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Cole & Lovell

1849                Gallery in Tallmadge Block, Lancaster, Ohio.

Cole & Lovell were recorded in an advertisement that ran from June 22 to July 6, 1849 in The Lancaster Gazette (Lancaster, Ohio).  Daguerreotype Likenesses!  Cole & Lovell, Would respectfully inform the inhabitants of Lancaster and vicinity, that they have opened their Daguerrian gallery in Tallmadge’s Block, for a short time, where they will be found in readiness to execute Likenesses equal to any in the West for depth of tone and softness of light and shade.  Having given their undivided attention to the business for several years in the Eastern cities, they feel confident they can suit all who may favor them with a call.

Those wishing for a beautiful likeness of themselves or friends, will do well to call soon, while so favorable an opportunity offers.  Gold and Plated Lockets on hand.  Pictures taken equally as well in cloudy as in fair weather.  Instruction given in the art.  Apparatus, &c., furnished on the most reasonable terms.

June 29, 1849 the following announcement appeared in The Lancaster Gazette (Lancaster, Ohio).  Daguerreotypes.—In another column will be found advertisement of Messrs. Cole & Lovell, who are ready to take likenesses in the most approved style.  They are good operators and make good pictures.

Cole & Lovell are not recorded in other photographic directories.

H. Bisbee

H. Bisbee was recorded in the American Lancaster Gazette (Lancaster, Ohio.) in an advertisement that ran from March 11 to April 22, 1858. The date of the Advertisement recorded at the end of the ad is January 28, 1858.  There are a lot of voids in the newspapers that I had access to. The first issue started on February 15, (Volume 2, No. 41) and ran uninterrupted to December 27, 1855.  The only issues available in 1856 was between January 3 to February 28, and One issue on December 11. In 1857 there were only three issues available October 1 to 15.  In 1858 missing from the database were newspapers published between January 7 to March 4, September 28 and October 7 and 14.  In 1859 there were only two issues missing March 31 and May 19.

In looking through Craig’s Daguerreian Registry and Ohio Photographers 1839-1900, H. Bisbee is not recorded.  Albert Bisbee is recorded in both books and an A. Bisbee is recorded in Ohio Photographers (possibly same person.)  Albert Bisbee was active in Dayton, Columbus, Cleveland and Zanesville.  Albert Bisbee and Y. Day patented the Sphereotype on May 27, 1856. It is unknown if H. is a typo or if H. is a relative.

Fifty Cent Pictures Going Off By The Dozen At Bisbee’ Ambrotype & Sphereotype “One Horse Side-Light Rooms,” which Have Not Proved a Failure Yet, But are open Daily at the Corner of Main and Columbus Streets, (rooms formerly occupied as an Ice-Cream Saloon, Where the citizens and inhabitants of the surrounding country are invited to call and examine our “Side-Light” Pictures, and compare them with those made at the two horse ‘Sky-Light Gallery.’

We have just received from New York, A Large Supply of Cases, of all qualities and prices, and are now prepared to furnish all who wish, with an Ambrotype Likeness, cheaper than the cheapest.  We also own the exclusive right to make (what the two horse “sky-light” professor calls “our new style pictures.” better known throughout the United States and Europe, as “Bisbee’s Patent Sphereotype.” the most durable and beautiful of all pictures, each of which, when properly finished, has the Patent Stamp on the mat, and no stealing or infringing on others rights.

We are also willing to furnish the Prof. with any number of “pictures” made by our own individual self, at our “One-horse small window side light rooms” that he may use as specimens, to assist in “getting up a reputation for him,” to bring him up even, so that we can trot along together, “It is really a wonder that our friend” did not think of this scheme himself a long time ago, it would have saved him the expense of circulating so many bills every month, making “a great cry, and little” pictures.  We would recommend that he examine the (Patent) “Law’ more carefully to which he has reference, and there he will see why the Patent stamp is a proper finish, and also the consequences of not finishing properly.—

As to his right to make the Sphereotype he has just the same to rob a bank, provided some shrewd boy should sell him printed instructions (for one dollar) how to do it; we also advise him (for his sake) to throw no more stones at “small windows” while he has so “large ones exposed, of which he boasts.—Those wishing a “Genuine Sphereotype” or perfect” Ambrotype” can obtain them at our rooms, at half the price for which they are sold at the two-horse “Sky-Light gallery” and better pictures than he dare make.  Lancaster, January 28, 1858.  H. Bisbee.

Adolphus Behn

Adolphus Behn is recorded in an advertisement in The Lancaster Gazette (Lancaster, Ohio) on July 7, 1848.  The advertisement ran until August 25, 1848.

Daguerreotype.  The undersigned respectfully announces to the citizens of Lancaster        and the public in general, that he is prepared to take Daguerreotype Likenesses, both single ones and family groups.  The prices are from $1 to $3 according to size, frames included.  Office at Mr. Lange’s.  Wheeling Street, Opposite F. A. Foster’s Residence, from 9 to 12 and from 1 to 3 o’clock every day.  Adolphus Behn.  Lancaster, July 7, 1848.

An Adolphus Behn is recorded in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry and Biographies of Western Photographers as being in LaGrange, Texas in February 1847.  It is unknown if they are the same person.  He has not been recorded in other photographic directories.