Walker & Gavit

1845                15 Dow’s Building, Albany, New York.[1]

Walker & Gavit was recorded in one advertisement that appeared in the Auburn Journal and Advertiser (Auburn, New York) on December 3, 1845.  Daguerreotype.  Daniel E. Gavit, Premium Photographist, late of the firm of Walker & Gavit, Albany, respectfully informs the citizens of Auburn, that he has opened his Gallery at No. 85 Genesee street, up stairs, for a limited term of Ten Days, and will be happy to wait on those who require his services and will favor him with their patronage.

The Gallery contains perhaps, the largest and most unique variety of specimens ever exhibited in Western New York; containing many of our most eminent statesmen and others, all taken from life, viz: Hon. Henry Clay, Hon. Martin Van Buren, Hon. John Quincy Adams, Hon. Theodore Frelinghuysen, Hon. John C. Spencer, Hon. John C. Spencer, Hon. Silas Wright, Hon. Wm. H. Steward, Hon. Wm. L. Marcy, Hon. Wm. C. Bouck, Hon. C. Morgan, Gov. Briggs of Mass., Judge Miller, Judge Bacon, Nathaniel S. Benton, A. C. Flagg, Hugh Halsey, Gen McNeil, Edwin Croswell, Horace Greeley, Henry Phillips the Vocalist, Bishop Heding, Clark Robinson, and a great number of Ladies and others too numerous to mention in an advertisement.

Copies taken from any of the above for those who wish it at a reasonable charge.

He will add that his pictures have received the Highest Honors wherever they have been exhibited, and at the late Fair of the American Institute, in New York, they were pronounced Superior To All Others, by 20,000 visitors.  A visit to the establishment is respectfully solicited from All.

Every article used in the business, for sale on the most reasonable terms.  Instructions thoroughly given, and Pupils advanced as fast as practicable.

Views of Buildings, Cattle, Horses, and most any thing taken correctly.

Portraits of sick or deceased Persons, taken at their residences when required.  From a list of recommendations from the Press and others, please call at the Galleries.  Auburn, Dec. 3, 1845.

Walker & Gavit are recorded in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry, unfortunately the identity of Walker remains unknown.

[1] Address from Craig’s Daguerreian Registry.

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