N. F. Hawkins

1855-1856       Rooms over Langley’s Store, Jackson, Mississippi.

1860                Corner Pearl & State Streets, over Langley’s Store, Jackson, Maiiissippi.[1]

N. F. Hawkins was recorded in two advertisements in the Weekly Flag of the Union (Jackson, Mississippi).  The first appeared on January 16, 1856.

New Establishment Over Langley’s Store.  Reflected By Sky Light!!!  Having a very large and newly improved Apparatus, together with our new arrangement of Reflected Sky Light and a determination to excel in our beautiful Art, we are now prepared to execute larger and much finer Pictures than those taken by the old process.

Our Stereoscopic Pictures, (something entirely new,) are pronounced by connoisseurs to be as life like as Pictures can be made.  Give us a call, we guarantee satisfaction or no charge. Hawkins & Co.  Jackson, December 28, 1855.

The second also appeared on January 16, 1856.  Call and see us!!!  If you wish a very superior Miniature, with the most life-like color and expression, call at Hawkins & Co. Gallery, Over Langley’s Store.  Our pictures shall be of the very finest quality and shall give entire satisfaction or no charge.  So call at once, and see for yourselves.  The Ladies especially, are solicited to call.

Prices in accordance with the hard times.

Remember our Rooms are over Langley’s Store, nearly opposite the Capital.  [ ? ]Hawkins & Co.

P. S.  We have just received a [ ? ] large lot of the very finest cases.

N. F. Hawkins is recorded in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry as being active in Jackson, Mississippi in 1860.

[1] Craig’s Daguerreian Registry.

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