Mr. Reynolds

ND                  Address Unknown, Albany, New York.                                                                          ND                  Address Unknown, New York, New York.                                                                            1850               Address Unknown, Penn Yan, New York.

Mr. Reynolds was recorded in one advertisement that ran from September 3 to 17, 1850 in the Penn Yan Democrat (Penn-Yan, New York).  Daguerreotypes!  Mr. Reynolds, of New York who formerly operated for Meade & Bro. of Albany, has taken rooms over Rose’s store,—and having availed himself of the recent improvements in the art, the finish of his Pictures will in no way inferior to Brady and other artists of New York who are working after this late improved process.  Pictures finished by this process have a beauty of tone, roundness of features and distinctness of outline that far surpass those by the old method, and may readily be seen in any light.

Mr. Reynolds has brought with him his full gallery of over 100 specimens, containing portraits from life of some of our eminent men among which is one of the late President Taylor.

He has on hand a supply of Lockets and Fancy cases.  Having one of the best instruments he is enabled to take correct Likenesses in any weather—and children of any age, that can sit still five seconds.

Please call immediately, as he will remain but a short time.  Peen Yan, Aug. 27, 1850.

Mr. Reynolds is not recorded in other photographic directories.

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