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Henry K. Stratford

1851-1852       16 and 17 Harrington Block, corner of Main and Front Streets, Worcester,                              Massachusetts.

Henry K. Stratford was recorded in one advertisement that ran from September 29, 1851 to February 16, 1852 in the Worcester Daily Spy (Worcester, Massachusetts).  H. K. Stratford would say to all those wishing good Daguerreotypes of themselves or friends, that they can obtain them by calling on him, at the Great Daguerrean Palace, Nos. 16 and 17 Harrington Block, corner of Main and Front sts., where all will be treated with civility and politeness.  Entire satisfaction guaranteed.

Henry K. Stratford is recorded in other photographic directories as being active in Worcester, Massachusetts in 1852.

Charles P. Stevens

1848                15 Central Exchange, Worcester, Massachusetts.

1849                Central Exchange, Worcester, Massachusetts.[1]

Charles P. Stevens was recorded in one advertisement on August 28, 1848 in The Massachusetts Cataract and Temperance Standard And Dew Drop (Worcester, Boston, & Taunton, Massachusetts).  Daguerreotypes For 75 Cents.  Room No. 15 Central Exchange.  The subscriber, having the best instruments and light of any room in Worcester, will take beautiful Daguerreotype Miniatures and put them up in handsome Morocco Cases—(the same as is charged One Dollar for elsewhere) at the same reduced price of Seventy-Five Cents!

His Room is at No. 15, Central Exchange, Worcester.  Chas. P. Stevens.

Charles P. Stevens is recorded in other photographic directories as being active in Worcester, Massachusetts in 1849.

[1] A Directory Of Massachusetts Photographers 1839-1900.

Rees, Blodget & Co.

1855                Main Street, Piper Block, Worcester, Massachusetts.

Rees, Blodget & Co. were recorded in two advertisements in the Worcester Daily Spy  (Worcester, Massachusetts).  The first advertisement appeared on October 18, 1855.  Take Notice!—Opposition to Steam Daguerreotypes, taken by a new American discovery, for only 25 cents, warranted to be of the best quality, and satisfaction given.  Something less than 500 taken daily.  No connection with the steam whistle, next door.  Rees, Blodget, & Co, artists.  Piper Block, Main st.

The second advertisement appeared on October 19, 1855.  Rees, Blodget, & Co. do not take Daguerreotypes by steam, as their noisy competitors boast to do, but at the same time give all who visit them good portraits, and at a quick rate, for 25 cents.  Rees, Blodget & Co. have opened their rooms at Piper’s Block, bent upon blowing up all steam boilers in the vicinity, if they burst themselves in doing so.

Rees and Blodget are both unknown and not recorded in other photographic directories as being active in Worcester, Massachusetts.  One could speculate that Rees is Charles R. Rees based on an 1859 advertisement in the Daily Dispatch (Richmond, Virginia) that claimed that he had 17 years experience in New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Charleston, New Orleans and Cincinnati.  Rees left New York sometime around September 8, 1854.

Four days later on September 12, 1854 an advertisement appeared in The New York Herald.

Rees & Co., 25 Cent Daguerreotype Company, 385 Broadway.—This company, established under the above name, will be conducted hereafter under the [head] of McClave & Merritt, the original partners from [the commencement.]  The business will be conducted the same as usual, the whole company remaining with the exception of C. Rees, whose interest in this gallery has been purchased by the two remaining partners.  McClave & Merritt.

Where he went is unknown.  No record of his being in Boston is known.  The next advertisements found were from the Worcester, Massachusetts newspaper of October 19 & 20, 1855.  No other advertisements were found in Massachusetts newspaper prior to the above entries.  Over the next twelve day Rees advertised six times by himself.  The last advertisement in the Worcester Newspapers was on November 1, 1855.  At some point after leaving Worcester he probably worked with or for Tyler & Co. in New Orleans, Charleston and in 1858 in Petersburg and Richmond, Virginia.  So far the only mention of Rees being in South Carolina is from Harvey Teal’s Partners with the Sun South Carolina Photographers 1840-1940.  Teal states that Rees’s name appears in George S. Cooks papers in the Library of Congress as having an account with him but no address is attributed to the name.  Likewise there is no mention of in Photography in New Orleans The Early Years, 1840-1865.

Rees is an interesting person his association with Silas A. Holmes in New York and Tyler & Co. in Richmond and possibly other southern states deserves further research and a longer article.


1850-1851       271 Main Street, Waldo Block, Worcester, Massachusetts.

Morse (partnership of Aldrich & Morse) was recorded in an advertisement that ran from January 1 to March 14, 1851 in the Worcester Daily Spy (Worcester, Massachusetts).  Now Is The Time, And Waldo Block is the Place.  In order to introduce our Types to the public, we shall sell them for a few days for fifty cents.  In the Best Cases for One Dollar, such as are sold for $1.50 at other rooms.  We intend to attract the public to our Rooms by making good Miniatures at fair prices, rather than by a display of Stained Glass, costly Mirrors, Tapestry Carpets, &c.  Beware of humbugs, and remember our Rooms are up only one flight of stairs, and that we have decidedly The Best Light in the City.  Aldrich & Morse.  Worcester. Nov. 2, 1850.

Morse is not listed in A Directory of Massachusetts Photographers, 1839-1900.  Craig’s Daguerreian Registry list the partnership as being active in Albany, New York in 1851-1852.

L. Morse

1849                142 Main Street, Worcester, Massachusetts.

L. Morse was recorded in an advertisement that ran from January 11 to 27, 1849.  In the Worcester Daily Spy (Worcester, Massachusetts).  A Card.  That new beginner of the Daguerrean Art, who styles himself the “Skillful Artist,” and who alludes to ne as an “inexperienced youth,” should recollect that his own experience has not been very great, as it is well known that he took his first lesson of L. Babbit, only a few months since, and if any person by reading his advertisement should imagine he was a “skillful artist,” an examination of his types, would at once dispel the illusion.  Having the advantage of more practical experience and a better light, I engage to make a Better picture for Seventy-Five Cents, than can be made by any other 75 cent operator in this city.   L. Morse, 142 Main st.

L. Morse is not listed in other photographic directories as being active in Worcester, Massachusetts in 1849.  L. Morse is possibly L. H. Morse and also Leonard H. Morse.  L. H. Morse is recorded in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry as being active at Whitehurst’s gallery in 1856 in Richmond, Virginia.  Leonard H. Morse is recorded in other photographic directories as being active in Worcester, Massachusetts in 1852 and 1854.

E. W. Merrill

1849                82 Main Street, Worcester, Massachusetts.

E. W. Merrill was recorded in one advertisement that ran from June 6 to October 8, 1849 in the Worcester Daily Spy (Worcester, Massachusetts).  Be Not Deceived.  Although the time of the prophet is past, yet there are those who would deceive and humbug the public by circulating false and slanderous reports of those who would gain an honest living by industry, I would take this opportunity to inform the public that I did not learn my trade of that young sprout, neither have I left the city or state, but I am engaged in the Daguerreotype Business in the Rooms adjoining those formerly occupied by our worthy friend S. Williams, 82 Main Street, where those who are in want of pictures, can obtain them (from twenty-five to fifty cents cheaper) by passing a few steps from the top of the first flight of stairs to No. 4 in the same block, than at any other place in Worcester.  E. W. Merrill.

E. W. Merrill is not recorded in other photographic directories.

Maxham & Tapley

1856                16 Harrington Corner, opposite the City Hall, Worcester, Massachusetts.

Maxham & Tapley (Benjamin D. Maxham & Charles E. Tapley) were recorded in one  advertisement that ran from June 19 to September 13, 1856 in the Worcester Daily Spy  (Worcester, Massachusetts).  Special Notices.  B. D. Maxham Would respectfully invite all those wishing superior Daguerreotypes of themselves or friends, to call at his old stand, where they can procure likenesses taken by himself or Mr. Tapley, an old and experienced operator from the City of New York.  No 12½ or 25 cent pictures will be taken by them—their time and talent will be devoted to their profession, which they wish to make honorable, by giving good pictures at reasonable prices to all who may favor them with their patronage.

Ladies and gentlemen, please call at No. 16 Harrington Corner, opposite the City Hall, and examine specimens. B. D. Maxham, C. E. Tapley.

Both Maxham and Tapley are recorded in other photographic directories but not as partners.

Ledoyt & Hodges

1855-1856       222 Main Street, Fosters Building, Worcester, Massachusetts.

Ledoyt (Ludoyt) & Hodges appeared in one advertisement that ran from October 6, 1855 to January 12, 1856 in the Worcester Daily Spy (Worcester, Massachusetts).  New Advertisements.  A Card To The Public.—The subscribers having disposed of their interest in the Ambrotype establishment in Foster’s Building, 222 Main st., to Messrs. Ledoyt & Hodges, would cheerfully recommend them to our customers and the public generally, as gentlemen of merit and artistical skill, and are worthy of an extensive patronage.     Hathaway Brothers.

L. & H. are now prepared to furnish the Ambrotype, Mezograph or Crystalotype Pictures in the best style of the art. Pictures copied from paintings, engravings, Daguerreotypes. The public are invited to call and examine for themselves.  B. Ledoyt,  J. R. Hodges.

Ledoyt & Hodges are recorded in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry as Ludoyt with no first name or initial. Information from the 1856 Worcester City Directory, resident section. (Ludoyt & Hodges.)

Daniel S. Huntoon

1849-1850       82 Main Street, Worcester, Massachusetts.

Daniel S. Huntoon  was recorded in an advertisement that ran from July 23 to September 19, 1849 in the Worcester Daily Spy (Worcester, Massachusetts).  Daguerreotypes for 75 Cents, at 82 Main Street.  D. S. Huntoon, proprietor of the City Daguerreotype Gallery, formerly owned and occupied by S. Williams, Wait’s Block, No. 82 Main Street, nearly opposite the Franklin Hotel, first door above the Central School House.

The rooms are perfectly adapted to the business, where he is now prepared to execute Daguerreotype Likenesses equal to those taken or exhibited at any other establishment in this City.  Those in want of Perfect Likenesses are invited to call.

Daniel Huntoon is recorded in other photographic directories as being active in Worcester Massachusetts in 1850.


1851                Address Unknown, Worcester, New York or Massachusetts.

Harrington was recorded in an announcement on May 21, 1851 in the Corrector (Sag Harbor, New York).  Severe and Disastrous Hail Storm.—Worcester and its environs, was the scene last evening of one of the most destructive hail storms ever experienced there.  It lasted but a short time but came in perfect torrents, the stones being as large as a bullet, and in some cases larger.  At the Lunatic Asylum, as we learn, from five hundred to one thousand panes of glass were broken.  At the Worcester Academy one or two hundred; and the bedding being soaked and the furniture damaged.—At Fox’s factory there was also great destruction of glass, and also at every dwelling house exposed to the force of the gale.  Shades were prostrated in every direction.  The Cupola of Harrington’s Daguerreotype Rooms was carried away.  In one case the slats of a blind were broken by the stones.  At Grafton, two dwelling houses were completely cleared of Glass, and much more damage done.

Harrington is not recorded in other photographic directories.  It is unknown from the article if the location is Worcester New York or Massachusetts.  It is possible because it is a New York newspaper they are talking about Worcester, New York.  Grafton and Worcester New York are 78.3 miles apart where Grafton and Worcester, Massachusetts is only 8.2 miles apart.  There is also an asylum in Worcester, Mass.