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John A Talmadge

1850-1851       Rooms at the China’s Hotel, Sumterville, South Carolina.

John A Talmadge of the partnership of Alvord & Talmadge was recorded in one advertisement that ran from December 11, 1850 to January 8, 1851 in The Sumter Banner (Sumterville, South Carolina).  Daguerreotype Likenesses.  The undersigned having taken rooms at China’s Hotel, would respectfully announce to the citizens of Sumterville and vicinity, that they are prepared to take Daguerreotype Pictures in the best style of the art.

Being in the possession of the latest improvements, and using a newly discovered Chemical, we are enabled to produce a picture, which for durability, mellowness, of tone, and beauty of finish cannot be surpassed.

Our Pictures are neatly put up in all varieties of Cases, from the common to the delicate Papier Mache.

For Miniatures we have a good assortment of Lockets, to which the attention of the ladies is invited.  Alvord & Talmadge.                    

John A Talmadge is recorded in other photographic directories as being active in South Carolina and Georgia.

J. S. Clarke

N. D.                 Address Unknown, New York, New York.                                                                            N. D.                 Address Unknown, New Orleans, Louisiana.                                                            1847                Rooms in Mr. China’s Hotel, Sumterville, South Carolina.                                  1850                Address Unknown, Sumterville, South Carolina.                                                1850                Rooms in Mr. China’s Hotel, Sumterville, South Carolina.

J. S. Clarke was listed in an advertisement that ran from February 10 to 17, 1847 in The Sumter Banner (Sumterville, South Carolina). Color Daguerreotype Likenesses. The subscriber would respectfully inform the ladies and Gentlemen of Sumterville and vicinity, that he has taken rooms in Mr. China’s Hotel for a few days and will be happy to have all call and examine specimens whether they intend sitting or not.  After having experience in New York and New Orleans he does not hesitate to warrant his Likenesses equal to any taken in the Union.

No person will be required to take a picture after sitting if it does not give satisfaction.  Portraits copied correctly; Likenesses taken in clear, cloudy, or rainy weather.  Instructions in the Art given and apparatus furnished.  J. C. Clarke.

On February 27, 1850 Clarke was recorded in an announcement in The Sumter Banner (Sumterville, South Carolina).  Daguerreotypist.  Mr. J. S. Clarke is now in this place taking Daguerreotype Miniatures; and his presence affords an opportunity to those who are desirous of obtaining miniatures of themselves or friends of so doing.  Mr. Clarke’s miniatures, which we have seen him take, as well as those which he has on hand, are well executed.

Mr. Clarke has removed his rooms to Mr. China’s Hotel as his former location was found too damp for the purpose of his art.

J. S. Clark does not appear in any photographic directories.

C. D. Boyden

1850                Address Unknown, Charleston, South Carolina.                                                1850                Rooms in the Sumter Court House, Sumterville, South Carolina.

C. D. Boyden was recorded in a notice and advertisement which ran from February 27 to March 6, 1850 in The Sumter Banner (Sumterville, South Carolina.)  The notice.              By the arrival of Mr. C. D. Boyden, from the Daguerrean Gallery of Messrs. Bostwick & Fuller, the citizens of Sumter are enabled to have correct likenesses of themselves and family taken, at a very moderate charge and in a style unequaled for durability and life-like expression.  Mr. B. is certainly master of his profession, and we recommend to all, have their Likenesses taken by him immediately—such an opportunity rarely occurs and advantages should be taken of it.

The Advertisement.  Daguerreotypes, C. D. Boyden, from the Daguerrean Gallery of Bostwick & Fuller, has taken rooms in the Sumter Court House, and is now prepared to take perfect and imperishable likenesses of all who will favor him with a call; and at prices to suit the times.  Come and see.  Sumterville, Feb. 20, 1850.

In the book Partners with the Sun South Carolina Photographers, 1840-1940. By Harvey S. Teal.  Page 48.  Bostwick & Squires…Bostwick “states in a May 1850 Georgetown newspaper that he was “recently from New York & directly from the City of Charleston.”  The same information is also recorded in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry.