E. L. Knowlton

1842                Room over the Store of Smith & Orne, Main Street, Springfield, Massachusetts.

E. L. Knowlton was recorded on an advertisement that ran from April 9 to 23, 1842 in the Weekly Republican (Springfield, Massachusetts). Photographic Miniature Portraits, By The Daguerreotype. The subscriber begs leave to call the attention of the public to specimens of Photographic Miniature Portraits, executed by him, at his room over the store of Smith & Orne, Main-st.  He has recently made some highly successful experiments, by which the time required in sitting is not only materially shortened, but a degree of certainty is obtained hitherto considered impracticable, while the picture, which is finer than any steel engraving, is rendered as legible and far more accurate than any oil painting.

Therefore, those who wish to retain a perfect semblance of their relatives or friends, can by this beautiful process obtain a more satisfactory result than in any other way.  Instructions given in Photography, and Apparatus furnished at moderate charge.  E. L. Knowlton.

Fifteen minutes is sufficient to take a miniatures, set in a case, and deliver it complete.  He would also inform the Ladies and Gentlemen of Springfield, that he will commence a course of Lessons in his splendid style of Penmanship, on Monday, April 11th, in Sargeant’s building, third story.  E. L. Knowlton.

E. L. Knowlton is not recorded in A Directory of Massachusetts Photographers or other photographic directories.

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