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U. S. Daguerreotype Company

N. D.               30 & 32 West Fourth Street, Cincinnati, Ohio.

1855                105 Superior Street, Cleveland, Ohio.

N. D.  Ninth Plate advertising card in C. L. Branch’s collection, posted on Facebook.

U. S. Daguerreotype Company, Tyler & Co., Nos. 30 and 32, West Fourth St., Cincinnati.

Thirty operators employed in making 800 Portraits daily, by a new German process connected with machinery, and the triple Camera, which takes three likenesses at one sitting.

Superior Daguerreotypes for 25 cents and upwards.  Tyler & Co.

1855.   Ohio Photographers 1839-1900.  By Diane VanSkiver Gagel. 

United States Daguerreotype Co.  103 Superior Street, Cleveland, Ohio.

Tyler & Company are recorded in many photographic directories.  It is unknown at this time if Tyler & Company were involved with the 1855 gallery in Cleveland. 

Mr. Schwert

N. D.               Address Unknown, Cleveland, Ohio.

1859                Address Unknown, Ashland, Ohio.

Mr. Schwert was recorded in one announcement on October 19, 1859 in The Ashland Union.  (Ashland, Ohio).  Photographs.—Mr. Ensminger had on exhibition at the county Fair as fine a collection of colored Photographs as can be found in any gallery in any city East or West.  The coloring of these Photographs was executed by Mr. Schwert, late of Cleveland.  Mr. S. will remain in Ashland two or three weeks, and all who desire to obtain for themselves or friends life-like Pictures, should avail themselves of the rare opportunity now offered.  A visit to Mr. Ensminger’s gallery will compensate all who appreciate good pictures.

A second announcement appeared on October 26, 1859 in The Ashland Union (Ashland, Ashland Ohio). Mr. Schwert’s name does not appear but should have also been credited.  Premiums Awarded at the Eighth Annual Fair of the Ashland County Agricultural Society…

Best painted photographs, E. Ensminger, diploma and 5, 00.

Mr. Schwert is not recorded in other photographic directories.  He is also not recorded in The New York Historical Society’s Dictionary of American Artists 1564 to 1860.

John H. Ryder

1859                            Merchants’ Bank Building, Cleveland, Ohio.

John H. Ryder was recorded in one advertisement and one announcement in The Ashland Union (Ashland, Ohio). The advertisement ran from March 2 to November 2, 1859.  Ryder’s Premium Photographic Gallery of Art.  Merchants’ Bank Building, Cleveland, O.  The best Oil-painting Photographs in Ohio, are executed at this establishment.

Persons having old Daguerreotypes of lost or absent friends, which they wish to put in more permanent and effective shape, can have them copied in Photograph, to the size of life and painted in oil equal to portraits from life.

Allen Smith, Jr., paints for no other Photographist in this city.                                                          All the various styles of small pictures taken in a superior manner.

The announcement appeared on May 18, 1859.  Ryder, of Cleveland, the celebrated Photographist, advertises in our paper this week.  A great fellow is that Ryder to make himself know.  When we lived in the State of New York, his name became perfectly familiar to us, though he was located in a city much further off than Cleveland is from Norwalk.  And it was all on account of his thorough knowledge of the picture business and enterprise in advertising.  Those who desire a life-like representation of themselves, done up by a master in the Photographic art, should be sure to pay Rider’s Gallery a visit the first time they go to Cleveland.  We’ll warrant them satisfaction.—Norwalk Experiment.

We had that satisfaction ourselves a few days since.  Mr. Ryder exhibited to us some as fine specimens of the art as we have ever seen in any city in the Union.  Those who visit Cleveland and neglect to call at Ryder’s Rooms, lose a sight of one of the most attractive places in the city.

John H. Ryder is recorded in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry as being active in Cleveland in 1857-1858.  Ohio Photographers 1839 -1900 list him as being active in Cleveland 1857-1858; and from 1860-1898.

Mrs. Cain or Cane

1859                200 Superior, South Side, Cleveland, Ohio.

Two entries today, Mrs. Cain and Mrs. Cane, they are probably the same person.  Mrs.  Cain is recorded in an advertisement that ran on May 23 to 31, 1859 in the Cleveland Morning Leader (Cleveland, Ohio.)  Ambrotypes And Photographs.—Mrs. Cain has her picture gallery at her old stand, No. 200 Superior street (South Side).  First class pictures taken on reasonable terms, and warranted to suit.                          my18.

Mrs. Cane

1858                106 Superior Street, South Side, Cleveland, Ohio.

Mrs. Cane was recorded in an advertisement that ran from July 24 to October, 20, 1858 in the  Cleveland Morning Leader (Cleveland, Ohio.)  Mrs. Cane, Ambrotype and Melaneotype Artist, No. 106 Superior St., South Side.) Cleveland, Ohio.

Mrs. Cain or Cane does not appear in John Craig’s Daguerreian Registry or in Diane VanSkiver Gagel’s Ohio Photographers 1839-1900.  In addition information from the Cleveland City Directories for the late 1850’s cannot verify the correct spelling of her last name or provide a first name.  The Cleveland Morning Leader that I have access to starts on June 1, 1858 (Vol. 12, Issue No. 131) and for the most part is a complete run through December 31, 1859.