Walker & Humphrey

1850                Geneva, New York.

1850                Elmira, New York.

Walker & Humphrey (Samuel Lear Walker & Samuel Dwight Humphrey) were recorded in one advertisement and one announcement in the Geneva Daily Gazette (Geneva, New York).  The advertisement ran from February 22 to March 15, 1850.  Daguerreotypes!  Walker And Humphrey, Daguerrean Building, Geneva.  Professor Humphrey would return his thanks to his numerous friends for the patronage they have kindly bestowed on him during his short stay in Geneva.  He would also say that he has just returned from New-York with a full and complete assortment of choice stock of all kinds; viz. the most beautiful lot of Papier Mache Cases ever taken from the City of N. York, Rosewood Frames of all styles and sizes; a large assortment of Morocco Cases lined with velvet, and of all patterns, and by far the richest and most complete assortment of fine Gold Lockets ever exhibited in this village.

Prof. H., in order better to extended his already extensive business, has associated with himself Prof. S. L. Walker, who stands unequalled in the Daguerrean Art.  Prof. W. is one of the oldest and by far the best Artist in America; his Specimens have won the praise of all; the first and only time he was a competitor at the N. Y. State Fair, was in 1848, at which time he was a warded the highest honors, and a silver medal for the best lot of Daguerreotypes exhibited.

It is their determination that no one shall excel them in producing likenesses, and that those possessing one of their specimens shall never have cause to regret their time and money spent in obtaining it.

All must call soon, as they will stay in Geneva only three weeks, at the expiration of that time they leave for Elmira, where they will remain only four weeks.  All must be aware that they must necessarily incur great expense, hence the necessity of their short stay in each place they visit.

No pains or expense has or shall be speared in making this the most magnificent, as well as it really is the largest travelling Gallery in the world; containing Portraits of the most eminent American Statesmen, and other distinguished characters, amongst which may be found the excellent portraits, all of which were taken from life, of

President Taylor,                                Hon. H. J. Redfield,

Hon. D. Webster,                                Francis Granger,

T. Corwin,                                           R. C. Schenck, Ohio,

Ex.-Gov. Silas Wright,                       Gen. S. Van Rensselaer,

Ex.-Gov. Wm. H. Seward,                  Gen. Swift,

Ex.-Gov. Toucy of Ct.,                       Col. May, Texas,

Ex.-Gov. Lincoln, Mass.                     Major Merrell,

Gov. Briggs of Mass.,                         Captain Walker,

Hon. Judge Nelson,                             Captain Sandford,

Hon. Judge Conklin,                           John B. Gough,

Hon. Judge Wilson,                            Mrs. Farnham , Cal.

A. Spencer,                                         Alfred B. Street,

B. Van Buren                                      E. Nott, D. D. LL. D.

Wm. B. Sprague, D. D., and a host of others.

Pictures put up in all styles; in Cases, Frames, Lockets, Pins, Rings, Cane Heads, Door Plates, &c., &c.  Gentlemen’s Country Seats, Public Buildings, copied and not reversed.  Portraits, Engravings, Daguerreotypes, copied at short notice.  Portraits of sick or deceased persons taken at their residence, when required.

Profs. W. & H. have one of the largest size Cameras, with which they are enabled to take Likenesses twice as large as any one ever here before.

The best Daguerreotypes are taken in cloudy weather; though, when children are to be taken, the best light is from 11 to 2 o’clock.  All are invited to call and examine the numerous specimens, whether desirous of sitting or not.

Stock and Apparatus on hand, and for sale at N. York prices.  Instructions given in the art, and Apparatus furnished.

Also for sale, Humphrey’s System of Photography, with all the late improvements in the Daguerreotype process.  Price $2. 

The announcement appeared on March 1, 1850.  The delightful weather of the past week had a tendency to call out the beauty and fashion of our beautiful village; and not a few embraced the opportunity to call at the Daguerrean Rooms of Messrs. Walker & Humphrey, where they left impressions of their smiling faces which even old father Time, the universal destroyer of every thing lovely and adored, cannot efface.

Speaking of Daguerreotypes, we wonder some of our citizens do not obtain views of the many splendid edifices which adorn our village.  The above firm have procured an instrument of the largest kind for that express purpose and have produced several scenes of rare excellence and beauty.

These gentlemen stay in Geneva but a short time longer, and all who wish their services must call soon.

Samuel Lear Walker and Samuel Dwight Humphrey are both listed in other photographic directories they are not however listed together as partners.

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