Knight Brothers

1854-1856       Rooms in the Cobble Stone Block, Batavia, New York.

Knight Brothers (H. D & Q. P.) were recorded seven advertisement  in The Spirit of the Times (Batavia, New York).  The first advertisement ran from June 13 to July 18, 1854.  To The Public.  Daguerreotypes.  Knight Brothers, Would inform their friends and the public at large, that they have purchased of Mr. C. A. Johnson his entire right and interest in the Daguerrean Business of this village, together with his residence on Chestnut st., where they design making their future home.

We would also announce that we have removed the business to the spacious and most convenient suit of rooms which we have recently fitted up in the Cobble Stone Block.  These rooms are furnished with a fine large Sky-Light, and instruments of superior power and finish, together with all such conveniences and facilities as the progress and size of the village seem to demand.

Having had a long and successful experience in the Daguerrean business in the Old Bay State, where the arts and sciences flourish like the “green bay tree,” and witnessing as we have in this village a just appreciation of Daguerre’s wonderful discovery, and the perfection to which it has been brought we have embarked in this enterprise with the full belief that by assiduous and unremitting efforts, we may merit and realize complete success.

Daguerreotypes taken in any style desired.  Portraits and Daguerreotypes accurately copied.

We would also add that Mr. Johnson, our successful predecessor, may be found at our rooms for a few weeks to fulfill some previous engagements, and complete some unfinished work. H. D. Knight. Q. P. Knight.

I had advertised a short time since in a Circular That I had made up my mind to remain in business in this village, but another change as stated above has since taken place; and in retiring from the practice of the Daguerrean Art in this place, which is not without regret.  I take pleasure in saying that the Messrs. Knight Brothers have every advantage and facility for giving entire satisfaction in their profession, and confidently hope the patronage heretofore so liberally bestowed upon me may be as liberally extended to them.                        C. A. Johnson.  June 1854.

The second advertisement ran from July 25, 1854 to October 6, 1855.  New Daguerreotype Rooms, Opened in Cobble Stone Block, Opposite McCullant’s New Building, By Knight & Brother, (Successors of Mr. C. A. Johnson.)  These Rooms are elegant, spacious and commodious, and are furnished with all the conveniences and facilities for executing First Class Daguerreotypes.

A long and successful experience in the art, combined with the unsurpassed facilities which we are now able to avail ourselves of, enables us to speak most confidently of our ability to furnish Daguerreotypes, which, for clearness, accuracy and life-like expression, we trust will be found unsurpassed; and though but recently located, we have already received the most positive assurances that our efforts are appreciated, and are happy to refer to numerous individuals in this village and vicinity, who have favored us with their patronage.

Particular attention paid to Position and Expression, especially the clear and perfect expression of the eyes.  Ladies and Gentlemen are respectfully invited to call.

The third advertisement ran from October 10, 1854 to June 30, 1855.  Daguerreotype Saloon for Sale.  A Convenient and well built travelling Daguerreotype Saloon, may be bought at a great bargain for ready pay, if application is made soon.  For particulars enquire at the Daguerrean Rooms of Knight & Brothers, Cobble Stone Block.

The fourth advertisement ran from November 7, 1854 to June 16, 1855.  Knight & Brother, Daguerreotypists, (opposite McCullant and Lord’s new building.)  It is our constant desire and intension that no Daguerreotype be taken from our rooms unless entire satisfaction be given, and we guarantee that our prices will be found reasonable and satisfactory.  H. D. Knight, Q. P. Knight.

The fifth advertisement ran from December 19, 1854 to May 22, 1855.  What Can be More appropriate or acceptable as a Christmas or New Years’ Gift Than a Good Daguerreotype, neatly fitted into a Gold Locket, or Elegant Fancy Case?  “A word to the wise is sufficient.”  Knight & Brother,  Directly opposite McCullant and Lord’s new building.

The sixth advertisement ran from June 23, 1855 to November 1, 1856.  Knight & Brother, Daguerreotypists, Rooms in Cobble Stone Block, (opposite McCullant and Lord’s new building.)  It is our constant desire and intension that no Daguerreotype be taken from our rooms unless entire satisfaction be given, and we guarantee that our prices will be found reasonable and satisfactory.

The seventh advertisement ran from October 13, 1855 to November 1, 1856.  “A thing of Life and Beauty is a Joy forever.”  Knight & Brother, Daguerreotypist Our Rooms are fitted up with reference to the best facilities for producing Good Daguerreotypes.  The grand essentials of a Good Daguerreotype are elegance of Finish, Gracefulness of Attitude, combined with a Life-like Expression; and we regard the large and increasing patronage which we are receiving both from citizens and strangers, as proof positive that our efforts in producing these results are well appreciated.

Daguerreotypes taken of any size and style desired.—Portraits and other Daguerreotypes executed with the utmost accuracy.    H. D. Knight,  Q. P. Knight.

Knight Brothers H. D. & Q. P. are listed in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry separately, and speculates that H. D. Knight was a misspelling as was really Q. P. Knight.

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