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Aaron Bean

1848-1851       290 Main Street, Buffalo, New York.[1]

1852                Address Unknown, Buffalo, New York.

Aaron Bean was recorded in two announcements.  The first appeared in The Freeman’s Journal  (Cooperstown, New York) on January 23, 1852.  Destructive Fire and Loss of Life.  Buffalo, Jan. 18.—At 2 o’clock this morning a fire broke out in the brick block on the corner of Main and Eagle Streets, originating in the saloon kept by Daniel Dix, in the basement of the corner building under the drug store of P. G. Vonght & Co….

Two mournful accidents occurred.  Aaron Bean, Daguerrean artist, who was sitting up in an upper chamber with the corpse of his child, was smothered to death before assistance could be rendered.  It is supposed he fell asleep and from the rapid spread of the fire, his room filled with smoke before he awoke.  His wife and daughter, in another chamber, were rescued….

The second appeared in the Jamestown Journal (Jamestown, New York) on January 23, 1852.

…The upper story was occupied by families.  Mr. Bean residing with his family over his daguerrean room.  We record with pain the death of Mr. Bean, who was infirm, and in saving the life of his wife, was suffocated in the smoke.  When taken out, he had ceased to breath, and every effort to resuscitate him proved unavailing.  Mr. Bean had just lost a child whose corpse was in the house at the time of the fire, but was taken out…

Arron Bean is recorded in other photographic directories.

[1] Craig’s Daguerreian Registry.

Philo Allen

1847-1848       164 Main Street, Buffalo, New York.

Philo Allen was recorded in two announcements in the Morning Express (Buffalo, New York).  The first advertisement ran from November 11, 1847 to January 8, 1848.  Daguerreotype Apparatus.  Philo Allen, 164 Main street, Buffalo, respectfully calls the attention of Daguerrian Artists to his large assortment of articles for their use.  Having for a number of years past been dealing in these articles he feels confident he has a better assortment of genuine materials than can usually be found away from the metropolitan cities, and the large amount of his sales enable him to offer them at as low prices [as] the same quality of materials can be found in the Union. Among his assortment may be found—

Scovill’s medium, quarter and half size plates, No. 1 and 2. E. White’s do do., Cases, of all sizes, styles and quality, including silk, velvet and satin lined, extra gilt, &c., &c. Thermometer Tubes, Prepared Buckskin, Colors and Brushers, Color Boxes, Calcined Rotten-stone, Distilled Mercury, Hyper-sulphate of Soda, [ ? ] of Potassium Bromine, German and American, Warranted pure, Iodine, Chloride of Iodine, Roche’s Quick Stuff, Chloride of Gold, Rogue, Black Polish, &c., &c. Mattings and Preservers, different sizes, Plate Glass, all sizes, Black Walnut and Rosewood Frames, Also—Voigtlander’s and Langenheim’s celebrated Cameras, and other apparatus furnished at New York prices.  Every article warranted genuine.

Artist and others wishing any thing in this line are invited to call and take prices.  Philo Allen, 164 Main st. 

The second advertisement ran from August 31 to after September 9, 1848.  Daguerreotype Materials…Unreadable…Poor film quality, out of focus, low resolution and over exposed.

Philo Allen is recorded in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry as being active in Buffalo, New York prior to April 1854 without a business address.

Walker & Benton

1847-1848       266 Main Street, Buffalo, New York.

Walker & Benton (George G. Walker & Russell O. Benton) were recorded in an advertisement in the 1847-1848 Buffalo City Directory (Buffalo, New York) and one advertisement in The Republic (Buffalo, New York).  The city directory advertisement reads:  Walker & Benton’s Daguerrian and Manufacturing Rooms,  Formerly Geo. G. Walker, No. 266 Main Street, Where Miniatures are taken equally well in clear or cloudy weather from 3 to 15 seconds.  Also, on hand and for sale a general assortment of German and American Cameras-Plates, Cases and Chemicals, And every thing pertaining to Daguerreotype business.

All Orders Directed To Walker  Benton With Remittance, Shall Be Filled With Dispatch.

N. B.—Instructions in the art thoroughly and carefully given.

The advertisement ran from July 2, 1847 to April 28, 1848 in The Republic(Buffalo, New York).  Walker & Benton, Daguerrian Rooms, 266 Main street, Buffalo.

Price of Miniatures from $1 to $10.  Apparatus. Plates, cases, chemicals &c., for sale.  All instruction in the art carefully and faithfully given.                                             

Walker & Benson are both recorded in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry, but Walker is misidentified as George R. Walker not George G. this has been verified in the above advertisements and the residence section of the 1847-1848 Buffalo City Directory.

Henry Shaft

1855                Address Unknown, Buffalo, New York.

Henry Shaft was recorded in one advertisement that appeared on June 20, 1855 in The New York Herald (New York, New York).  To Photographers.—Wanted, A Person Who thoroughly understands the photographing and daguerrean arts, to go to a large Western city.  To a competent man, a permanent situation, with good salary, will be given.  Address Henry Shaft, box 2410 Buffalo Post Office, with specimens of work.

Henry Shaft is not recorded in other photographic directories.  It is possible that Henry Shaft was an agent or contact person and not a photographer.  

Further research uncovered in the 1855 Buffalo City Directory residency listing Henry Shaft is listed as a book-keeper at R. J. Compton.  Richard J. Compton is recorded in the residence listing as an Engraver and Lithographer, 209 Main Street. In an advertisement P. 81 Compton’s Lithographing & Engraving Establishment, 209 Main Street, Buffalo, R. J. Compton, Proprietor, Having purchased the entire interest of my Co-partners, and having the most extensive establishment of the kind in the west, I am prepared to fill contracts for the largest kind of work with punctuality and in the best style.

William C. Mayhew

1847                274 Main Street, Buffalo, New York.

William C. Mayhew was recorded in an advertisement that ran from June 30 to August 28, 1847 in The Republic (Buffalo, New York).  Daguerrian Gallery.—Cameo Likenesses taken by Mr. Wm. C. Mayhew.  Copies of the antique cut in Cameo from designs.  Daguerrian likenesses taken in all weather, with or without color.  Rooms No. 274 Main st.

William C. Mayhew is not recorded in other photographic directories.