1849                Gallery in Tallmadge Block, Lancaster, Ohio.

Lovell of the partnership of Cole & Lovell were recorded in one advertisement and one announcement in The Lancaster Gazette (Lancaster, Ohio).  the advertisement ran from June 22 to July 6, 1849.  Daguerreotype Likenesses!  Cole & Lovell, Would respectfully inform the inhabitants of Lancaster and vicinity, that they have opened their Daguerrian gallery in Tallmadge’s Block, for a short time, where they will be found in readiness to execute Likenesses equal to any in the West for depth of tone and softness of light and shade.  Having given their undivided attention to the business for several years in the Eastern cities, they feel confident they can suit all who may favor them with a call.

Those wishing for a beautiful likeness of themselves or friends, will do well to call soon, while so favorable an opportunity offers.  Gold and Plated Lockets on hand.  Pictures taken equally as well in cloudy as in fair weather.  Instruction given in the art. Apparatus, &c., furnished on the most reasonable terms. 

The announcement appeared on June 29, 1849.  Daguerreotypes.—In another column will be found advertisement of Messrs. Cole & Lovell, who are ready to take likenesses in the most approved style.  They are good operators and make good pictures.

Lovell (first mane unknown) or the partnership of Cole & Lovell are not recorded in other photographic directories.  Cole is possibly A. R. Cole who was active in Zanesville, Ohio from 1850 to 1865.[1]

[1] Ohio Photographers 1839-1900.

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