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Gardner W. Stone

1849                8 Merchant’s Row, Lawrence, Massachusetts.

1850                113 Washington Street, Boston, Massachusetts.[1]

1850                7 Main Street, Taunton, Massachusetts.[1]

1851                34 Tremont Row, Boston, Massachusetts.[1]

Gardner W. Stone was recorded in three advertisements.  The first advertisement appeared in The Lawrence Courier (Lawrence, Massachusetts) on April 4, 1849.  G. W. Stone’s Daguerreotype Miniature Rooms No. 8, Merchant’s Row, For A Few Days Only.

Ladies and Gentlemen of Lawrence and vicinity wishing to procure a correct likeness of themselves or friends, or copies from portraits, miniatures and engravings, are invited to call and examine a variety of specimens.

Those sitting for a picture will not be asked to take them unless perfectly satisfied.

American and German Cameras for sale, and instruction given in the art on liberal terms.

Rooms Open From 7 A. M. To 6 P. M.

The second advertisement ran from August 16 to August 22, 1850 in the Taunton Democrat  (Taunton, Massachusetts).  Colored Daguerreotypes.  Messrs. Gove & Stone from Boston.  Respectfully inform the inhabitants of Taunton and vicinity, that they have taken the new sky light Daguerreotype Rooms formerly occupied by H. S. Dunshee & Brother No. 7 Main St., where they will be happy to wait upon all who may be in want of good likenesses of themselves or friends, being provided with a superior German Camera and every other facility for making good pictures, and having been for a long time practically engaged in the business, sparing neither pains nor expense in availing themselves of every improvement they feel confident that they can furnish as good pictures as can be produced in the art.  Miniatures taken in any weather single or in groups, plain or colored, and neatly set in Lockets, Bracelets, in Pins, or Cases, and warranted to give satisfaction.

Likenesses of sick or deceased persons taken. 

Painted or Daguerreotype Likenesses accurately copied.

They would respectfully invite all, whether they wish to sit for their Pictures or not, to call and examine their specimens, that they may be enabled to judge for themselves.

The third advertisement appeared in the 1851 Boston City Directory (Boston, Massachusetts).  Stone’s Daguerrian Rooms, No. 34 Tremont Row.  The facilities for executing likenesses,—single and in groups,—at the above rooms, are unsurpassed in the city.  Please call and examine specimens previous to sitting elsewhere.  J. Stone.  G. W. Stone.

Gardner W. Stone is recorded in other photographic as being active in Boston, Massachusetts in 1850-1851.  He is not recorded in 1849 in Lawrence, Massachusetts or in the partnership of Gove & Stone in Taunton, Massachusetts in 1850.

[1] A Directory Of Massachusetts Photographers 1839-1900.

E. W. Pratt

1849                Address Unknown, Taunton, Massachusetts.

E. W. Pratt was recorded in an announcement in the Taunton Daily Gazette (Taunton, Massachusetts) on August 11, 1849.  We would advise all of our citizens to visit the “Daguerrean Studio, “which is stopping in this place for a limited period.  The specimens speak volumes in favor of the artist, Mr. E. W. Pratt, and to those who are not ready supplied with a good Daguerreotype Picture, affords an opportunity rarely met with.  Give him a call before it is to late.

E. W. Pratt is not listed in other photographic directories as being active in Taunton, Massachusetts.  It is unknown if Erastus W. Pratt recorded in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry or E. William Pratt (posted tomorrow) are the same person.

A. H. Newton

1848                Main Street, two doors east of Taunton Bank, Taunton, Massachusetts.

A. H. Newton was recorded in one advertisement that ran from November 10 to 21, 1848 in the Taunton Daily Gazette (Taunton, Massachusetts).  Daguerreotypes!!  The subscriber wishes to inform his friends and the public, that he has taken the rooms recently occupied by Drs. Barrows and Graves, two doors East of Taunton Bank, Main St. for a short time only, where he is prepared to take miniatures, with the modern discoveries.

N. B. Perfect satisfaction given or no charge.

Mr. N. is also agent for the sale of a new patent Elastic Hair Band.  It is the most simple, convenient and useful article ever invented; it takes the place of common hair string, and saves a lady the most tedious and perplexing part of her toilet.  Price only 12½ cents.

A. H. Newton is not recorded in other photographic directories.

S. Mason

1848                3 Crandell’s Block, Taunton, Massachusetts.

S. Mason was recorded in two advertisements that ran in The True Democrat (Taunton, Massachusetts). The first advertisement ran from August 30 to November 1, 1848. S. Mason, Portrait Painting and Daguerreotype Miniature Rooms, No. 3 Crandell’s Block— Up stairs, Taunton.

The second advertisement ran from November 9, to December 27, 1848.  S. Mason, Portrait Painting No. 3 Crandell’s Block— Up stairs, Taunton.  Daguerreotype Miniature In handsome Morocco Cases taken for One Dollar.

S. Mason is not recorded in other photographic directories. This is possibly Sanford Mason, a portrait painter who was active in Providence, Rhode Island, Boston and Philadelphia.[1]

[1] The New York Historical Society Dictionary of Artists in America 1584-1860.

J. B. Hitchcock

1850                7 Main Street, Taunton, Massachusetts.

J. B. Hitchcock was recorded in an advertisement that ran from December 17 to 31, 1850 in the Taunton Daily Gazette (Taunton, Massachusetts).  Bristol County Daguerrean Gallery, No. 7 Main Street, Taunton, over E. D. Tisdale’s Store.  Pictures taken at any hour during the day, without regard to weather, and in all cases entire satisfaction is guaranteed.  J. B. Hitchcock, Proprietor.

J. B. Hitchcock is not recorded in other photographic directories.