Walker & Benton

1847-1848       266 Main Street, Buffalo, New York.

Walker & Benton (George G. Walker & Russell O. Benton) were recorded in an advertisement in the 1847-1848 Buffalo City Directory (Buffalo, New York) and one advertisement in The Republic (Buffalo, New York).  The city directory advertisement reads:  Walker & Benton’s Daguerrian and Manufacturing Rooms,  Formerly Geo. G. Walker, No. 266 Main Street, Where Miniatures are taken equally well in clear or cloudy weather from 3 to 15 seconds.  Also, on hand and for sale a general assortment of German and American Cameras-Plates, Cases and Chemicals, And every thing pertaining to Daguerreotype business.

All Orders Directed To Walker  Benton With Remittance, Shall Be Filled With Dispatch.

N. B.—Instructions in the art thoroughly and carefully given.

The advertisement ran from July 2, 1847 to April 28, 1848 in The Republic(Buffalo, New York).  Walker & Benton, Daguerrian Rooms, 266 Main street, Buffalo.

Price of Miniatures from $1 to $10.  Apparatus. Plates, cases, chemicals &c., for sale.  All instruction in the art carefully and faithfully given.                                             

Walker & Benson are both recorded in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry, but Walker is misidentified as George R. Walker not George G. this has been verified in the above advertisements and the residence section of the 1847-1848 Buffalo City Directory.

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