Misses Brown

1857                Address Unknown, Shelby, Ohio.

1857                Rooms in Mr. King’s building, Sandusky Avenue, Upper Sandusky, Ohio.

1857                Rooms in William Ayers’ new building, immediately opposite the court house, on the North side of Wyandot Avenue, Upper Sandusky, Ohio. 

Misses Brown were recorded in four announcements and two advertisements in The Wyandot Pioneer (Upper Sandusky, Ohio).  The first announcement appeared on May 28, 1857.  Pictures.—The people of Upper Sandusky and vicinity have now an excellent opportunity of procuring correct Daguerreotype impressions of themselves.  Two young ladies, the Misses Brown, late of Shelby, have opened Daguerreian rooms in Mr. King’s (the “Bard’s,”) building, on Sandusky Avenue, opposite Yellow Corner, and are now prepared to furnish life-like pictures to all who may apply.  We called into their rooms the other day, and were highly pleased with their specimens, which indicate a thorough knowledge of an art, which has now attained such a high degree of perfection.  We learn that it is the intention of these ladies to locate permanently in our village, if their business will justify it.  Certainly our town ought to support one establishment of the kind, especially when that one is conducted by lady artist, and ladies who are thoroughly acquainted with their business.  We hope everybody who want pictures, (and everybody and his wife and family should have them,) will call on the Misses Brown and secure accurate copies of themselves.

The second announcement appeared on June 18, 1857.  Pictures on Patent Leather.—The process of taking pictures on leather, is the latest improvement in the Daguerreian art.  You could have your friend’s “phiz” impressed on your patent leather gaiter, and carry it around on your pedal extremities; but as that would be a doubtful mark of respect, these pictures—which are called Photographs—are taken on square pieces of leather, of any size desired, and have all the life-like appearances of other pictures.  They can easily be sent to friends by mail, without extra postage.

The Misses Brown, in King’s building, a few steps north of the Court House, are furnishing all who wish with these photographs, and, from a critical examination of their work, we are prepared to say it is not to be excelled.  Those who prefer Ambrotypes, can have them taken in the best style of the art at their gallery.  Remember, that nobody is compelled to take a picture unless it gives satisfaction.

The third announcement appeared on July 2, 1857.  Beautiful Ambrotypes.—We have repeatedly called attention to the superior Ambrotypes and Photographs, executed by the Misses Brown, at their gallery, in King’s building, on Sandusky Avenue, and are happy to learn that their patronage is commensurate with their merits.  Their pictures give entire satisfaction—in fact, they are decidedly superior to those of most artist, and will stand the severest criticism—while they are sold at prices to suit the times.  Don’t take our word for this, but call at their room and look at their specimens.  If you do this, you will be sure to order a picture.

The fourth announcement appeared on October 1, 1857.  We hope our readers will read the advertisement of the Misses Brown, in to-days paper.  If they wish a picture as is a picture, give them a call.

The first advertisement ran from October 1 to November 5, 1857.  Look At Yourselves!  Ladies and Gentlemen, If you wish to have something nice in the way of pictures, call on Misses Brown who are located in Wm. Ayers’ new building immediately opposite the court house, on the North side of Wyandot Avenue.  They can give satisfaction to all who may give them a call, they are prepared to do work with neatness and dispatch, they are citizens of Upper Sandusky, and they think they have a better claim on the public for their patronage than those who are transient, and sponge their ground rent.  Oct. 1, ’57.

The second advertisement ran from October 8 to November 5, 1857.  People Look To Your Interest.  Now Is The Time To Procure Likenesses In Upper Sandusky.  The Misses Brown, in Wm. Ayers’ New Building, says they are prepared to do neat work and with dispatch, and say they have a right to claim the patronage of the people, above some others.  There is also a car right in front of the Court House, we will not say whether they have a lawful right to the ground or not, whether we understand they take so sort of Pictures.  And T. E. Miller, A square or two North East of the Post Office, At the sign of the Portrait Painting Is doing what he can.  A full description of which would far overrun the bounds of this nation, suffice to say as the workman is known by his chips, and by their fruits, ye shall know them, come and see, and though he is a few steps out of the main thoroughfare of business, he flatters himself that those who wish truthful likenesses will not regret giving him a call.  He will just say that he is prepared to take the indestructible and never fading Ambrotype on Glass, Paper, leather and Sheet Iron, in all their richness of tome, lines, and color of nature, And if any should wish the kind of pearl picture which was exhibited at the late fair from an adjoining Co., they can have they can have them by calling.  As there has of late been something said in reference to who had the best right to claim the patronage of the people in respect to pictures, we would also “show our opinion” and would say that we think those who can serve them the best, let them be of whatever sex they may.  People look before you leap.  T. Miller.       

Misses Brown are not recorded in other photographic directories as being active in Shelby or Upper Sandusky, Ohio.

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