J. F. & P. H. Lovejoy

1857-1858       25 Westminster Street, Providence, Rhode Island.

J. F. & P. H. Lovejoy (John F. Lovejoy) were recorded in one advertisement that was recorded on January 9 and 16, 1858 in the General Advertiser (Providence, Rhode Island).  Daguerreotypes Photographs And Ambrotypes.  Having Newly Furnished the Rooms at No. 25 Westminster-st., we are prepared to take Pictures of all kinds and sizes, in the most perfect manner.  All Pictures Warranted.  Remember The Number 25.  J. F. Lovejoy, P. H. Lovejoy, Artists.  je6.

J. F. & P. H. Lovejoy are recorded in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry as being active in 1858. 

Please note the date at the end of the advertisement “je6.” This is probably June 6 1857, no newspapers were available in 1856 and 1857, after the January 16, 1858 the next newspaper available on was on June 16, 1858, which they did not appear in.

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