William R. Rhoades

1859                South Side of Main Street, Lancaster, Ohio

William R. Rhoades was recorded in two advertisements in the American Lancaster Gazette (Lancaster, Ohio).  The first advertisement ran from July 21 to August 4, 1859.  Wm. R. Rhodes’ Photographic Fine Arts Gallery, South Side of Main St, One Door West of the Hocking Valley Bank, Lancaster, Ohio.

These Rooms, under the superintendence of the present proprietor, having gained a celebrity far in advance of that of any other establishment of the kind in this vicinity, for making beautiful, life-like and perfect likenesses.

These rooms have again been renovated, refitted and furnished from Hall to Gallery, and now display an air of neatness, taste and comfort seldom met with in cities of similar size, and it is hoped the efforts made to please will be appreciated by the community, and we have no doubt but they will, by persons of good taste and judgement sic., as they can rest assured, and very readily see that they can get Pictures which cannot be surpassed any where, and prices of Pictures at these Booms have lately been reduced to half what they formerly have been, and even as low as Ten Cents.  Only think of it, an Ambrotype likeness for Ten Cents.  Call one, call all at the great western Picture gallery.  Lancaster, July 21, 1859.

The second advertisement ran from August 11 to December 29, 1859.  Wm. R. Rhoads’ Photographic Fine Art Gallery, South Side Of main Street, One Door West of the Hocking Valley Bank, Lancaster, Ohio.  Lancaster, August 11, 1859.

William R. Rhoades is recorded in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry as being active in Circleville, Ohio in 1859 which is about twenty miles away.  Ohio Photographers 1839-1900 does list Rhodes in both locations in 1859-1860.

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