L. M. Rice

1853                On the Common, Barre, Massachusetts.

L. M. Rice was recorded in two announcements and one advertisement in the Barre Gazette (Barre, Massachusetts).  The first announcement appeared on September 2, 1853.  Rices Sky-Light Daguerreotypes.  The American Miniature Palace will be in Barre about the 20th of September, and will remain a few days—during which time will be executed, in its neatly and well arranged rooms, work that shall defy competition, from any source whatever.  L. M. Rice. August 26, 1853.

The second announcement appeared on September 23, 1853.  Arrival Of The American Miniature Palace In Barre.  This splendid Daguerreotype establishment is now located on the Common, in this village, and the proprietor cordially invites the citizens of Barre and vicinity, to call and examine specimens of the art whether they are desirous of procuring Daguerreotypes or not.

Ever prompted by a strong desire to give perfect satisfaction to all and a steady determination to excel as an artist.  Mr. Rice has had for the last eight years the most flattering success fully assuring him his efforts have not been in vain.

Prices as cheap as at any other establishment, quality of the work considered.  L. M. Rice.

The advertisement appeared on November 4, 1853.  Pictures at Home Only Two Weeks Longer!!!  Do you wish to procure a first class Daguerreotype, without the trouble and expense of going to Worcester or Boston to obtain it—one quite as good as those taken at either place?  If so, please call at the American Miniature Palace, in Barre, where you will find an Artist that can suit you, if a good picture will do it.  L. M. Rice.  Barre, Oct. 21, 1853

L. M. Rice  is not recorded in other photographic directories as being acting in 1853 in Barre, Massachusetts.  An L. M. Rice is recorded in A Directory Of Massachusetts Photographers 1839-1900 as being active in Brookfield, Massachusetts, ca. 1864-66,  Information from the reverse of a carte de visite of O. P. Townsend’s “Successor to L. M. Rice.  with a green three cent  U. S. Inter. Revenue Proprietary tax stamp.  Another carte de visite does exist with the same information without a tax stamp.  The only hard date for Townsend is from The New England Business Directory for 1860.  The distance between Barre and Brookfield is a about sixteen miles.  It is possible they are the same person.

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