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O. D. Finch

1859               264 3ed Street, East of the Post Office, Dayton, Ohio.

O. D. Finch was recorded in an announcement and an advertisement.  The announcement ran on September 5, 1859 in the Dayton Daily Empire (Dayton, Ohio).  The Presentation at Springfield.  On Saturday evening last, the Oregon Fire Company of this city went up to Springfield, for the purpose of presenting the Rover Fire Company of that city with a Large Photographic Picture….The Photograph was an excellent front view of the Oregon Engine House , flanked by 73 members of the company.  It was about 3 ft. in length by 2½ in breadth, and had about it a magnificent frame.  The Photograph was by Mr. O. D. Finch, of this city, and is a credit to them and the art….

The advertisement ran from September 20 to December 14, 1859 in the Dayton Daily Empire.  (Dayton, Ohio).  Opening Of New Daguerreotype & Photographic Rooms, (September 6th.) At the Gallery of Art, 264, 3ed Street, East Of The Post Office.  The Subscriber Respectfully informs his friends and patrons, that he has resumed his old business of Daguerreotyping in connection with his Gallery of Painting, for which purpose he has fitted up rooms in the most elegant style, over his Picture Frame and Looking Glass Store.  Having secured the services of Mr. O. D. Finch, who has the reputation of being one of the most skillful Photographist in the West, he thinks he cannot fail to render the most entire satisfaction to all who want a faithful likeness.

Picture Frames of every description, and looking Glasses of all sizes, always on hand, or made to order.        sep 6.   T. W. Cridland.

O. D. Finch is not recorded in other photographic directories.

S. B. Barnaby

S. B. Barnaby advertisement was recorded in the Eaton Democrat. (Eaton, Ohio.) on November 16, 1854 and ran until March 15, 1855. Complete advertisement appears below no address, city or town is recorded in the ad.

Barnaby’s Mercantile College Opened. Hours of Instruction. From 8¼ to 12 o’clock A. M. From 1 to 4, P. M.  Evening Classes, Will commence at 7 o’clock, precisely.  For terms of instruction in Book-Keeping or Penmanship. — Apply at the—College Rooms—or at—Barnaby’s Daguerrean Gallery.

The Principal has secured the services of practical accountants, as assistants, and will spare no pains or expense to make the course of instruction more interesting and instructive than any other institution in the West.

Diplomas Awarded to Graduates. Nov.16, ’54.  S. B. Barnaby, Principal.

S. B. Barnaby is recorded in Ohio Photographers, 1839-1900 (Diane VanSkiver Gagel) as being active in Dayton Ohio from 1846 to 1857. Doing a quick internet search Barnaby’s Mercantile College is in Dayton Ohio during this time period (1854-1855.)

W. Anderson

W. Anderson was recorded on October 23, 1847 in The Spirit of Democracy, published in Woodsfield, Ohio. He has taken rooms at John Steed’s and is prepared to execute daguerreotype likenesses in a superior style, either colored or in mezzotint. They will find Mr. Anderson not only skillful, but urbane, and prepossessing in his manners; placing every visitor at his ease, and insuring confidence and comfort in the sitting.

It is unknown how long Anderson spent in Woodsfield.  Both Craig’s Daguerreian Registry and  Ohio Photographers 1839-1900 list William Anderson, III in Dayton, Ohio from 1850-1857.  Ohio Photographers also list a W. Anderson in Dayton in 1853.  It is unknown if they are the same person or possibly three different daguerreotypist.