George W. Rhodes

1856-1858       near the Park House, Whitehall, New York.

George W. Rhodes was recorded in two announcements.  The first announcement appeared on  November 29, 1856 in The Troy Weekly Times (Troy, New York).  Fire.  Whitehall, Nov. 23.  A fire broke out here this P. M., in a block of buildings adjoining the Park House, owned by Johnson & Wheeler.  The buildings were occupied as follows:  R. C. Johnson, dwelling house and wholesale Grocery; H. & A. Renois, Dry Goods and Bakery; G. W. Rhodes, Ambrotypes, and several other offices.  The whole block was consumed.  Loss about $10.000; partially insured.  Origin of fire unknown.  Several persons were severely injured at the fire.

The second announcement appeared in the Essex County Republican (Keeseville, New York) on  May 28, 1858.  We visited the Ambrotype Saloon of Mr. Rhodes, near the Parke House, Whitehall, a few days since.  This establishment is fitted up in a very beautiful manner, and the instruments are among the best in the State.  He has an elegant assortment of Cases, and his skill in taking Pictures is not to be questioned.  If you want a good likeness of any size or style, with case to match, at a very low figure, call on Rhodes.

Craig’s Daguerreian Registry list George W. Rhodes as a spelling variant for George W. Rhoades and active in Whitehall, New York in 1859.

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