Robinson & Finch

1859                            Unknown Location, Dayton, Ohio.

Robinson & Finch (T. J. Robinson & O. D. Finch) were recorded in two announcements in the Dayton Daily Empire (Dayton, Ohio).  The first announcement appeared on May 24, 1859.  A life-sized Photograph of Dr. McIlhenry, Superintendent of the S. O. Lunatic Asylum, adorns the window of Messrs. Wilhard & Wheaton, on Third street.  It is from the establishment of Robinson & Finch, and is a picture of which they may well be proud, as a specimen of artistic skill.  Mr. E. Edmonson has added much to his celebrity as an artist, in the putting on of the paint, and the effort of  the whole have been crowned with success, as the picture has been pronounced by “old masters” as one of great merit and truthfulness.

We will mention, by the way, that Edmonson is regularly employed by Messrs. Robinson & Finch to color and finish all work of the kind entrusted to their care, and we have no doubt but that their business will improve “even as the days do grow” from this time.

The second announcement appeared on September 20, 1859.  The Journal of this morning says:…There is also , in More’s show window, a photographic portrait—not painted—the work of Messrs. Robinson & Finch, which, will be recognized by every one who has ever seen our worthy City Solicitor.  It could not well be mistaken for any body else.

These works of art speak well for the ability of our talented artists.  We doubt whether any other city in Ohio, or the West, will furnish their equals.

The partnership is not recorded in other photographic directories.  Craig’s Daguerreian Registry records T. J. Robinson as being active in Dayton, Ohio from 1850-1860.  He is in the partnership of Robinson & Seebohm 1856-1858.  Craig states that the partnership was still listed in 1858-1859.  O. D. Finch is not recorded in other directories.

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