C. A. Davis

1854                At the Baptist Church, Washington, Arkansas.

1854                Address Unknown, Clarksville, Texas.

1855                At Mr. Dugger’s building, next door to the Clerk’s Office, Washington, Arkansas.

1855-1856       Rooms over Mr. Toler’s store, Washington, Arkansas.

C. A. Davis was recorded in four announcements and three advertisements in the Washington Telegraph (Washington, Arkansas).  The first announcement appeared on February 8, 1854.  We invite attention to the card of Mr. Davis, Daguerreotypist, in another column.  Mr. Davis comes among us highly recommended as a superior artists.

The first advertisement ran from February 8 to April 26, 1854.  Daguerreian.  Mr. C. A. Davis, would respectfully inform the citizens of Washington and vicinity that he has located in the Baptist Church, where he has the advantage of a spacious northern light, and is now prepared to take likenesses on the shortest notice. 

Call and examine his Specimens.

The second announcement appeared on November 8, 1854.  Daguerreian.—Mr. C. A. Davis, the Daguerreian Artists, who has been sojourning with us during the summer has left for Clarksville, Texas.  He is a master hand in the way of taking likenesses and we trust he will meet, in Clarksville, with the abundant success which he personally and professionally deserves.

The third announcement appeared on May 23, 1855.  It will be seen by reference to our advertising columns that Mr. C. A. Davis; Daguerrean Artist, has returned and opened a gallery in Mr. Dugger’s building, next door to the Clerk’s Office, where those who desire beautiful representations of themselves are invited to call.  Of Mr. Davis’ skill as an artists it is unnecessary for us to speak—our citizens have had satisfactory evidence of that in the many beautiful pictures he has heretofore taken.

The second advertisement ran from May 23 to July 4, 1855.  Daguerrean.

Wouldst have, endurable as stone,

They dear wife’s likeness and thine own,

The same when years have rolled away,

As bright and perfect as to-day?

Wouldst see thy boy as he is now,

When time and care have stamped his brow,

And have they daughter’s image bright

Encased in living beams of light?

Wouldst thou a kind remembrance—send,

To some respected. Distant friend,

That he may read as in a book,

Thy features, and thy every look?

Wouldst thou living beams of truth,

To age hand down thy looks of youth,

Or give to youth of after years

Each feature as it now appears?

Wouldst treasure memory’s starry beams,

And sparkling keep affections streams?

Wouldst friendship, feeling, thought refined,

And all that’s worth preserving bind

Into a glorious sun lit wreath

As cherished flowerets snatched from death?

On C. A. Davis, only call.

And he’ll supply you one and all

With Pictures, kindled at the sun,

And skillfully, superbly done,

And furnish Likenesses complete,

Which never have been—can’t be beat.

Room next door to Mr. Dugger’s, on the public Square.

The fourth announcement appeared on December 5, 1855.  Mr. C. A. Davis, Daguerrean artist, has opened rooms over Mr. Toler’s store.  Those who desire correct likenesses can procure them by calling on him.  See advertisement in another column.

The third advertisement ran from December 5, 1855 to January 16, 1856.  C. A. Davis, Daguerrean!  Has opened a Daguerrean Room over Mr. Toler’s Store, where he can be found at all times fully prepared to accommodate those desirous of obtaining Pictures.

The ladies and gentlemen of Washington, and persons visiting the place, are respectfully invited to call and examine his specimens.

C. A. Davis is recorded in other photographic directories, but the announcements and advertisements provide more information.

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