S. O. Seelye

1845                Rooms in the Cobble Stone Block, Batavia, New York.

S. O. Seelye was recorded in one advertisement that ran on August 26 & September 2, 1845 in The Spirit of the Times (Batavia, New York).  S. O. Seelye, Respectfully Informs the citizens of Batavia and vicinity that he has taken the rooms formerly occupied by the Misses Miller in the Cobble Stone Block, for the purpose of taking Daguerreotype Miniatures, Likenesses, in a style If Not Superior, equal to any taken in New York, put up in a rich embossed Russia Morocco cases, manufactured at Meade Brothers, N. Y. State Daguerrean Gallery, No.’s 3 and 4 Exchange Building, Albany.  From whom Mr. S. receives from time to time a knowledge of all the improvements made in the Art—whereby he is enabled to take Miniatures in a few seconds of time, that in point of clearness, accuracy and beauty are unequaled by any other process.  Those having pictures taken by other operators with which they are not satisfied, can have them taken over at a trifling expense.  Impressions taken from Portraits of departed friends if required.  Miniatures put in Breast Pins or Lockets.  This is now a favorable opportunity for young Gentlemen to accompany the Ladies in whom they feel an interest, and exchange with each other those delicate tokens.

Mr. S. Respectfully invites the Ladies and Gentlemen of this place to call and witness the process; as he is ready and willing at all times to gratify their curiosity.

Persons wishing likenesses are requested to call soon s his stay is limited.

S. O. Seelye is not recorded in other photographic directories.  It is possible that S. O. Seeley who was active in Geneva, New York in 1843 is the same person.

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