W. H. Rhodes

1856                Address Unknown, Plymouth, Indiana.

W. H. Rhodes was recorded in two announcements and two advertisements in the Marshall County Democrat (Plymouth, Indiana).  The first announcement appeared on March 13, 1856.  In another column will be found the advertisement of W. H. Rhodes & Co., Ambrotype Artists.  We have seen specimen pictures taken by this mode, and think they are superior to the Daguerreotype.—Give them a call.  Rooms at J. E. Armstrong’s Daguerrean Gallery.

The first advertisement ran from March 13 to April 10, 1856.  Ambrotype Likenesses!  The attention of the public is called to the fact that W. H. Rhodes is now occupying the rooms of J. E. Armstrong, in this village, where he is taking Ambrotype Likenesses!

The pictures taken by this method are far superior to the Daguerreotype, in life-like appearance—are on glass, and are perfectly durable.  Full satisfaction guaranteed to all who may favor him with their custom.

Those wanting likenesses will please call immediately, as the Rooms will positively be closed in thirty days, Mr. Armstrong having discontinued the business here.  W. H. Rhodes & Co.

The second announcement appeared on April 3, 1856.  W. H. Rhodes & Co. Ambrotype Artist, who have been stopping at the Daguerrean rooms of J. E. Armstrong, will remain in town this week only.  During their stay here, they have given more general satisfaction than any artist who have ever visited this place, and there has been a sufficient number for us to judge of real merit.  The Ambrotype is a great improvement on the Daguerreotype, possessing a greater brilliancy; a more exact life like appearance, and, is not in the least impaired by age.  We have seen a number of their specimens, and can truly say that they excel anything of the kind that we have ever seen got up in Hoosierdom.  Any person desiring a similitude of their physiognomy, will never have a more favorable opportunity than the one new offered.  We have often heard persons say they would give most anything in their possession for a likeness of relatives or dear friends, and to such of our readers we would say that an opportunity like the present may not have a recurrence, as our resident artist contemplates removing in a short time.

The second advertisement ran from November 27 to December 18, 1856.  Ambrotypes.  Those having Ambrotypes, taken by W. H. Rodes & Co., that have failed to be what they were represented, can have them taken again, free of charge, by calling at the Daguerrean Rooms of John E. Armstrong, from the 1st to the 7th of December.  J. E. Armstrong.

W. H. Rhodes is not listed in other photographic directories.


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