A. M. until sunset.  All are invited to call and examine specimens whether they wish for pictures or not.

O. H. Cooley would also request those who have unsettled accounts to call as soon as practicable and settle the same with him or Prof. Atwater, who is yet at hand at his department in No. 8.

L. W. Colton is not recorded in other photographic directories. It is unknown if Colton is a daguerreotypist or just a business partner.

Cole & Lovell

1849                Gallery in Tallmadge Block, Lancaster, Ohio.

Cole & Lovell were recorded in an advertisement that ran from June 22 to July 6, 1849 in The Lancaster Gazette (Lancaster, Ohio).  Daguerreotype Likenesses!  Cole & Lovell, Would respectfully inform the inhabitants of Lancaster and vicinity, that they have opened their Daguerrian gallery in Tallmadge’s Block, for a short time, where they will be found in readiness to execute Likenesses equal to any in the West for depth of tone and softness of light and shade.  Having given their undivided attention to the business for several years in the Eastern cities, they feel confident they can suit all who may favor them with a call.

Those wishing for a beautiful likeness of themselves or friends, will do well to call soon, while so favorable an opportunity offers.  Gold and Plated Lockets on hand.  Pictures taken equally as well in cloudy as in fair weather.  Instruction given in the art.  Apparatus, &c., furnished on the most reasonable terms.

June 29, 1849 the following announcement appeared in The Lancaster Gazette (Lancaster, Ohio).  Daguerreotypes.—In another column will be found advertisement of Messrs. Cole & Lovell, who are ready to take likenesses in the most approved style.  They are good operators and make good pictures.

Cole & Lovell are not recorded in other photographic directories.

Cole & Chamblin

1853                Address Unknown, Zanesville, Ohio.                                                                                1853-1855     Rooms in Rogers Block, 3d story, Corner of Railroad & Second Streets,                                             Ironton,  Ohio.

Cole & Chamblin were recorded seven times in the Spirit of the Times (Ironton, Ohio), six advertisements and one announcement.   The announcement ran on November 8, 1853.  Daguerrean Artist.  Messrs. A. R. Cole & T. H. Chamblin from Zanesville are to occupy the upper rooms in the corner building in Rogers block, adjoining the Ironton house, Mr. Chamblin called on us one day last week, from whom we learn that they are to have the building fitted up expressly for the business, with sky-lights and other conveniences.  We wish them all the success their strictest attention and most persevering efforts may deserve.  The ornamental in life is only second to the useful.

The first advertisement ran from May 9 to June 27.             The Plastering Is Completed And the passage leading to the new Sky-light Daguerrian gallery is unobstructed.  These Rooms have been fitted up expressly for the purpose of practicing the Photographic Art, and persons calling can be assured of procuring pictures that are superior to any heretofore produced in this section of country.

Rooms in the 3d story of Rogers’ Block, corner of Railroad and Second Sts.  Entrance on Railroad St.

The second advertisement ran from July 4 to October 31, 1854.  No “Hoax,”—That As Good Daguerreotypes can be taken in Ironton, as elsewhere, is becoming generally known—let those who doubt call at the Sky-light Rooms in the third story of Rodgers’ Block, corner of Railroad and Second Sts., Entrance on Railroad Street—inside stairway.  As complete an assortment of plain and fancy cases kept constantly on hand, as can be found in any of the cities.—Also, Gold Lockets.

The third advertisement ran from November 7, 1854 to April 3, 1855.  The Daguerreian Gallery in Rogers’ Block, Corner of Railroad and Second Streets, is again open for the reception of visitors, and those wishing pictures can now be accommodated.

The fourth advertisement ran from April 17 to June 12, 1855.  Daguerreotypes are still taken in all kinds of weather, at the located Sky-light Gallery, third story Rodger’s block.  Entrance on Railroad street opposite depot.

The fifth advertisement ran from June 26 to July 10, 1855.  Cole & Chamblin’s Daguerreian Gallery will be closed from July 10th, until August 1st 1855.  Those wishing pictures would do well to avail themselves of the earliest opportunity.  Gallery, third story Rodger’s Block.  Entrance on Railroad street opposite the depot.

The sixth advertisement which ran from September 18, 1855 to January 29, 1856, shown a new proprietor.  Daguerrean Gallery.  The undersigned has fitted up the room recently occupied by Mr. Chamblin, and is now prepared to take Good Pictures, in all weather.  Paintings, Daguerreotypes and Statuary accurately copied.  Careful Instruction given in the art.  Mrs. Dauphin.

The partnership of Cole and Chamblin has not been recorded in other photographic directories.  A. R. Cole is recorded in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry in Zanesville, Ohio from 1850-1861; Ohio Photographers 1839-1900, list him from 1859-1865.  Chamblin is not recorded is either directory.  Craig does list a Thomas H. B. Chamblin in Kalamazoo, Michigan in 1860.  Ironton Mrs. Dauphin is also not recorded.  The last advertisement brings up some interesting questions.  “The undersigned has fitted up the room recently occupied by Mr. Chamblin.”  Was the partnership in name only?  Did Cole run the Zanesville operation and Chamblin the Ironton?

Samuel A. Cohner

1857                380 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, D. C.

Samuel A. Cohner was recorded in The Photographic and Fine Art Journal (New York, New York) on December 1857.  Washington Galleries.  Washington November 5, 1857.    Mr. James McCleese of Philadelphia, has opened his new gallery below the Kirkwood House.  His operator is Samuel A. Cohner, Esq., a practical chemist of some notoriety; he is very successful in all of his operations.  I was shown many of his beautiful plain photographs, that in tone and sharpness were exquisite.  But ‘tis just like Mr. McC., he never has any body about who does not fully understand his business.  His gallery is one of the finest in Washington, and the many water colored pictures that are adorning his walls, speak highly for the business.  His artists is a man of the first order and paints with unusual rapidity.  Mr. Vannerson is the agent of Mr. McClesse’s gallery, and for the length of time he has resided in Washington, no man is more capable of doing the agreeable in securing the public patronage.  This gallery will do a large share of the business the coming winter.  I fully predict a brilliant career for them, and well they deserve it.  By the time your next number appears, I hope to be able to speak more of this gallery.

Samuel A. Cohner is recorded in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry.

Jacob Cohen

Jacob Cohen was recorded in the June 10, 1850 issue of the New York Daily Tribune (New York, New York).  Destroying Daguerreotypes.—A young man named James H. Tucker, was taken into custody yesterday, charged with having, while intoxicated, entered the premises of Jacob Cohen, of 54 Canal –st. and maliciously destroying about $50 worth of daguerreotypes.  He was held to answer the charge.

Jacob Cohen is not recorded in other photographic directories.  Jacob is not listed as a daguerreotypist in the 1850 New York City Directory, resident section.  John Craig list a James Cohen at 54 Canal Street, New York from 1849-1851.  The question, is Jacob a typo in the June 10, 1850 New York Daily Tribune’s issue or is he something else?

I. L. Coffin

1858                26 Ford Street, over J. W. Glasford & Co.’s, Ogdensburgh, New York.

I. L. Coffin was recorded in an advertisement that ran on May 6 to 22, 1858 in The Daily Journal (Ogdensburgh, New York). 25 Cent Ambrotype Gallery.  The subscriber would inform the inhabitants of Ogdensburgh and vicinity, that he will stop for a few days and take Ambrotypes in cases for Twenty-Five Cents.  His gallery in over J. W. Glasford & Co.’s 26, Ford-st.

I. L. Coffin is not recorded in any other photographic directory.