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J. M. Dexter

1844                Rooms at the Genesee Hotel, Batavia, New York.

J. M. Dexter was recorded in an advertisement that ran from July 23 to September 4, 1844 in  The Spirit of the Times (Batavia, New York).  Colored Photographic Miniatures, taken in one minute.  Mr. J. M. Dexter respectfully informs the citizens of Batavia and its vicinity, that he has received all the late improvements in the art of taking Miniatures by the Daguerrean System.  He will stop a short time at the Genesee Hotel, for the purpose of taking exact likenesses of those persons who may favor him with a call.  Miniatures taken in clear or cloudy weather, and with any expression of countenance the person may wish to assume.  Miniatures from Portraits accurately taken.  Specimens of the art may be seen at his Rooms.  Mr. D. also gives instructions in this truly wonderful art and furnishes the Improved Daguerrean Apparatus on reasonable terms.  Call and see.

J. M. Dexter is not listed in other photographic directories. Craig’s Daguerreian Registry does list a Dexter C. 1845 in Albany, New York it is unknown if they are the same person.

William Allen

Recorded in The Spirit of the Times which was published in Batavia, New York, William Allen advertised that he is taking daguerreotype miniatures at the Genesee House.  In addition to taking likenesses he also is marking copies of portrait paintings and daguerreotypes and he has lockets of all sizes and prices constantly on hand.  Advertisement ran from December 5, 1848 to January 2, 1849.

In searching through the photographic directories and histories no other William Allen has been located.  As discussed in the post dated February 9 under Mr. Allen. It is possible that William A. Allen who was in Brooklyn at the time is the same person but at this time it is only speculation without more information.