C. E. Hawes

1842                Crandell’s Block, Taunton, Massachusetts.

1845                105 Union Street, New Bedford, Massachusetts.[1]

1848-1852       Liberty Hall, Purchase Street, New Bedford, Massachusetts.1

1853                Address Unknown, New Bedford, Massachusetts.1

1856                50 Purchase Street, corner Williams Street, New Bedford, Massachusetts.1

1859                Purchase Street corner Williams Street, New Bedford, Massachusetts.1

1860                Address Unknown, New Bedford, Massachusetts.1

Charles E. Hawes was recorded in two advertisement. The first advertisement appeared on December 7, 1842 in the Taunton Whig (Taunton, Massachusetts).  Photographic Miniature Rooms—Crandell’s Block.  Directly over Mr. Cooper’s Dressing Room, entrance from either street, Up Stairs.

C. E. Hawes, would respectfully announce to the ladies and gentlemen of this town, that he has taken the above rooms, for the purpose of taking Miniatures, by a new and beautiful process, never before exhibited here.  Those who are desirous of procuring an exact resemblance of themselves, or friends, in a few moments sitting will be waited upon as above, or if required, at their residences, should a number desire it.  His prices reasonable, and perfect satisfaction given or no pay exacted.  Specimens may be seen at the Bookstores or at his rooms.

The second announcement appeared on November 1, 1848 as C. E. Hawes & Brother (1848-1853) in the Independent Press (New Bedford, Massachusetts.)  Daguerreotype Gallery.  The subscribers would call the attention of the public to their Daguerreotype Establishment at Liberty Hall, in which great improvements have recently been made.  A new operating Room with a large sky-light constructed on the most approved scientific principles has been built expressly for their use.  The Sky-light (the only one in this vicinity) enables them to take Pictures in a style superior to any before taken in New Bedford.  With it they can operate with great certainty and accuracy in all kinds of weather and take groups of individuals—embracing both children and adults—in any number that may be desired.  They have spared no cost in furnishing their establishment with the Best Apparatus And All The Improvements In The Daguerrian Art.

A new and powerful Instrument has been imported for taking Groups and large Pictures.  Paintings and Pictures of all kinds copied without reversing.  Constantly on hand a good assortment of Gold Lockets, Cases, Frames, Plates and Chemicals, which they will furnish to operators at the lowest cash prices.  Pictures Taken At Reduced Prices.

The Public are invited to call and examine their specimens in the Picture Gallery, and the improvements in the Operating Room.  C. E. Hawes & Brother, Liberty Hall, New Bedford, at the Corner of Purchase and William Sts.

C. E. Hawes is recorded in other photographic directories, the new information is that he was active in 1842 in Taunton, Massachusetts.

[1] A Directory Of Massachusetts Photographers 1839-1900.

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