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Mrs. E. E. Lamson

1859                91 Middle Street, Portland, Maine.

Mrs. E. E. Lamson appeared in one advertisement that was recorded on July 16, 1859 in the  Portland Daily Advertiser (Portland, Maine).  Mrs. E. E. Lamson, Artist, From Boston, Would respectfully inform the citizens of Portland and vicinity, that having had several years’ experience in the art of Finishing Photographs in India Ink, Oil and Water-Colors.

Would say to all lovers of art, that she would be happy to receive a share of their patronage, and those desiring instruction in the same, would do well to give her an early call at B. F. Smith’s Rooms, Middle Street, where Specimens can be seen.

Likenesses warranted to be kept unchanged. 

Mrs. E. E. Lamson is not recorded in other photographic directories.  Side note only one issue of this newspaper was available for 1859.

George B. C. Ingraham

1851                144 Middle Street, Portland, Maine.

George B. C. Ingraham appeared in two advertisements the first advertisement ran from May 1 to June 19, 1851in the Christian Mirror (Portland, Maine).  Notice.  The Subscriber, having leased and fitted up the rooms at the well-known stand, 144 Middle St., Portland, for the purpose of taking Daguerreotypes, invite his friends to call on him and to favor him with a share of their patronage, hoping to give them perfect satisfaction.  Geo. B. C. Ingraham.

The second advertisement ran from June 5 to August 5, 1851 in the Portland Daily Advertiser  (Portland, Maine).  Daguerreotype.  The Old Stand, (144 Middle Street,) Has been leased and refitted in a superior manner, by the subscriber, for this business.

His Rooms are easy of access from the street, being at the head of the first flight of Stairs, 144 Middle Street, over J. D. Kidder’s Store.

Miniatures Taken in any weather.

Prices, 75 cents and upwards.  Please call and look at my specimens.  George B. C. Ingraham.

George B. C. Ingraham is not recorded in other photographic directories.


1851                Address and Location Unknown, Maine.

Gerrish of the partnership Stevens & Gerrish was recorded in one announcement in November 4, 1851 in the Portland Weekly Advertiser (Portland, Maine).  Cumberland County Agricultural And Horticultural Society.  Agreeably to notice, the Fair and Cattle Show commenced on Wednesday, October 15, 1851 in Portland.

The Cattle Show was held in the pasture, corner of Green and Portland streets, the exhibition of produce, Manufactured articles, &c., at the City Hall…

Daguerreotypes:—There were numerous specimens of Daguerreotypes, from Geo. M. Howe, Messrs. Stevens & Gerrish and Mr. Samuel Carlton.  The committee could see but slight difference between those of Howe, and Stevens & Gerrish, both were believed to be as near perfection, as the daguerreotype process will allow, but on the whole the evidence of artistical skill in those of Messrs. Stevens & Gerrish, inclined the committee to give theirs the preference, and they awarded them a premium, 2.00.  To those of Mr. Howe they awarded a diploma.

Mr. Carlton has many admirers in his line, and deservedly so.

Gerrish is not recorded in other photographic directories.

Starbird & Dodge

1859                Address Unknown, Augusta, Maine.

Starbird & Dodge (Charles H. Starbird) was recorded in one announcement in Oxford Democrat (Paris, Maine) on  September 30, 1859.  Maine State Fair…There is a fair display of plain and colored Photographs exhibiting great perfection in this wonderful art.  Photographs are destined ere long to supersede portraits painted in oil, not only because they can be taken in greater perfection but because they cost so much less.

Burnham Brothers of Portland…

Silsbee, Case & Co., of Boston…

Starbird and Dodge of Augusta occupy the next space and have a fair collection.  Their portraits of the Augusta Clergymen were very fine.

S. W. Sawyer, of Winthrop…

[Simon] Wing of Warterville.

Starbird & Dodge are recorded in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry as being active in Augusta, Maine in 1860.

Joseph Ropes

1841                Exchange Building, Portland, Maine.                                                                                1843                5½ Tremont Row, Boston, Massachusetts.                                                                      1843                Manning’s Building, Salem, Massachusetts.

Joseph Ropes was recorded in one notice, one advertisement and one biographical entry.  The announcement appeared in the Portland Transcript (Portland, Maine)[1] on August 14, 1841.

Daguerreotypes.   We have not before called the attention of our readers to the opportunity now afforded of obtaining a Portrait from life by means of the Daguerreotype.  Mr. Ropes has taken rooms for a brief period in the Exchange, where he attends to Photographic Miniature painting.  A sitting of from two to four minutes will give one a perfect likeness—a portrait of wonderful beauty and delicacy.  Our readers generally have doubtless heard of this surprising art, by which a faithful transcript of one’s features may be obtained, drawn by Nature’s own finger, and it is well worth their while to visit Rope’s Room and look over the different portraits taken in this way.  When Nature paints, she paints correctly and minutely.  One cannot help being astonished at the exquisite finish to be observed in these drawings.  Every minute figure of the dress—every thread even may be detected‑‑and so with the features—every line is completely shadowed forth.  Mr. R. is always happy to see his friends at his room—who have but to speak the word to obtain from him their counterparts.

The advertisement ran from July 3 to August 17, 1843 in the Salem Register (Salem, Massachusetts).  Beautiful Specimens of Photographic Miniatures.  May be seen at the room of the subscriber in Manning’s Building, 3d story.  He has been connected several months with the establishment of Southworth & Co., Prize Photographers, and is familiar with their process of taking and coloring pictures.  Those who wish for a Daguerreotype likeness in the most pleasing and popular style will do well to call.

Room open to visitors at all hours of the day.  J. Ropes.

The biographical entry is from The New-York Historical Society’s Directory of Artists in America 1564-1860.  Ropes, Joseph (1812-1885).  Landscape,. Miniature, and crayon artist and drawing teacher.  Born at Salem (Mass.)  In 1812, he did not seriously study painting until in his mid-thirties when he took lessons from John R. Smith and at the National Academy.  He exhibited at the academy in 1848.  From 1851-1865 he had a studio in Hartford (Conn.).  In 1865 he went abroad for eleven years; on his return he settled in Philadelphia.  He died in NYC in 1885.  Ropes was the author of Linear Prespective (1850) and Progressive Steps in Landscape Drawing (1853) [ ] French, Art and Artists in Connecticut, 79; Bolton, Miniature Painters; Cowdrey, NAD; Swan, BA; Hartford CD 1855; Tuckerman, Book of the Artists.

Joseph Ropes is recorded in A Directory of Massachusetts Photographers 1839-1900.

[1] Transcribed from DagNews.