S. O. Seeley

1843                Room at Miss Collier’s, a few doors north of the Post Office, Geneva, New York. 1843                Rooms on Main Street, Geneva, New York.

S. O. Seeley was recorded in two advertisement that appeared in the Geneva Courier (Geneva, New York).  The first advertisement ran from July 25 to August 15, 1843.  Photographic Miniature Portraits.  The ladies and gentlemen of Geneva and vicinity, are respectfully informed that the subscriber is prepared to execute his beautiful Photographic Miniatures by the Daguerreotype process, upon a recently improved system with a certainty and perfection which cannot fail to please those who may favor him with their patronage.

Those who have not seen Mr. Seeley’s specimens cannot judge of their beauty from what they have seen from other operators, as his mode of producing likenesses is peculiar to himself.

Rooms appropriately fitted up for the reception of visitors at Miss Collier’s, a few doors north of the Post Office.

N. B.  Instruction given and the improved patent apparatus furnished on the most reasonable terms.  Early application is necessary as his stay is limited.             S. O. Seeley.  Geneva, July 25, 1843. 

The second advertisement ran from August 22 to September 26, 1843.  A Card.  To The Public.—S. O. Seeley, Photographer, Main street, respectfully returns his thanks to his friends and the public, for the liberal patronage with which he has been honored for the past few weeks; and hopes for a continuance of the same while he remains.  He will endeavor, at all times and to the utmost of his ability, to give satisfaction to those who may favor him with a call.  His rooms will be open at all hours of the day and evening, for the reception of visitors who may wish to examine some beautiful and correct likenesses of some of the citizens, reproduced by the Daguerreotype, which he will at all times be happy to have the pleasure of exhibiting.  He has just received from New York a new style of Morocco Cases, suitable for two persons.  His prices are as follows, viz:

Double Cases…………………… $5.00

Single do………………………..  $3.00

Groups of two taken on one plate, $3.00

N. B.  Mr. S. respectfully invites those who wish to have a correct likeness of themselves, to call immediately, as previous engagements will not permit him to remain long.

S. O. Seeley is not recorded in other photographic directories.  See S. O. Seelye which will be posted on 12-22-20, who is possibly the same person and was active Batavia, New York in 1845. 

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